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Chapter 69 – FlyingEagle

BlackEagle trembled in anger when he saw a few players suddenly appear and killed the Minotaur Chieftain. All of a sudden, he couldn’t even mutter a single word. Eagle Fortress practically lost a hundred players in order to get the Minotaur Chieftain to such a low health, and to have the kill stolen before their very eyes was completely unacceptable.

“Y-You…” BlackEagle pointed at the rogues with a stutter. He could not accept this result at all!

The Minotaur Chieftain’s drops were truly befitting that of a gold boss. The drops covered nearly a ten meter radius, but Fatty did scan all of the drops quickly. There wasn’t anything even remotely similar to a token, so it was clear that there was no Guild Establishment Token here.

“It’s dangerous here. Let’s go,” LeftHandofGod chuckled, then quickly picked up a few items and disappeared using Invisbility.

Fatty smirked and repeatedly picked up items until he took up nearly twenty percent of the drops.

Then, he activated Invisibility.

BlackEagle felt blood rise up in his throat when he saw the rogues disappear using Invisibility. He really could not accept that all of his hard work was foiled and ended like this.

Yet, just as the rogues disappeared, countless arrows and spells fell down in the area, and knocking the rogues out of stealth.

“Fortress Master? Why are you here?” BlackEagle was overjoyed to see the newcomers.

“Hah, God Familia, Money Grubber, you are truly daring to kill steal a monster belonging to Eagle Fortress,” FlyingEagle, the fortress master of Eagle Fortress walked over with over a hundred players behind him. They were the ones who used the skills to knock the rogues out of stealth.

FlyingEagle is a middle-aged man nearly forty years old. He was even older than HeadofGod, who was the oldest gamer Fatty knew. However, being older did have its advantages. It meant that he was more experienced and wouldn’t suffer losses as easily.

It was because of this that he made his way over and hid in secret after blocking off the Ice Rose Alliance’s reinforcement, then finally show himself after the rogues appeared.

“FlyingEagle. Haha, it’s been a long time,” HeadofGod appeared with the other members of God Familia from the side.

“HeadofGod, our Eagle Fortress didn’t offend you guys, right?”

Although God Familia was a small guild with only 11 people, they were not people that FlyingEagle dared to easily offend, so he did speak rather courteously. The reason was that all 11 members were reckless assassins. The results of offending them was already apparent from the Ice Rose Alliance, where Ice Witch ended up getting killed four or five times.

FlyingEagle did not think of his guild as weak, but he didn’t think his guild to be much stronger than the Ice Rose Alliance. Strictly speaking, they were actually slightly weaker. That’s why FlyingEagle didn’t want to offend God Familia if he could avoid it. He had no interest in getting on the hitlist of 11 reckless assassins.

“Haha, Fortress Master FlyingEagle, please forgive us. My brothers were just overly excited when he saw the prey. Since you came yourself, then we’ll leave it at this. Hey, you guys, put the stuff back down. Do you want Fortress Master FlyingEagle to tell you himself?” HeadofGod turned to the God Familia members.

LeftHandofGod and the other members laughed, then chuckled out what they picked up. However, they didn’t leave, and instead moved closer to Fatty.

“Fortress Master, Brother Grubber is my friend, if he hands over the drops, then can you let him go as well?” HeadofGod asked.

The reason Fatty didn’t take out the drops he picked up was precisely because he wasn’t sure whether the other person would let him go even if he did drop the items.

“HeadofGod, since you guys already put down the items, then just leave with your people. Don’t care about other stuff,” FlyingEagle snorted. “Money Grubber, I’ve heard a lot about you. I heard you got a City Construction Token?”

“Haha, I was just lucky, it’s nothing worth mentioning,” Fatty smiled honestly.

“Sell us the City Construction Token and we’ll let you go. Don’t worry about the price, we won’t rip you off,” said FlyingEagle.

“FlyingEagle, you’re behind in the times. The City Construction Token has already been sold to the Ice Rose Alliance for a hundred and one million RMB a few days ago,” HeadofGod chuckled.

“Is that so? Then sorry about this. Attack,” FlyingEagle suddenly called out.

An assassin suddenly appeared beside Fatty and thrust his dagger.

Fatty laughed coldly, then twisted his body to avoid the attack. Then, he used his right hand to grab the assassin’s arm and elbowed the latter in the head with his left arm before kicking towards the assassin’s crotch.

The assassin was a fierce enemy himself. He didn’t retreat after failing the surprise attack. Instead, he shrunk his body and sliced at Fatty’s waist.

Fatty let go of the assassin and kicked the latter, causing the latter’s body to slant and the dagger to only swipe across Fatty’s leather armor.

“Not bad,” the assassin didn’t mind that he got kicked. He rolled on the ground and squatted then with his left hand pushing against the ground and right hand holding the dagger in front of him, as if he was ready for his next attack.

“C’mon, Money Grubber, let this be a match of assassins,” said the assassin called Darkthorn.

“Money Grubber, you can leave, but only if you beat this brother of mine,” said FlyingEagle.

“You?” Fatty laughed coldly, then disappeared.

Darkthorn roared, then stood up and quickly retreated as he swung his dagger wildly. The sound of blades clashing could be heard as sparks seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Fatty came out of stealth and attacked like the wind, clashing blades with Darkthorn seventeen times before taking a step back.

Darkthorn felt his dagger-holding hand numb from receiving the blizzard-like attack. He shook it a bit, then comment, “What fast attacks. This trip was worth it.”

Fatty merely clicked his tongue. Then he pushed off against the ground as his body swayed sideways like a butterfly. He kept his right hand behind his back at all times and used his body to shield his enemy’s view of the dagger.

“Ali shuffle? Heh,” Darkthorn chuckled, then stepped forward and clashed with Fatty as fast as he could. He did not dodge at all and merely attacked with all his might, clearly intending to deal damage while taking a hit himself.

“So despicable!” the God Familia members cursed softly. Meanwhile, the Eagle Fortress players didn’t care, they didn’t feel like there was anything wrong with that.

You might think you’re tough, but I’m tougher. Fatty smirked when he saw Darkthorn’s intentions. The moment they were about to clash blades, his body sped up as he begun to show off all sorts of difficult movements.

Under everyone’s surprised gazes, Fatty thrust his dagger left and right and spun around Darkthorn a few times while switching between different types of advance footwork. Darkthorn did not back down either. He used skills after skills and defended against Fatty’s attack. Melee combats were definitely some of the most dangerous. When they two players finally took a pause and stepped back, Fatty lost around half his health, while Darkthorn had less than 10% remaining.

The surrounding players, especially the professional rogue players, all exclaimed silently and looked at Fatty in surprise. Advance footwork like the ones he used were used by very few experts, and normally speaking, they would only be proficient in one type. They have never seen anyone who could familiarly switch back and forth between them like Fatty did.

Darkthorn looked at his health bar and smiled, “Truly an expert. I guess dying in the hands of an expert like you mean this trip was truly worthwhile.”

With that, Darkthorn revealed a strange smile and charged once more.

“No! Brother Grubber, don’t kill him!” HeadofGod shouted.

However, that came too late. When Darkthorn charged over, Fatty quickly retreated and lifted his left hand. A flash of cold light shot out and impaled itself into Darkkthorn’s chest. Darkthorn’s body went limp and looked down at the vibrating arrow pinned in his chest. He tried to utter something, but was unable to make any sound.

He felt down onto the ground and flew back to the city in a flash of white light, while dropping the pale blue dagger he was holding.

The Azure Feather Crossbow was a weapon that required the player to be Level 25 to use. It was something Fatty and TheFugitive had gotten from the fifth floor of Mass Graves. Unfortunately, that was the only one they got before they were chased out of Mass Graves by the Phantom Messenger, so TheFugitive didn’t get one.

“Crap,” HeadofGod sighed. “Darkthorn is too despicable, he can’t beat Brother Grubber, so he made Brother Grubber’s name red.”

“What an exciting fight,” LeftHandofGod praised. All of the God Familia were rogues, so they were especially sensitive to battles between rogues. Both of the players timed their attacks, dodges, parries and skills very well. Although the battle ended very quickly, it was definitely a good show.

Fatty bent down and picked up the dagger, then looked towards FlyingEagle.

FlyingEagle clapped with a smile, “Brother Grubber is truly amazing. I wonder if you would like to join a guild?”

“Sorry, I’m used to being lazy, so I’ll only cause trouble if I join one,” Fatty refused.

“What a shame,” FlyingEagle waved his hand. A squad of archers instantly stepped forth and aimed towards Fatty.

“FlyingEagle, can you really not give me face?” HeadofGod had a terrible expression on his face.

“HeadofGod, if you bullshit anymore, then I’m going to kill you guys as well,” FlyingEagle snorted. “Letting you guys go is already giving you a shit ton of face. You should be satisfied.”

“You!?” HeadofGod was furious.

Just as he was about to give the orders for the God Familia to fight, Fatty turned around with a smile, “Big Brother Head, thank you, but no need to mind this. I won’t let them take my life without paying a price.”

“Haha, HeadofGod, you heard that. Lead your people away,” FlyingEagle snapped his fingers. “Team One, fire. Let’s see how he’s going to make us pay.”

Invisibility’s cooldown had already long passed, so Fatty disappeared in front of their eyes just as FlyingEagle gave the orders to fire.

A rain of arrows landed on where Fatty disappeared from and let out a series of explosions. Explosive Shot was a skill archers are able to learn after their second class enhancement. It will cause the arrow they fire to explode, dealing area of effect damage.

Yet, Fatty’s figure was nowhere to be seen after the round of fire.

“Archers, scatter fire towards the left of where he was. Mages, fire towards the right,” FlyingEagle ordered. Yet, Fatty still didn’t appear after the two rounds of attack.

“Money Grubber, you won’t be able to escape!” FlyingEagle looked around in disdain. He knew very well that Fatty was unable to return to town using a Recall Scroll after killing Darkthorn.