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Chapter 92 – Horned Thundertiger

All the players glared angrily at TheFugitive when they heard his voice. Fatty also sent him falling down onto the ground with a flying kick.

“Money Grubber, you dare to steal this one as well!?” ASliverofSmoke had a dark look on his face. Just as he was about to send his people to stop Fatty, Qian Xiaoqian exclaimed in excitement.


“Bro?” ASliverofSmoke’s face was frozen with a dark look.

“Xiaoqian take cover!” Fatty shouted, then flung himself at the monster.

The monster roared as a bolt of lightning surged out from its horn. At the same time, it swung its baton-like tail towards Fatty.

As Fatty crashed into the tail, he felt the force pushed through him, causing him to fly back. At the same time, he took a glance at Qian Xiaoqian and noticed a sparking shield of lightning in front of her. It was only around an inch in length and width and had some simple patterns on it. Yet, the horned tiger’s attack was actually unable to pierce through!

“Bro, careful. This is a Horned Thundertiger, a Level 50 low ranked yao,” Qian Xiaoqian said urgently.

“Low ranked yao?” Fatty shuddered, then hurried stepped back.

“Brother Grub, you’re terrible. We’re all friends and since she’s your little sister, she’s our little sister as well. How could we let you charge in alone? Little Sister Pink, remember Big Brother Fuge?” TheFugitve said shamelessly as he climbed off the ground, while the God Familia members hurried over.

“Bro, you alright?” Qian Xiaoqian disregarded the comment and ran over to Fatty caringly.

“I’m fine, don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine even if I die,” Fatty laughed.

“Don’t say that,” Qian Xiaoqian pouted.

Fatty could only chuckle.

“Beauty, this is your brother?” RainbowWatcher asked in confusion behind Qian Xiaoqian. Didn’t they say that he is just TheFugitive’s lackey? How did he turn into Pink Beauty’s brother?

“Yeah, my real older brother,” Qian Xiaoqian wrapped her arms around Fatty’s proudly.

“So Brother Grubber is the brother of Vice Guild Master Beauty. Haha, it was just a misunderstanding earlier, please don’t take it to heart,” ASliverofSmoke walked up after a brief pause.

“Misunderstanding? No? I took your drops, so it makes sense that you chased after me,” Fatty never acted nicely towards anyone with an interest in Qian Xiaoqian, possibly due to a reluctance to part with her. That was why Fatty treated anyone with that line of thought as a bad guy who was going to steal his little sister away.

“Ahh, bro, you took Guild Master Smoke’s drops?” Qian Xiaoqian exclaimed.

RainbowWatcher’s eyes also shone with a shocked light.

Just who was ASliverofSmoke? Even though he wasn’t on the leaderboards, he was ranked ninth on the hero rankings and was the guild master of Sword Manor, the third ranking guild in Vermillion Bird City. Unless if it was for personal matters, he would always bring several hundred guards with him whenever he goes out. Someone like that had his drops snatched up by the big brother? Qian Xiaoqian was shocked. It wasn’t because her brother dared to take from ASliverofSmoke, it was because he actually did it.

Although they can refer to a similar situation, the meaning behind the two was far too different.

“Brother Grubber is funny. Those were drops that XuanYuanSword hired DreamButterfly and SnowPhoenix to get. What’s more, there were several other guild masters present, no matter what happens, it wouldn’t have ended up with Sword Manor,” ASliverofSmoke smiled and went over the topic.

Other guilds were there too? Qian Xiaoqian was even more surprised, and RainbowWatcher’s eyes sparkled as she checked out Fatty.

The Horn Thundertiger roared, as if trying to remind the players of its presence.

“Alright now, let us catch up later. We should kill the Horned Thundertiger first. This is a mission monster that Little Sister Beauty needs to kill to change class to the hidden Thunder Magus class,” RainbowWatcher glanced at Fatty as if she was reprimanding him for not revealing his relationship with Qian Xiaoquan.

“Hidden Thunder Magus class?” Fatty immediately turned to HeadofGod. “Brother Head, please lend me a hand this time and name your price.”

“Brother Grubber, we’re all friends here, so let’s not talk about that,” HeadofGod chuckled, then turned to the Horned Thundertiger with a frown. “If it’s a Level 50 gold boss, then I am confident that we can kill it with a few deaths, but since it is a low ranked yao, that makes it a stronger monster than a gold boss monster, so we have to plan accordingly.”

“Horned Thundertiger, it is a Level 50 low ranked yao. For physical skills, it possesses the skills Lunge and Tear, while it uses the horn on its head for magical attacks. If it charges it up for a while, then the lightning would be able to one-shot a full Endurance Knight. It has extremely fast movement speed and attacks, making it a monster with high attack, defense, health and speed,” Qian Xiaoqian quickly described the monster.

“I see,” Fatty rubbed his chin. “Hey, Brother Head, how did you guys kill the Fire Demon?”

“How else? Just traps plus assassination,” HeadofGod replied. “The Fire Demon was huge and clumsy, so traps are rather useful, but this monster is fast and agile. Traps might not work so well.”

“Still, let’s try it first and hope this Horned Thundertiger doesn’t have a particularly smart AI,” said Fatty.

“Don’t worry, most monsters except special monsters don’t have a really smart AI,” said HeadofGod.

After the players finished their discussion, the Horned Thundertiger couldn’t stand it anymore and began its assault. It roared, then shot out a bolt of lightning. Then, he leaped up four to five meters into the air and spread its limbs. Its front paws seemed to glisten with a cold light, while it opened its jaws and lunged at Fatty.

Does it think that I’m tastier because I have more meat on me? Fatty was speechless. Why does this monster like targeting me so much?

He quickly retreated, causing the Horned Thundertiger to fall on the ground. It let out a howl, causing a gust of wind to blow past and damage Fatty for more than twenty percent of his health.

It’s so strong! Fatty gasped. But he took the chance of the monster howling to thrust his dagger forward.


A silver python coiled around the monster, but dispersed very quickly. Like I thought, the chances of success is too small and it doesn’t work on higher leveled monsters.

“Knights, start tanking!” ASliverofSmoke ordered. Now that God Familia went off to set traps up, someone must draw the aggro of the monster and buy the assassins time.

Ten-odd knights, who each held a shield around half their height, split into two rolls and advanced towards the Horned Thundertiger.

The monster growled, then shout out a bolt of lightning from its horn, which pierced through a shield and hit the chest of the knight behind it. The knight died instantly. Seeing that, although the other knights did not retreat, they were still clearly faltered.

“Fear not, keep tanking! Every one of you who ends up dying will be compensated a thousand gold coins!” ASliverofSmoke shouted. Rewards always brought out some brave people. When a thousand gold coins was equal to around a hundred thousand RMB, something that a person wouldn’t be able to earn in a year, dying once suddenly seemed like nothing special. After all, they would get respawned immediately. It was also obvious that ASliverofSmoke was dumping a lot of money just to please Qian Xiaoqian.

Hearing that, all of the knights became a lot more energetic as they charged over with their shields up. The Horned Thundertiger was clearly stunned, as it got knocked by back the shields.

The monster was outraged. Its horn flared up and killed three knights in less than thirty seconds. However, due to ASliverofSmoke’s promise, the other knights did not fear death, they continued to push against the Horned Thundertiger with their shields.

“The traps ready, lure it over!” HeadofGod suddenly shouted. The twelve people set up a series of traps in one area. It was all down to see whether the traps would be able to trap the Horned Thundertiger.

“I’ll go,” more and more knights died very quickly. Soon, only three remained. When they heard Fatty’s words, they immediately made way. Fatty lunged over and stabbed the tiger under its chin before shooting back.


Ugh, only two digits. I wouldn’t even be able to kill it even if it doesn’t move and just let me attack it.

Nobody was happy about being stabbed in the chin and that was especially a case for a high leveled bsos monster like the Horned Thundertiger. It immediately turned ran towards Fatty and shot out a lightning from its horn.

“Bro, careful!”

The bolt of lightning shot near Fatty in an instant. Yet, at the brink of the moment, he lost his balance, causing him to fall sideways, which made the bolt of lightning on graze his left shoulder.

“This boss monster has such a fast attack frequency!” HeadofGod exclaimed. When one counted carefully, the monster actually had an interval of less than three seconds between each shot from its horns!

“We should continue to set up traps and leave the rest to them,” HeadofGod commented when he judged the traps to be unable to restrict the Horned Thundertiger’s movements for long.

Fatty quickly drank a red potion with a stark white face. He was even able to hold on for several rounds against the advance boss, the Phantom Messenger, but this Horned Thundertiger nearly insta-killed him!

“Bro, I’ll lure it over. I’m not afraid of its lightning attack,” Qian Xiaoqian shouted.

“No, I’ll do it. Everybody, move! I’ll lure it alone,” Fatty roared, then leaped forward again.

The Horned Thundertiger howled towards the sky in anger as its horn sparkled sizzled with electricity. At the same time, it also swung its tail against Fatty’s dagger, then shot out a bolt of lightning.


Fatty was already prepared before he attacked. He leaned sideways, then disappeared after his dagger was struck. The lightning merely passed through where he was and struck a patch of empty ground.

Fatty appeared as quickly as he vanished. This time, his dagger lodged itself at the monster’s back side and into a certain hole.

The Horned Thundertiger leaped up with a yelp, then its tiger spun around like a windmill, which brought up a gust of raging wind. When it finally fell back down onto the ground, it looked at Fatty with bloodshot eyes, then let out a growl before lunging forward.

There we go. Fatty thought to himself.