Show Me the Money
Chapter 36 – Butterfly Ridge
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 36 – Butterfly Ridge

“You told me not to team up with female players, not to get too close with female players, not to hook up with others, not to… Where the heck did you get all these “not to”s from? Why should I listen to you? Heh, you told me not to, but I will do exactly that,” Fatty muttered to himself as he walked into Butterfly Ridge by himself.

Before the trio had walked of the city gate, Darksnow called Liu Lan over to get help with a mission. When TheFugitive heard that was an invitation by a beauty as well, he immediately refused to go to Butterfly Ridge and shamelessly and repeatedly offered his aid to Liu Lan. In the end, Liu Lan caved in and allowed TheFugitive to follow them since she knew that TheFugitive was a rare expert as well. Thus, Fatty was left all alone.

Originally Fatty had asked whether they needed him to go as well. However, Liu Lan said that they can’t take up his time to farm, so told him no. Fatty was rather happy to see that as well.

Butterfly Ridge was filled with butterflies ranging from the teen levels all the way to before Level 100, which made the area rather suitable for players of various levels. What’s more, the colorful butterflies were extremely pretty, which attracted the attention of many female players. That subsequently attracted a lot of male players over as well.

The green grass waved in the air underneath the blue sky, and the butterflies danced, creating a beautiful scene of nature. If this happened in a real world, it would definitely be a famous tourist attraction that’s locked behind high ticket prices. Yet, Fatty wasn’t here for the scenery, he was basically there to ruin it.

Even the outer regions of Butterfly Ridge were filled with players. There were occasionally situations of players fighting over monsters, or even the right to escort a female player. Fatty twitched his mouth. Tsk, people are busy farming, and these guys are fighting each other? They really make it seem like they have nothing to do.

Fatty ventured deeper into the ridge. After a few hundred meters, the trees became denser, and the butterflies’ levels become higher, while there were fewer players.

Fatty had basically never used Rogue’s Eye after learning it, since Appraisal was far superior.

It was no different this time. When a palm-sized butterfly flew past him, he used Appraisal on it.

Colorful Butterfly

Level: 18

Attack: 88 – 95

Defense: 45

HP: 700

Skill: Poison Dust

The level’s not too bad. The stats are even worse than the Skeletal Lancers on the second floor of Mass Graves. Good, this is great for me to farm.

Poison Dust should be some sort of poison attack. I wonder how it is casted. Fatty thought to himself and got underneath the Colorful Butterfly before stabbing forth with his dagger.


Not bad, it shouldn’t be too hard to deal with.

The monster was clearly enraged by Fatty’s attack. It flapped its wings and sent a stream of colorful dust, which surrounded Fatty.


System Notification: You were hit by Colorful Butterfly’s Poison Dust. You are currently poisoned. -30 HP/second for 10 seconds.

This is the Poison Dust skill? Fatty rolled his eyes. No wonder TheFugitive said that the attack of the monsters here are mediocre. 30 damage per second means that only 300 damage over the 10 second duration. Even a squishy rogue like me has 200 something HP. A single health pot is enough to replenish all of the loss health after a few seconds.

Alright. I’m going to farm here. Fatty made up his mind. He drank a health potion, then activated Coil, followed by Combo.

Zing zing zing. The three strikes of Combo took down more than a third of Colorful Butterfly’s HP. Then, before the monster could react, Fatty used a basic attack, then started beating at it while it was still being bound by Coil. Thus, in less than 10 seconds, the Colorful Butterfly fell dead onto the floor.

It was a pitiful Colorful Butterfly. Although it was plenty capable, it was killed after scattering a little bit of poison.

Fatty looked at his EXP bar and saw that it had risen by 0.2%.


The Colorful Butterfly dropped a pair of cloth boots. He picked it up and checked it into his inventory, then used Harvest onto the corpse, getting a green sac-like medical ingredient.

Poison Sac

Basic Medical Ingredient

Can be used to synthesize an antidote for poison.

The world was filled with all sorts of things. Although poison sacs were the source of the source of poison in different beings, it could also be an ingredient to synthesize cures for the antidote for poison. Sadly, Fatty has never trained neither of his secondary profession skills.

After killing the Colorful Butterfly, the poison effect on Fatty also wore off. His health had recovered to about a third of his health bar. Since killing a Colorful Butterfly could earn 0.2% of the EXP needed to reach the next level, and he only needed to consume two and a bit more potions to do it, it was quite worth it when one ignored the necessary fees needed for the potion.

However, since it cost money to buy potions… Fatty was troubled.

Yet, since it was quite worth it, he chose to continue with the butterfly killing.

Another Colorful Butterfly flew over. Ha, take this! And this! And this! And…

Four hours passed by very quickly. During the four hours, Fatty had killed countless butterflies, and if he was to take an average, he pretty much killed 4 per minute.

4 per minute with each filling up 0.2% of his EXP bar meant that Fatty was able to gain 0.8% of his EXP bar’s worth of EXP in a minute. An hour was 48%. That was why Fatty had managed to level up once during the four hours. At the end, he was sitting with 79% of his EXP bar filled at Level 12.

However, the getting from Level 12 to Level 13 would take him 4 hours of continuous farming, once again revealing just how difficult level farming was in Eternal.

The sky gradually turned dark. Due to all the intense farming, Fatty felt a bit tired, so he chose to stop a bit and look at the scenery.

Butterfly Ridge was covered well over several squared kilometers. Hills and plains were in the outer areas, and as you ventured deeper in, the location became higher and higher. Gradually, all that appeared were tall trees. The place where Fatty was count be counted as a forest already.

As the sun set, not only did people begun to rest, monsters did too. Butterflies danced in the air and landed on the trees. As they stayed there side by side, it looked like a beautiful ribbon hanging down from the tree when seen from afar.

“Wow, so pretty. Don’t attack them,” a female player afar was mesmerized by the beautiful view.

“Tsk, no matter how pretty it is, it’s just a monster. Why come here if you’re not going to kill it?” Fatty muttered.

Just as he was about to check out the area deeper into the ridge, he heard an exclamation beside him. “Big Brother Fatty, you’re here too!”

Fatty turned around. It was Wind God’s World’s little sister, Purple Bell.

She was only Level 2 when we first met and was stuck on a tree because she was getting surrounded by a swarm of rats. If I didn’t pass by while doing my mission, she probably wouldn’t have been able to escape being bitten to death by the rats. Man, she leveled up so fast, I only just reached Level 12, but she has already gotten her class enhancement.

“Did you come to look at the scenery?” Fatty smiled. He did have a good impression of the cute girl.

“Nono,” Purple Bell immediately understood that Fatty was making fun of her getting surrounded by rats, so she pouted. “I came to do a mission.”

“A mission? What mission can you do?” Fatty was curious. She probably only reached Level 10 and got her class enhancement because her older brother carried her. What kind of mission can she even do by herself?

“Don’t look down on me. I’m very good at games too!” Purple Bell waved her staff, making her seem rather cute.

“Do you need any help?” Fatty smiled.

“Don’t you need to farm?” Purple Bell was definitely interested.

“I’ve farmed all afternoon, so I’m tired,” tedious farming was indeed boring. Although there was a saying that experts were always people who can stand the loneliness, that didn’t mean that experts must be alone. Anyone who sought loneliness out directly was an idiot,

“That’s great. I was worried that I might not be able to complete the mission,” Purple Bell cheered. ‘but since you offered the help, I’m not paying you. I can share this mission. I’ll send it to you, but it’s very dangerous. Big Brother Fatty, are you sure you want to help?”

“Tsk, your Big Brother Fatty has seen all sorts of danger, so don’t worry. It’ll definitely end well with Big Brother Fatty,” Fatty laughed.


System Notification: You have received the mission “The Lonely Butterfly”

Mission Details: There is a lonely blue butterfly in Butterfly Ridge. It will dance every day in loneliness and sing in isolation. Nobody was able to bring it warmth. You need to defeat it and help it get over the troubles in its heart. Time Limit: None.

“So we’re being therapists for the butterfly?” Fatty felt the mission rather funny. Seriously, there’s a mission like this? Then is there one trying to find a mate for a butterfly? Wait, loneliness? This might actually be it.

“According to the indicator, the butterfly should be even deeper in,” said Purple Bell.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go in now,” Fatty took the lead. Since all the monsters went home at night, the forest was silent except for the pairs’ footsteps.

“Why didn’t you get your brother to send a few people to help you?” Fatty begun to chat so that he wouldn’t get bored.

“I don’t like playing with them,” Purple Bell’s reply was very surprising.

Fatty shook his head. Probably a young lady thing.

“Then aren’t you worried that you can’t complete the mission?”

“So what? It’s just a drop in levels at worst,” Purple Bell replied casually.

“I truly envy your way of thinking,” Fatty suddenly said.

Hearing that, Purple Bell paused for a bit, then said as if it was nothing special. “There are some things that you don’t know about.”

As the moon rose high up in the sky, the night finally descended. Some animals returned to their nests to rest, while nocturnal beings begun to prowl the forest. The occasional wolf howls seemed to make the atmosphere even more creepy and terrifying, but Purple Bell continued to giggle and seemed void of all worries.

After they advanced several hundred meters deeper into the forest, they saw a place where the trees were covered in butterflies. Ribbons seemed to flutter in the sky. Some of the butterflies even seemed to glow and glitter, creating a fairy tale-like scene.

“So beautiful,” Purple Bell stood still and looked around. She took a deep breath, and closed her eyes, as if she was immersing herself in the night.

“Uhm, excuse me, we came to fight a monster, not admire the scenery,” Fatty reminded.

“Hehe, I know,” Purple Bell opened her eyes. A strange light flashed across her eyes. “Big Brother Fatty, we are going to get to the central area of the forest soon, can you find that blue butterfly?”

“Of course,” Fatty patted his chest. “It’s simple.

Since their target was a lonely butterfly, it definitely would not be with the other butterflies. Fatty looked around carefully. As he expected, there was a single tree that seemed like it didn’t have any butterfly on it.

“Wait here,” Fatty told Purple Bell to wait patiently then stealthed over. He slowly looked up the tree trunk, then saw that at the very top of the tree, where it touched the sky, there was a single butterfly there. The butterfly was the size of a person. It closed its wings together and was resting quietly.

“Girl, I found it,” Fatty called out softly.

The butterfly on the tree suddenly opened its wings and looked out. It’s eyes were void of all emotion as it stared at fatty.

“F*ck, this butterfly’s a spirit!” Fatty exclaimed.

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