Show Me the Money
Chapter 35 – Selling Equipmen
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 35 – Selling Equipmen


After Fatty logged on, he heard a series of system notification sounds. His inbox was filled with mail. It was clear that those people still did not give up on the City Construction Token.

“Public auction after a month. Please come and show your support if you’re interested,” Fatty answered them one by one. Ahh, they finally stopped. Quite a few players should reach Level 30 and established their guilds. The City Construction Token’s going to be worth the most then.

Fatty contacted TheFugitive, but saw that the latter logged off as well and did not log back on yet. Thus, Fatty went over to the bank and put the City Construction Token into the bank along with his other random items. He counted roughly several dozen items in his bank. Most of those were bronze items, with two silver items mixed in.

Then, he began to wait at the entrance to the bank. Since Liu Lan had not yet arrived, he decided to not waste the time standing around. He took out a few items from his bank, put them on the start, then started doing business.

“Come and take a look. Freshly dropped bronze items. These are must-haves for players venturing into the wild. They are great equipment to use when fighting against your enemies. They are definitely valuable as presents for your wife. What? You don’t have one? Then buy it and gift it to someone else’s wife. She’ll become yours in no time.”

As Fatty called out, a crowd had begun to gather in front of him.

“Bro, how much is this?” a warrior picked up a saber with additional attributes.

Fatty took a glance. Meh attack, and only STR +1. It was basically a trash of a bronze item that was worse than some common ones. However, that was no surprise, since Fatty chose some equipment with mediocre stats to sell. He was leaving the best for the auction to maximize his gains.

“5 gold coins,” Fatty said a random number.

“Alright,” the warrior gritted his teeth and handed 5 gold coins over, then left with the saber.

“Bro, what about this?”

“I want this one!”

The fact that a bronze weapon was sold for 5 gold coins clearly made it seem very cheap. All of a sudden, the crowd of player swarmed up and fought over the right to buy the items.

“Bro, this axe has mediocre stats. That’s too expensive, right?” a muscular warrior picked up an axe with interest. However, he didn’t buy it immediately and merely started to bargain with Fatty.

“Big bro, it’s value for money. Look, DEX +5. Don’t underestimate these 5 points of Dexterity. Sometimes, even a tiny bit will change the outcome. Think about it, assume you’re teaming up with other players to kill a boss. You might be able to get the god like drop from the boss monster just because of these 5 points of Dexterity. Will you complain about how expensive this axe is then? Without these 5 points of Dexterity, what will you feel if that god like drop was taken away from you in front of your own eyes? Will you die in regret because you didn’t buy this axe from me? 10 gold coins isn’t expensive at all. Buying this axe is like buying a bunch of god like drops. What are you even hesitating for?”

“That’s true, what am I hesitating for?” the muscular warrior made up his mind and took out all of the money on him. He handed Fatty a pile of gold and silver coins worth 10 gold coins in total and bought the axe.

“Excuse us everyone. We’ll be buying all of the items here,” a group of people walked over. It was the Fierce Dragon Gang.

“Brother Grubber is in a nice mood,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent came over.

“So it’s Brother Fierce Dragon,” Fatty nodded. “Why did you go back yet? Does Brother Fierce Dragon want to develop your guild here in Black Tortoise City instead of Azure Dragon City?”

“Nah, the guild master of the Cloud Dragon Gang still didn’t give us the teleportation fees he promised, so we can’t leave even if we wanted to,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent smiled. “What’s more, there’s no space for us to develop with an expert like Brother Grubber in Black Tortoise City.”

“Brother Fierce Dragon, you’re too funny. All the large guilds are filled with talents, I don’t count as an expert at all,” Fatty shook his head, then pointed at his makeshift stall. “You want all of these items?”

“My guild has a lot of people, so we are lacking items. We can buy up however much equipment there is,” Fierce Dragon took out a pile of gold coins. “100 gold coins for all of them. How about that?”

“Ahh, I can’t,” Fatty smiled, but still quickly received the gold coins and handed the equipment over to Fierce Dragon TheTalent.

“Fatty, leave the items for me,” Liu Lan’s voice rang out at a distance.

“Here you go,” Fatty stuff all of the items into Fierce Dragon TheTalent’s arms, then turned around with a smile. “What a shame, you’re too late. I’ll definitely save it for you.”

“Damn fatty, you dare to sell it to someone else?” Liu Lan said angrily. “It’s not like I’m not paying you.”

“Then say something earlier,” Fatty said in a false troubled manner. “I would have saved it for you if you said you were going to pay me.”

“Damn fatty, you!?” Liu Lan couldn’t say anything due to anger.

“Brother Grub, where are you?” TheFugitive logged on and immediately contacted Fatty.

“Shh, I have a friend coming,” Fatty quickly changed the topic and told TheFugitive his location.

TheFugitive arrived quickly. When he saw Fierce Dragon TheTalent, he was stunned on spot for a moment. The two of them gazed at each other for a long time. Just as Fatty thought that a spark was ignited and a “star-crossed lovers fighting to kill each other” scene would happen, Fierce Dragon TheTalent smiled, then turned around and ignored TheFugitive.

Since players couldn’t attack each other inside of the city, TheFugitive walked over to Fatty’s side with his head held high, then clearly gulped when he saw the voluptuous Liu Lan.

“That’s the guild master of Misty Waterfall and the former ninth place on the leaderboards. Brother Grub, did you hook up with her using the City Construction Token?” TheFugitive nudged Fatty and whispered.

“You’re funny. The City Construction Token is so valuable. If I was going to hook up with anyone, I would use it to hook up with a few even prettier ones,” Fatty acted like he was outraged and looked down on TheFugitive’s sense of beauty.

“Damn Fatty, what are you saying? Are you saying that I’m not beautiful enough?” Liu Lan trembled in anger, making the peaks in front of her chest shake.

Fierce Dragon TheTalent looked at Fatty, then at Liu Lan. He clearly wanted to chat about the City Construction Token, but considered it for a moment then gave up. He smiled towards the two, then intelligently led his subordinates away.

“Such a deadly pair,” TheFugitive was practically drooling.

“Shhh, don’t mess with her. That girl’s damn feisty. Be careful, she might beat you up so much that you can’t take care of your business,” Fatty warned TheFugitive softly.

“Fiesty’s good, fiesty’s reaaal good. I like feisty,” TheFugitive’s eyes lit up. He stepped forward. “Greetings ma’am. This one is called TheFugitive, I was formerly on the leaderboards with you, but this one was merely at second place. I wonder how many years has it been since your birth? Are you married? Do you have a good impression of a grand and handsome man such as I?”

“Oh, so it’s Mr. TheFugitive. Greetings. The fact that Mr. TheFugitive was able to stand out from countless players and be ranked second on the leaderboards can truly display your strength, “Liu Lan’s expression changed for the better as she curtseyed towards TheFugitive with a bow.

Fatty could clearly sense that TheFugitive was getting light headed.

“I wonder if I will have the chance to play a game with you?” TheFugitive asked.

“I guess so. But there is something I haven’t done yet, so I’m afraid I don’t have time,” Liu Lan smiled with a hint of hesitation.

“What is it? Please do tell. This one is untalented, but is willing to do anything for you,” TheFugitive took another step forward.

“Hehe, it’s nothing big. I will date you if you kill this fatty. How about that?” Liu Lan giggled.

“You’re evil!” Fatty exclaimed.

“Uhm…” TheFugitive considered it for a moment, then let out a long sigh. “Fine. Brother Grub, just endure it for your bro’s happiness. Just end yourself. I will always remember you.”

“Oh wow, this is hoes before bros!” Fatty finally discovered what TheFugitive was truly like.

Then, the three of them burst out in laughter.

“Alright, let’s stop messing around. Brother Grub, did you sell the City Construction Token yet?” TheFugitive asked after he finally stopped laughing.

“Not yet, I’ll auction it in public after a month,” Fatty chucked Wasp Sting back to TheFugitive. When he noticed that Liu Lan still seemed a bit angry, he quickly tried to calm her down. “Don’t be angry. Fierce Dragon TheTalent only took my low-tier goods. I saved the good ones for you.”

“Heh, that’s more like it,” Liu Lan smiled. “Give it to me immediately.”

“Then the price..?” Fatty rubbed his hands.

“I won’t rip you off,” Liu Lan was slightly annoyed, but still found the situation funny. This fatty’s still so obsessed with money. Heh, would I really take his items for nothing?

Fatty led the two to his storage in the bank, then picked out a set of knight equipment with items ranging from Level 8, 9 and 10. Liu Lan naturally took them for herself, then chucked Fatty a gold coin.

“You said you won’t rip me off,” Fatty held out the gold coin in a troubled manner.

“I didn’t. This set of equipment is only worth one gold coin in my eyes,” Liu Lan defended herself.

“Oh lord, have mercy on this poor soul,” Fatty clasped his hands and held the gold coin between his palms with a tremble, while he forced a few droplets of tears out of his eyes. “I woke up very early and finished late every day to get these drops. I slept later than dogs, and woke up earlier than roosters. What’s more, I did more than oxen and ate worse stuff than picks. I worked so hard to finally get all these, and now I’m being exploited. Oh God, is there still justice in this world?”

“Alright, damn fatty, keep pretending,” Liu Lan kicked him. “This lady has no money, so do as you see fit.”

“Then use yourself as mortgage,” TheFugitive immediately suggested.

Fatty looked at Liu Lan for a moment, then nodded, “That’s not too bad, even if she is a bit ugly.”

“DAMN. FAT-TY!” Liu Lan gritted her teeth. “If you call me ugly one more time, then I’ll go over to your home right now and…”

“What? You’re going to do that to Brother Grub at his home?” TheFugitive exclaimed. “How about I just take the loss and help Brother Grub take it instead?”

“You two. Ugh!” Liu Lan was annoyed to no end, so she decided to just completely ignore the pair of rogues.

Meanwhile, the two shameless rogues chuckled at each other.

“Fatty, I really don’t have much money. I needed to ask Xu Quan for the money to learn my skills. How about I pay you RMB?” said Liu Lan.

“F*ck, you really don’t think much of me,” Fatty waved his hand. If I really wanted to sell it for money, then I would have just sold it to Fierce Dragon TheTalent.

“That’s more like it,” Liu Lan smiled. Although she didn’t lack that amount of money, buying it and being gifted it were two completely different feelings.

“Damn, I’m losing so much,” Fatty muttered quickly.

“What did you say!?” Liu Lan frowned as if she was going to go on a rampage once more.

“Hey Fuge, where should us rogues go and farm?” Fatty immediately changed the topic.

“Mass Grave’s not fun at all, we can’t get to the lower levels and the Skeletal Knights do have too high health. Let’s go to Butterfly Ridge, there are monsters ranging from Level 14 or 15 to thirty or forty. The butterflies have low health, low defense and weak attacks, but they do have rather high dexterity. It’s perfect for us rogues to farm. What’s more, a lot of girls are catching butterflies there. We can chat up girls and farm at the same time there. Hehe,” TheFugitive’s eyes were shining brightly.

“Alright, let’s go to Butterfly Ridge,” Fatty decided.

“I’m going too,” Liu Lan immediately said.

“It’s the divine farming heaven for rogues, why are you tagging along?” Fatty was speechless.

“Because… None of your business. I just want to go!” Liu Lan argued.
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