Show Me the Money
Chapter 43 – System Upgrade
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 43 – System Upgrade

“Hidden class, the Yin Yang Inquisitor?” TheFugitive leaped over and grabbed Purple Bell’s leg.

“Lil’ Sis Bell, ask the system what hidden class does the first player who died a hundred and one time get?”

“Screw off,” Fatty kicked TheFugitive aside, then patted away the nonexistent dirt on his pants, before smiling towards Purple Bell. “Ignore him, he’s crazy.”

Purple bell smiled sweetly, “It’s okay. Big Brother TheFugitive is a rogue expert and the former number two on the leaderboards. I know him.”

“Hehehe, so Lil’s Sis Bell know me too,” TheFugitive stood up with a shameless smile on his face.

Someone like this is an expert and is also a rogue like me? My god this is shameful.

“Little Sister Bell died so many times?” Liu Lan was surprised.

Purple Bell merely smiled without explaining anything. Fatty did understand though. Purple Bell didn’t like to farm, and merely liked to journey around to look at the scenery. Since her level is rather low, any random monster can insta-kill her, so it was normal. But… The game only launched not that long ago. A hundred deaths already? Isn’t that a bit… too much?

“Do you need to do any class change mission to become the Yin Yang Inquisitor?” Fatty asked.

“No need, I changed class already,” Purple Bell replied. “But this Saving the Sealed Butterfly mission seems rather troublesome. I need quite a few herbs, and need to get an apothecary to synthesize everything.

Purple Bell showed the group the required elixir.

Elixir of Seal break

Effects: Dispel a seal


Snowsilver Grass x10

Armorshattering Beast Claw x5

Gold Essence Orb x5

Holy Ichor x3

Fire Spirit Stone x1

Snowsilver Grass was easy enough to get. Although they couldn’t get it for now, they did know where to find it. However, they have never even heard of the other four ingredients.

“We got an apothecary right here, she can become one once we get the Snowsilver Grass. I can help you get that, but we’ll have to ask around for the others,” said Fatty.

“Thank you, Big Brother Fatty,” Purple bell smiled sweetly and thanked them. “I’ll ask my older brother to look for the others. I can’t always trouble you. Bye bye, big brothers and sisters.”

“It’s not troublesome at all. Bye bye Lil’ Bell,” TheFugitive chuckled. His way of calling Purple Bell had already turned from Lil’ Sis Bell to Lil’ Bell very quickly.

“What do we do next? Farm?” asked Fatty.

“I’m not going,” Liu Lan shook her head. “I got some stuff to take care of in the company.”

“Then I won’t go either,” Darksnow immediately said as well. It’s too shameful to be with these two lecherous rogues.

Fatty and TheFugitive looked at each other. Alright, so it’s just the two of us. Let’s not say anything and go our separate ways.

Fatty went over to the bank to sort out the drops he had. He put away those that he was saving up, and sold away the ones that would only be sold to NPCs. After that, he took inventory of the stuff he had in the bank. Aside from some materials, he had 70 different items, 3 of them were silver ones, while the rest were bronze.

The extra silver item he got was actually from a normal Jumpy Antelope. Fatty was very surprised when he got the drop and thought that the Jumpy Antelope boss was just pretending to be a normal one, but when he killed some more of the monsters, he got nothing except pelts.

Fatty arranged his bank inventory properly, then went to repair his items. Farming caused way too much damage to his equipment, so he had to spend ten-odd coins just to fix them all, he trembled as his heart ached. Then, when he went over to buy health potions, he gritted his teeth and bought 10 sets of 200 potions each. Since I’m spending so much already, just a bit more is fine as well.

After preparing everything, Fatty moved out once more again. He had hesitated about where to farm for a while, but still ended up choosing the Butterfly Ridge again. Although the poison was rather disgusting, the butterflies were still relatively easy to kill since all it took was a few red potions.

And so what? Lord Fatty’s rich.

Fatty prepared to farm for a prolonged time in the Butterfly Ridge. As he got higher and higher in levels, he noticed the difficulty rise rather significantly. Man, we’re only pre-20 right now, and it takes like a day per level. I wonder how many days it’ll take when we’re in the 40s. I guess it really will be hard if all a player do is farm.

Fatty felt like ever since he killed the Phantom Blue Butterfly King and the new boss monster spawned, the Butterfly Ridge seemed to change significantly. Not only did the butterflies get increased attacks, they seemed to start proactively attacking players.

Fatty had once taken a look at the new boss monster and wanted to kill it. However, before he even got close, he was chased away by its lackeys. He also heard that Xu Quan got Misty Waterfall to fight it once more, but the hundred something players were all killed by the butterfly mobs without even getting close.

It was then that Fatty finally realized how lucky he was to be able to kill the Phantom Blue Butterfly King. He was fortunate that the butterfly celestial soul within the monster was sealed, so no swarm of monsters listened to its command. Otherwise, Fatty would have turned into roasted meat ages ago.

As Fatty watched the butterflies dancing around, he finally gave up and stuck with farming in the outer regions. He was two levels higher than when he first went over and was a lot more familiar with the butterflies’ attacks, so his farming speed increased quite a bit. At the very least, he no longer needed to chug down potions frantically whenever he killed one.

Swing dagger, dodge, swing again, dodge again. Poisoned? Potion time.

That was how Fatty spent his time.

Fatty was getting dizzy. He has no idea how many days he spent in Butterfly Ridge, nor did he know how many monsters he killed. All he knew was that he took over an area for himself and killed all the monsters in several hundred meters radius. He did go over to Black Tortoise City several times while he was farming to throw a large number of items into his bank and buy a large number of red potions.

The alchemist shop did sell poison antidotes, but Fatty did a brief calculation. Each large potion costed a silver coin, and each antidote costed 10 silver coins. He only needed to drink one large potion per monster, but each antidote would only allow him to kill three monsters without dying. It wasn’t worth it at all.

Fatty was someone who knew how to live efficiently, so he definitely wouldn’t do anything that wasn’t worth it. So, he only bought a few antidotes for an emergency. That was why players farming at Butterfly Ridge would often see a completely green person drinking red potions and killing butterflies.

Liu Lan did contact Fatty a few times during his farming spree, but since the missions were either difficult to complete or offered very little rewards, Fatty decided to just continue his butterfly farming.

Whoosh. The long-awaited pillar of gold light rose up with nice system notification ring. Fatty stood up straight, and had a look of relaxation on his face.

That was tough. How many days did I farm for? Five? Eight? Ten? Fatty already lost his sense of time, but he finally reached Level 20. Man, it was already so hard to reach Level 20 from 14, I can already imagine how tough it’ll be in the future.


System Announcement: A player has reached Level 20. The servers will be shut down for an upgrade in one hour. Please log off in time to prevent unnecessary damage.

Someone reached Level 20!? All the players were shocked when they heard that. When they opened up the leaderboards, they saw that:

Leaderboard (CN)

Name Level Class
1 Money Grubber 20 Rogue

As expected of a master. Fierce Dragon TheTalent just finished killing a level 20 Rhinoceros monster when he heard the announcement. He merely smiled since he could easily guess who it was.

Back in Black Tortoise City, East Gate BlowingWing, Wind God’s World and Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord all opened up the leaderboards when they heard the announcement, and were only slightly surprised when they saw Fatty seated in the first place.

“Shit, how did he level up so fast!?” At that moment, Cloud Dragon Sailing only just reached Level 19 and was putting on an armor his subordinate offered him. When he checked the leaderboard out and saw that Fatty’s level reached 20, he couldn’t help but curse loudly.

He was killed once by Fatty in the Beginner’s Village, and once by the Phantom Messenger in Mass Graves. Since leveling up in Eternal was difficult, the two deaths meant that it would be beyond difficult to catch up with the leading players. What’s more, he had hesitated for a while when the god tier boss “Undead Marshal” asked him to become the monster’s first disciple. He really would have committed suicide all the way back to Level 0 if not for his subordinates stopping him. He was actually feeling rather fortunate that his subordinates did so, because he now saw that all the players were stuck at the boss fight of the Phantom Messenger on the fifth floor of Mass Graves. However… This was all because he did not know that it was all Fatty’s doing.

“Congratulations Brother Grubber!”

A lot of messages entered Fatty’s inbox to congratulate him. Fatty shook his head and took a few glimpses. He kept a few and deleted the rest. Then, he picked up the drops from the butterfly he just killed and use a Recall Scroll to return to town.

“Wow, damn Fatty, you leveled up quick.” that was a message from Liu Lan. Since she needed to manage her company and wasn’t able to be online 24/7 like Fatty was, she was naturally behind on levels, and didn’t even reach Level 19 yet.

“Big Brother Fatty, congratulations.” That was from Purple Bell.

“Damn fatty, I let you get first place again. Wahhh, if only I didn’t die that time. “That was from TheFugitive the Shameless One.

“Bro, you’re so amazing. I’m proud of you.” That was a message from Pink Beauty Qian Xiaoqian.

Fatty had never contacted Qian Xiaoqian once after getting in-game. Although he spoiled her a lot, he understood that she was grown up and has her own life. He didn’t want to disturb her.

Back in town, Fatty organized the stuff in his inventory and looked at the busy street with a troubled look. There were about four to five billion people from China who have started the game. They were split up into the four main cities, meaning that there were over a billion people in each one. Man, that’s horrifying.

After a few days of farm, Fatty had enough. Since there was only an hour or so left of game time, he decided to put a few items to set up a stall. East Gate BlowingWind bought everything the first time, Fierce Dragon TheTalent got everything the second time. I wonder who is it going to be this time.

“Wow, what a pretty butterfly hair clip. Hubby, I want it,” a coquettish voice sounded out by Fatty’s ear. Fatty looked over in annoyance and was stunned. He naturally did not know the woman, but the man… Yo, isn’t this the guy Fatty beat up until he cried for his mommy?

Hehe. Fatty chuckled in his mind. Then, he immediately changed the price of the hair clip from 5 gold coins to 50 gold coins before the pair could take a look at the price.

“Alright sure. I’ll buy anything you want. Hmm? F*ck, this shitty hairclip costs 50 gold coins? You trying to rob me?” the man was shocked when he saw the price. It wasn’t that he couldn’t afford it, it was just that the price was truly too outrageous.

“Tsk, don’t pretend to be rich when you’re not. Since this lady likes it, then this one will just gift it to you,” Fatty glanced at the man lazily, then handed the hair clip over to the woman.

“Hubby!” the woman didn’t accept it, and instead shook the man’s arm.

“It’s just 50 gold coins, it’s nothing,” the man immediately took out 50 gold coins to buy the hair clip. However, he immediately dragged the woman away, most likely in fear of her asking for something else.

“Heh,” Fatty played with the gold coins-, then twitched his mouth. Not bad, I managed to screw someone over once before I logged off.

After nearly an hour has passed, the system announcement sounded out once more, announcing that the servers were shutting down in a few more minutes, Fatty put away his equipment and logged off.
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