Show Me the Money
Chapter 37 – Phantom Blue Butterfly King
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 37 – Phantom Blue Butterfly King

Although stealth was a great effect, it was terrible when facing an enemy far high level than oneself.

“Be careful Big Brother Fatty,” before Purple Bell finished, the blue butterfly turned into a ray of blue light and shot down towards Fatty.

Fatty dodged to the side and used the skill he always used when facing a monster – Appraisal.

Phantom Blue Butterfly King

Gold Boss

Level: ???

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

HP: ???

All of the boss monster’s stats are question marks, meaning that it was more than 10 levels higher than Fatty. It should be between Level 30 and 40. Sadly, the monster’s too strong, so Appraisal can’t get any work done.

“The boss’s level is too high, stay back!” Fatty roared, then narrowly dodged another one of the Phantom Blue Butterfly King’s attack.

Fortunately, the monster only attacked by itself, while the random mobs were still sleeping.

Fatty avoided another attack, then stood behind a tree. Purple Bell also listened to Fatty’s words and moved back a bit. Since she was quite far away from the butterfly, it didn’t take notice of her, and merely focused its attack on Fatty.

When the Phantom Blue Butterfly King got closer, Fatty finally saw its appearance. It’s entire body was blue with some special marks on it, the wings were slightly transparent, while its antennae were as clear as crystal shards.

When the Phantom Blue Butterfly King was standing on its hind legs, it was a whole head taller than Fatty. It was humongous with a wing span of three meters, which was practically the size of a small flying machine.

The Phantom Blue Butterfly King looked coldly as Fatty as if he wanted to say something. However, butterflies had no voice chords, so they couldn’t make any sound, meaning that Fatty didn’t know what it wanted to say. It can’t be anything nice though.

“You’re a king now, why the heck are you acting lonely? You made Lord Fatty come so far to give you a therapy lesson!”

“What? You wanna fight? Lord Fatty ain’t scared of yah. Lord Fatty the Boss Hunter’s gonna start hunting now!”

“Tsk, do you really think that I’m afraid of you? Come, fight meh! I will show you the true power of Lord Fatty.”

“Brah, nobody disturbed you. I am just passing by, you’re too sensitive.”

“Butterfly King, your mommy’s telling you to go back to bed.”

“Butterfly bro, escusez-moi.”

“Dude, alright now, we’re all tired, let’s just go home and rest.”

Fatty stood on the spot unnervingly and started sprouting nonsense with the Phantom Butterfly King.

Purple Bell watched from afar, and couldn’t help but giggle. Then immediately covered her mouth with her hands.

Purple Bell’s giggle alarmed the surrounding butterflies, causing several hundred of them to soar up into the air and scatter, once again creating a beautiful scene.

“So pretty,” Purple Bell muttered.

The prettier they are, the deadlier they are. Fatty wanted to cry as he suddenly thought of a phrase he read somewhere before.

Countless butterflies danced in the sky, but yet, regardless of how and where they flew, they always remained far away from Fatty and the Phantom Blue Butterfly, as if the latter had some sort of aura around it that made them wary.

Fatty took a glance at Purple Bell. She seemed to know that she was in danger, so she hid behind a tree without moving. All of the butterflies did not take the Level 10 mage seriously either, and merely continued to fly around by themselves.

The moment the battle timer ended, Fatty immediately went into stealth and disappeared from the Phantom Blue Butterfly King’s view. Although monsters far above the user’s level had a chance to see through stealth, that was not guaranteed, because the butterfly king was only a gold boss and not an advanced monstrosity like the Phantom Messenger.

Fatty stealthed around carefully. Like he thought, the Phantom Blue Butterfly King was unable to see Fatty. Fatty first told Purple Bell to move a bit further away, then snuck behind the butterfly king. Although he knew that the monster was far higher level than him, he wasn’t happy unless he tried an attack once.

He put a red potion in his mouth, then stood behind the monster and raised his dagger.


A huge silver python appeared and coiled around the Phantom Blue Butterfly King. Yes! But before Fatty could feel his happiness, the silver python disappeared into particles of light.

Gah, the level difference is too huge, so all the effects are a lot weaker.

The Phantom Blue Butterfly suddenly turned around and flapped its three meters wide wings. A gust of wind swept across the area, causing Fatty to be unable to open his eyes.

Then, his health dropped down towards 0.

Fatty immediately swallowed the contents of the red potion, then leaped backwards. His hard work was finally paying off. Although he was in a game, he was still able to leap back by seven to eight meters and out of the radius of the area of effect attack.

Countless reflections of Fatty’s jump could be seen on the Phantom Blue Butterfly King’s compound eyes. The compound eyes seemed to reflect both shock and rage. Then, it flew up into the sky and dived towards Fatty like a low flying jet.

Fatty couldn’t get up in time, so rolled on the floor to dodge the attack.


The Phantom Blue Butterfly couldn’t stop itself in time, so it hit a tree instead. Its seemingly soft wings were actually razor sharp, completely chopping the hundred-meter-tall tree down.

“What a monster!” Fatty rolled away just the tree fell down. Ugh, if this continues on, its skills doesn’t even matter anymore. It can turn me into a meat fatty just with its body crashing down on me.


The Phantom Blue Butterfly King reached out its long proboscis to attack Fatty. The pipe pierced through the air, and a single strike caused a huge bowl-sized pit right next to him.

“Big Brother Fatty, let’s give up on the mission and run!” Purple Bell called out anxiously.

Due to all the commotion caused by the boss monster, the various butterflies all flew away and rested on trees to continue their beauty sleep elsewhere.


The Phantom Blue Butterfly King flapped its wings once more. This time, not only the wind blew up dirt into the air, some thick tree trunks also wobbled then cracked.

Purple Bell was blown backwards and couldn’t help but get even further away from the battlefield. At the same time, Fatty laid on the ground behind a tree to reveal as little of his skin to the wind as possible. Through the use of a continuous supply of red potions, he finally made it through the attack.

When the wind finally ended, Fatty took a look at his health and saw that only a tiny sliver remaining. If it wasn’t because of the attack being an area of effect damaging skill that didn’t dealt too much damage to a single target, Fatty would have died a long time ago.

The Phantom Blue Butterfly King stood up tall on its hind legs like a person. It looked down on Fatty with its compound eyes and revealed only one emotion – disdain.

A monster’s looking down on me? I’ve been through so much and now a monster in a game is actually looking down on me!?

“F*ck, do you think I have no fangs just because I don’t bite!?” Fatty was outraged when faced with the monster’s provocation. He drank another red potion, then leaped up into the air. Before the boss monster could react, Frostfang sliced through the air. Coil! Poison Fang! Combo! All three skills landed nearly simultaneously onto the Phantom Blue Butterfly King. When the monster spread out its wings in anger and tried to counter attack, Fatty immediately changed direction and headed into the woods to start a guerrilla battle.

The effects of Fatty’s attacks were not ideal. Coil failed like he expected again, and Poison Fang wasn’t very effective against poisonous monsters. Only Combo actually dealt several dozen points of damage. However, the boss monster had already regenerated its health back to full before Fatty could take another look. After all, the difference in level was too huge, so Fatty’s attack could not break through its defense.

“Big Brother Fatty, let’s go. We’ll do this mission later,” Purple Bell called out in the communicator.

“Wait a moment. I don’t believe that I can’t kill it,” Fatty clenched his teeth. The gears of his brain rotated speedily in an attempt to find a way to defeat his foe.

At the same time, the Phantom Blue Butterfly King was finally enraged by Fatty’s series of attack. It stepped forward and spread its wings. Then, countless blue dust began to fall around the boss monster with a blue flash. That was when Fatty noticed that he can’t move.

What kind of skill is this!? Fatty was shocked. He was at least five meters away from the boss monster, and they had a huge tree between them, but the monster was actually still able to bind him.

After doing so, the Phantom Blue Butterfly King stepped forward tried to kill the pesky fellow in one hit.

“Big Brother Fatty!” Purple Bell exclaimed loudly, then rushed over against Fatty’s objections. She let out a series of fireballs against the Phantom Blue Butterfly King, which all dealt a forced 1 damage. All of them dealt even less damage than Fatty’s attack.

The monster immediately turned around when it was attacked and looked towards Purple Bell. He felt a sense of danger and urged Purple Bell to leave. However, Purple Bell merely gritted her teeth silently and casted even more fireballs to draw the boss monster’s attention away.


The monster flapped its wings slightly and sent Purple Bell crashing out onto a tree. When she hit the ground, she could only smile towards Fatty before she disappeared into sparkles of white light.

“Bell!” Fatty roared. Why did he care so much for Purple Bell? It was because Purple Bell was like his little sister when she was younger. She was naughty and cute. The truth was that Fatty actually viewed Purple Bell as his own little sister as well.

Fatty’s eyes filled up with blood when he saw his little sister get killed by a monster. Although she could respawn, she had still died.

Fatty struggled, then found that he could move. That meant that the Phantom Blue Butterfly’s snaring effect wore off. He immediately leaped out and pierced towards the boss monster’s eye without any care for his own safety.

His dagger pierced through it, completely blinding that one eye, but he was also sent flying back a dozen meters, causing his newly replenished health to reach critical levels again.

“Big Brother Fatty, come back!” Purple Bell’s anxious call sounded out through the communicator.

“Bell, wait a mo’. Big Brother will kill this monster then come back,” Fatty turned off the communicator and wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth. He gulped down a large red potion, then focused on the Phantom Blue Butterfly King in anticipation of its next move.
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