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Chapter 42 – Unique Mission

Fatty didn’t look at the pelt and meat in details. There was no need to. One was definitely a sewing material, and the other one was clearly a culinary material.

“Harvest! Harvest!” TheFugitive was rather annoyed when he saw Fatty be able to earn some extra cash when farming.

“Fuge, where’s your Lethal Bonescythe? Why didn’t you equip it?” Fatty asked.

“Bro, that can only be used at Level 30,” TheFugitive rolled his eyes. He did want to equip it, but the Phantom Messenger was not a low leveled monster at all. Any of its drops, even if they were just straight up trash, was not something they could use right now.

And thinking of the Phantom Messenger, TheFugitive got even more annoyed. We’re both rogues, I only got a gold weapon, and Fatty got a City Construction Token!

Farming was not an interesting task, and the only thing that slightly changed that was seeing what the Jumpy Antelopes would drop. However, after 12 hours of farming and a bunch of trash items, Fatty stuffed the pelt in his hand away angrily and decided that he had enough.

During the two hours, Fatty managed to level up once again, reaching 65% from Level 14 to 15.

Level 14 once again put him in first place on the leaderboards, while Fierce Dragon TheTalent, who ranked second, was also Level 14.

Leaderboard (CN)

Name Level Class
1 Money Grubber 14 Rogue
2 Fierce Dragon TheTalent 14 Mage
3 West Gate BlowingSnow 13 Warrior
4 BeautyDevastator 13 Mage
5 A Flower 13 Archer
6 Crescent Moon 13 Archer
7 Cutelittlebunny 13 Archer
8 Iamcocky 13 Warrior
9 Crywolf 13 Beastmaster
10 Ghostkill 13 Rogue

All of the guild masters of the four largest guilds in Black Tortoise City fell off the leaderboards and were placed. However, since everyone was still relatively low leveled, there wasn’t a huge level difference. Aside from Fatty and Fierce Dragon TheTalent, who had both reached Level 14, the rest of the top ten were all Level 13.

“Congratz, congratz. Fatty, you are back in first place,” Liu Lan smiled when she saw the leaderboard.

“He’s the number one, why are you so happy?” Darksnow asked.

“Damn girl, you want to get hit again?” Liu Lan said fiercely.

Meanwhile, TheFugitive had a serious look on his face, “This is bad, a player with a hidden class actually appeared so early on.”

“You talking about the Beastmaster?” Fatty put a belt onto the ground and laid down and crossed his legs. “Beastmaster… I wonder what skills and passives this hidden class have.”

However, since he recalled that he would be able to get the hidden class of Elementalist, Fatty really wasn’t that interested.

“Hey, do you guys think that Cloud Dragon Sailing would commit suicide until he reach Level 0 so that he can class change to the hidden class of Death Knight?” Liu Lan asked.

Fatty shuddered.

Darksnow looked down at her voluptuous body and said speechlessly, “Are Death Knights just skeleton? Can’t they have a bit of flesh on them?”

“Fatty, I want to change my class to Death Knight,” Liu Lan bit her lips.

“No, please don’t,” Fatty began to sweat. “Have you heard of any of the players who committed suicide succeed? Even if you do want a class change, wait till the seventh floor of Mass Graves is open and we find the Undead Marshal inside.”

“Mhmm,” Liu Lan nodded.

Beep. Someone called Fatty.

Fatty took out his communicator and saw that it was Purple Bell.

“Big Brother Fatty, are you alright?” Purple Bell asked apologetically.

“Yes, of course I am,” Fatty danced around and just as he was about to show off, he felt a chill down his spine. He turned over and saw Liu Lan looking at him with a murderous gaze, then quickly sat down. “I already got the mission item. Wait for me at the bank.”

“Okay,” Purple Bell nodded.

“Fatty, I’m coming with you,” Liu Lan declared.

“We’re going too,” TheFugitive and Darksnow followed suit.

“I’m just turning in a mission, why are you guys coming with me?” Fatty responded.

“We just want to see what is the reward from a mission that asked you to kill a gold boss. You got a problem with that?” Liu Lan said angrily.

“No, no. No problem,” Fatty shrunk his neck.

“Alright, let’s flew back home to save time. It’s just a gold coin, so no need to save it,” the other three players all took out a Recall Scroll and ripped them.


The three all flew back to the city in a pillar of light.

“Where’s Fatty?” Liu Lan looked around near the teleportation portal, but couldn’t see Fatty.

“Oh yeah, when we were blocked off by the Phantom Messenger on the fifth floor of Mass Graves, I wanted to borrow a Recall Scroll from Brother Grubber, but he asked me what it was…” TheFugitive muttered.

Thus, the trio stood around waiting for a half an hour at the north gate of town before Fatty finally returned slowly.

“Damn Fatty, why didn’t you say that you don’t have a Recall Scroll? You wasted half an hour of our time,” Liu Lan habitually got angry when she saw Fatty.

“I’ve got no idea what a Recall Scroll is,” Fatty said confidently.

“The number one on the leaderboards doesn’t know what the Recall Scroll is? This is hilarious!” Darksnow covered her mouth and giggled.

“Tsk, do you think the number one on the leaderboards should know everything?’ Fatty waved, then walked towards the bank.

Purple Bell was standing timidly at the bank with a staff in her hands. Male players occasionally walked over to flirt and offer to farm with her, but she rejected them all.

“Bell,” Fatty strode over and pushed away a few players trying to flirt with Purple Bell using his buttocks.

“Big Brother Fatty,” Purple Bell’s eyes turned red. “Big Brother Fatty, sorry, I couldn’t help but go offline because something came up.”

“Don’t worry, I know,” Fatty waved. “Do you think I don’t know what Lil’ Bell is like? I’ll show you the mission item now. How is it? It’s pretty isn’t it?”

Fatty took out the Sealed Butterfly and transferred it to Purple Bell. Girls like pretty items, and since Fatty already made Purple Bell feel better, she immediately praised the aesthetics of the item repeatedly.

“So Fatty was helping Little Sister Bell do the mission,” Liu Lan suddenly walked over.

“Oh, it’s Big Sister Willow. Greetings to all of you,” Purple Bell greeted the trio courteously.

“C’mon, let’s go and turn the mission in,” Fatty felt the strangeness in Liu Lan’s tone and immediately dragged Purple Bell away to prevent Liu Lan from saying too much.

Purple Bell had received the mission outside Black Tortoise City in an old abandoned farm. There was a honest-looking farmer sitting around as he smoked his pipe.

“Hi grandpa. We completed the mission,” Purple Bell acted courteously toward everyone, including NPCs.

“Good, very good,” the old farmer put down his pipe with a look of excitement when he saw the blue butterfly Purple Bell was holding. “Little girl, I was truly right about you. You really completed the mission!”

“Stop bullshitting and hand out the rewards,” Fatty interrupted.

Purple Bell smiled sweetly, while the old farmer ignored Fatty.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have completed the mission “The Lonely Butterfly”. +10000 EXP.

10000 EXP? Not bad.

“Did you feel like the Phantom Blue Butterfly King was unworthy of being a gold boss? The old farmer suddenly asked.

“Uhm,” Purple Bell turned towards Fatty.

“Yeah,” Fatty responded. “Although it was a gold boss, it had a pitifully low number of skills. It didn’t have any high attacks either. It can’t even be compared to normal bosses of its level.”

“You’re right. Do you want to know why?” the farmer finally looked at Fatty.

“F*ck man, you’re an NPC, why are you trying to tantalize us?” Fatty was very displeased.

“Young man, don’t be so hasty,” the farmer replied slowly, and did not get angry at Fatty’s attitude at all.

“Grandpa, please tell us about the origins of the Phantom Blue Butterfly.” Man, Purple Bell is civilized. I’m already getting ready to use my dagger to threaten the old guy.

“Legend says that there was once a Rainbow Butterfly that finally took human form and became a Butterfly Celestial after nine ascensions,” the farmer looked towards the sky with a long look. “Not only did this Butterfly Celestial have many abilities, it was extremely powerful and very beautiful. But it was her beauty that brought disaster to her. The Demon Realm’s super demonic beast, the hydra, became infatuated with her. When its proposal failed, it tried to kidnap her. Thus, a huge battle occurred that shook the entire world, causing even the divine guardian beasts of the various areas to come out.”

“So amazing? What happened in the end?” Fatty asked, interested.

“In the end, the Butterfly Celestial lost because she was weaker, and got captured by the hydra.”

“What? What happened after that?” Darksnow asked urgently.

“The Butterfly Celestial chose to commit suicide in order to avoid the hydra defiling her. She wanted to escape everything through reincarnation, but the hydra was too powerful. It used a skill when the Butterfly Celestial’s soul was flying away. Not only did it shatter her soul, it sealed most of her strength. That’s why even though the Phantom Blue Butterfly King was a gold boss, it only had the strength of a silver boss,” the farmer sighed.

“So pitiful,” the three girls all felt pity for the butterfly.

“Youngster, I am happy that you could defeat the Phantom Blue butterfly King and get the Sealed Butterfly. Now, are you willing to accept the next mission?”


System Notification: Would you like to accept the mission “Saving the Sealed Butterfly Celestial”?

“Accept it,” Fatty signaled.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have accepted the unique mission “Saving the Sealed Butterfly Celestial”. Time limit: None.

Notes: Open the seal of the butterfly and release the soul fragment of the butterfly celestial. Find the other six soul fragments under the guidance of this soul fragment,..

Mission Reward: Rainbow Butterfly x1

“A unique mission! Wow, you’re so lucky,” TheFugitive said enviously.

“What’s a unique mission?” Fatty asked.

“Unique missions are missions that there is only one of. If you accept it, then nobody else can,” Liu Lan explained.

“Haha, Bell is sure lucky,” Fatty smiled.

Since this following mission was a unique one, Purple Bell couldn’t share it with Fatty. However, Fatty did get 10000 EXP from the first one, allowing him to get even closer to Level 15.

“Oh yeah, Big Brother Fatty, I have something else to tell you,” Purple Bell smiled sweetly. “Since I’m the first player in the game to die 100 times, the system rewarded me with a hidden class. The Yin Yang Inquisitor.”