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Chapter 34 – Liu Lan

When Fatty took off his helmet, he saw that it was already day time outsight. Time flies when you’re having fun, and it was a new day in the blink of an eye.

Fatty took a shower, changed his clothe and went out to train. Although he could not put farming, leveling up, and earning money aside, he understood that his health was key.

The morning sun would always make people feel warm. There were not a lot of people on the streets yet, and only a few white-collars who hurried to their firms which eating their breakfast along the way.

I was just like them a few days ago. I would always have to cram in the buses and metro when going to and from work. When I got to the company, I would always get scolded by my managers. Now that I think about it, that life was truly too pitiful. Ahh, Star Fantasia, thank you so much for making such a great game. Not only can I have fun, I can also earn money.

I wonder if those bastards entered the game. Heh, when Lil’ Qian gets married and I have nothing to worried about, Lord Fatty to get back into the scene. You bastards, just wait for a beating! Fatty thought back to some of his brothers before and felt his fists itch. He quickly ran to a nearby park and practiced with a set of martial arts. He felt himself feel much better after sweating a bit.

Then, as he returned home, he bought a few buns and a bag of milk along the way, and downed them as he walked.

When he got back home, he took a shower again, then turned on his computer in nothing but his trunks and went onto the official Eternal forums to find some information on the City Construction Token. What caught his attention before anything else was the news of a god tier boss monster appearing.

The forums were pretty much split in two factions. One thought that this was possibly the greatest series of hidden missions in Eternal, and players should take the chance even if they have to return to Level 0. The other side thought that it was merely a plot point, since most of the players were only around Level 10, so a god tier boss monster shouldn’t appear that early.

The results of their difference in opinions was clearly an intense argument. At the same time, the players who successfully committed suicide multiple times were searching for experts to help them open the way to the seventh floor of Mass Graves so that they can go and learn from their ‘master’.

Fatty chuckled. Haha, where are you supposed to find the boss? That god tier boss monster is sitting in front of his computer and watching you guys argue. Oh lord, please don’t let them find out the true identity of the god tier boss monster. I should be able to change my name the next time I transform, right?

Fatty fantasized about what else he could do for a while, then typed “City Construction Token” into the search bar and clicked enter.

He found a bit of information very quickly. The City Construction Token was a necessary item when a players’ guild wants to establish a base. They will only be able to establish the base by bringing the City Construction Guild to a nearby main city when applying. Otherwise, any construction will be treated as illegal construction and forcefully taken apart by NPCs.

City Construction Tokens are dropped only by advanced bosses, so they are very rare, and would remain that way even later on in the game. Although Fatty managed to easily steal one, that was because the phantom Messenger was way too careless, and Fatty pretty much hit the jackpot. Otherwise, players would have to fight boss monsters above level 50. It definitely was no simple task, so players would have to wait ages for the second City Construction Token to drop.

The City Construction Tokens were very valuable, and what’s more Fatty held the first one dropped in game. For guild masters, having their guild to be the first to establish their base not only displayed the guild’s strength, but it was also a symbol. All of the more ambitious guilds wanted it.

Oh, since everybody wants it, then it’s dead simple. Fatty smiled. Guild Establishment was only unlocked when players reached Level 30, and a guild’s construction of their base was even later than that, so he was in no hurry.

Fatty saw another message. There was someone with the ID of Cloud Dragon EvilMerchant purchasing in-game currency for a high price. Judging from his name, he was probably someone of the Cloud Dragon Gang. The rates offered were at an astonishing rate of 200 RMB per gold coin. Fatty smiled and decided to exchange all his gold coins. 200:1 is probably the highest exchange rate it’ll reach.

He sent them a whole number of 300 gold coins and got 60,000 RMB in exchange. However, Fatty was rather unhappy with the 10% service charge, which ‘stole’ 6000 RMB away from him.

Fatty turned off his computer and prepared to enter the game once more. Yet, his phone rang.

He took a look. It was from Liu Lan.

What’s she calling me for? Fatty wondered for a moment, then answered the call.

“Damn fatty, look at the time. Why aren’t you at work yet?” Liu Lan immediately scolded the moment the call went through.

“Wait. Wait a minute,” Fatty quickly called out. “Work? What work?”

“Damn fatty, you being dumb? It’s Monday, of course you have to work. If you don’t come, then I’m deducting your bonus,” Liu Lan threatened.

“Do it then, Lord Fatty doesn’t care,” Fatty twitched his mouth. I guess she doesn’t know that I’ve been fired.

“Oh wow, alright. You got rich? You don’t dare anymore? I don’t give a rat’s ass about if you care or now, get over here immediately. Now!” Liu Lan suddenly spoke louder, scaring Fatty and causing him to nearly drop his phone.

“Can you speak softer?” Fatty said speechlessly. “Go and ask that Vice General Manager Xu. I’ve been fired, so why the heck would I have to work?”

“What? You’ve been fired? Why don’t I know about that? Wait a mo’, don’t hang up,” footsteps of high heels on the ground quickly sounded out through the phone.

Then, Fatty heard Liu Lan talk to Xu Quan.

“Xu Quan, why was Qian Ye fired?”

“Oh, it’s Lil’ Sis Lan. You came to work so early? Why didn’t you get a bit more rest?”

“Xu Quan, don’t change the topic. I’m asking you, who allowed you to fire him?”

“That fat ass? Lil’ Sis Lan, someone like him is truly putting shame on the company’s reputation, you might not know, but he…” Fatty could imagine the look of disgust Xu Quan had on his face when he spoke.

“What’s wrong with someone like him? What’s bad about someone like him? He’s been in the company for two years. In both work and employee relationships, everybody supports him. What did he do wrong? What right do you have to fire my people!?”

“Lil’ Sis Lan, he’s been fired already, so let’s not talk about him.”

“Heh, Xu Quan, I’m warning you, don’t think that I’ll definitely marry you just because my dad let you into the company. I’m telling you, there’s no way a useless rich second generation like you will be able to marry me. Snowy’s right, you’re just a piece of shit.”

“Liu Lan, how can you say that? You’re going to destroy the great relationship between our families just because of a fired staff member?”

“Great relationship? That’s between your dad and mine. It’s not our relationship. I’m warning you, if you dare to fire any other staff without my agreement, then I’ll fire you. Don’t think that I don’t dare just because my dad’s protective of you. Heh!”

With that, the sound of a door slamming rang through the call. I guess she slammed the door and stormed out.

“General Manager since I’m fired, then never mind. Don’t ruin your families’ many years of ‘great relationship’ because of me,” Fatty emphasized on the words ‘great relationship’. Fatty wasn’t a goody-two-shoes, and if he doesn’t rub salt on the wound, then he wouldn’t be Fatty.

“Tsk, what shitty relationship? It’s just that my dad and his dad were war buddies,” Fatty was clearly a bit angry, so her voice seemed to tremble as she spoke. “Alright. Fatty, you coming to the company for work?”

“I shouldn’t. I’ve been fired already, so it’s kinda bad if I go back, right?” Fatty said hesitantly.

“Reconsider it. Isn’t your little sister still in university? Where are you going to get the money to pay for her school fees if you don’t work? So come back,” Liu Lan lured.

“Don’t try to seduce me, you pesky succubus. Lord Fatty said no, so it’s no. And earning money? Lord Fatty’s earning lotsa dough now,” Fatty said proudly.

“Earning lotsa dough? Are you doing something illegal? Fatty, I’m telling you, we are good friends. I can’t watch you do something like that,” Liu Lan replied in a rare serious tone.

“Listen to yourself. Lord Fatty isn’t someone like that. You know Eternal? Lord Fatty’s earning great cash in there,” Fatty said ambiguously.

“Oh, you play the game too? What’s your IGN? This lady was once the number nine knight on the leaderboards. But sadly, I died once, so dropped out of it,” Liu Lan said regretfully.

“Wow, number nine? Amazing. Truly spectacular. As expected of Miss Liu,” Fatty pretended to be surprised.

“Yeah, just wait. I’ll get back up there real soon. Oh yeah, you didn’t tell me your IGN yet. Hurry up, what is it?” Liu Lan hurried.

“Uhm, my name sounds bad, so how about no?” Fatty refused.

The conversation turned to silence for a moment, then Liu Lan suddenly spoke, “Money Grubber?”

“Yeah. Huh? What? No, I’m not Money Grubber. You got the wrong guy,” Fatty quickly denied it. F*cking hell, how did she recognize me? I clearly made myself uglier!

“Heh, whatever then. Fatty, give me the City Construction Token.”

“No way!” the moment Fatty spurt out his reply, he suddenly realized what was going on.

“Damn fatty, you’re still saying that you aren’t Money Grubber!?” Liu Lan seemed to be furious as a loud shout rang through the phone.

“Chill. Chill! Hehe, Miss General Manager, what orders do you have for me?” Fatty quickly replied.

“Big Brother Fatty!” Liu Lan said in a coquettish manner.

“Little Sister Lan’er!” Fatty replied sweetly.

“How about giving me the City Construction Token?” Liu Lan continued.

“No,” Fatty refused resolutely.

“But I want it!” Liu Lan’s tone became even more alluring.

Fatty shuddered.

“No.” Lord Fatty’s not getting baited.

“You going to give it over or not?” Liu Lan frowned.


“Damn fatty. Do. You. Want. To. Die?” Liu Lan gritted her teeth.

“Heh,” Fatty snorted.

“Just what do you want for it? I’ll pay for it,” Liu Lan seemed to submit.

“It’ll be a public auction.” Trying to seduce Lord Fatty? You’ve a long ass way to go, girl.

“Oh wow, Fatty, you’re so much braver without seeing me these two days. You actually dare to defy me now?” Liu Lan’s clenched her teeth with a creak.

If Fatty was standing in front of her, Fatty would definitely be in life-threatening danger.

“Hehe. This was all trained under your supervision.” Bite me. Fatty was proud. Pfft, it’s your fault that you always threatened me with my bonus.

“Fatty,” Liu Lan suddenly called out softly.

“What is it?” Fatty immediately put up his guard. He understood very well that she was no kind-hearted fairy, he would get gobbled up whole if he even let down his guard for a single split second.

“Help me farm for another one if we don’t get this one.”

“Alright, let’s set the price at 80% of the highest bid of this one,” Fatty agreed. The truth was that he and Liu Lan were on pretty good terms. If it wasn’t because of the City Construction Token being so valuable, he wouldn’t have minded just gifting it to her.

“Heh, that’s more like it. I didn’t waste my care for you,” Liu Lan pouted.

“Alright, Miss Manager, don’t you need to get to work?” Fatty didn’t dare to continue chatting with her.

“What work? I’m going in-game once I set the work for everyone. Wait for me at the bank in ten. If I don’t see you there then… Heh. I know where you live,” Liu Lan threatened, then ended the call before Faty could response.

”Well, shit,” Fatty was very troubled. He paced around for a while, then when ten minutes was finally about to pass, he gritted his teeth, then put on his helmet and logged on.