Show Me the Money
Chapter 8 – Roasting Hares
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 8 – Roasting Hares

“F*ck you see that? It’s that damnable fatty again. He shouted just like that yesterday, and pulled the rooster boss over and got countless people killed.”

“Damned fatty, this again!”

The beastmen trio were in the village, and when they saw Fatty, they were unable to suppress their anger, and spoke out the rage in their hearts.

“Hey you three,” Fatty glanced at the trio. “I got another boss. You interested?”

“I’m not interested in a boss, but I’m very interested in you,” War Axe of the Beastmen Team clenched his teeth.

“Oh wow, you’re so buff, but you’re actually just a bunny,” Fatty exclaimed as if he discovered a secret. “But Lord Fatty is a normal man, I’m not interested in the likes of you. Oh yeah, it’s a rabbit boss, so you two might have somethings in common.”

“Damn fatty, you’re just asking for it,” War Axe of the Beastmen team said angrily.

“Brother Grubber, did you find another boss?” East Gate BlowingWind was coincidentally killing monsters near the village entrance. At that moment, he already got a small team with him, all of their names started with either “East Gate” or “West Gate”. It was very clear that they were friends, or at least companions.

“Look at it yourself,” Fatty indicated in a direction behind him. East Gate BlowingWind glanced over, and saw a line of gray sprinting over.

“Run! The rabbits are clearing the place.”

“F*ck, it’s Level 5 monsters. RUN!”

As the hares ran over, they instantly killed any players that they ended up running into. After all, most of the players were still Level 2 or Level 3, so they were unable to stop such a huge herd of Level 5 monsters.

“Quick, get back into the village,” East Gate BlowingWind’s face turned stark white as he called for his team members to enter the village.

The village was a safe zone. Player killing was forbidden, while monsters were unable to harm the players within it either. However, that was only in most circumstances. If it was a monster invasion, then they were able to kill in villages as they pleased.

When Fatty ran into the village, he noticed that the number of hares at the entrance seemed even more numerous than what he had seen before. Around two to three hundred hares blocked off the village entrance, while their red eyes induced fear in all the players.

“Damn fatty, what did you do this time to piss off all these rabbits?” War Shield of the Beastmen Team looked towards Fatty.

A Level 5 monster was a high-leveled monster for the current players. It was terrifyingly difficult for a village with players averaging around less than Level 3 to kill two hundred something level 5 monsters alongside an even higher-leveled boss.

“Oh, but don’t you guys like killing the boss and getting the drops? You guys seemed to enjoy it quite a lot yesterday, so Lord Fatty got a better one for you today. Go on comrades, kill it. There’s definitely going to be great drops,” Fatty waved his hand and said coolly. However, he suddenly felt a chill down his spine, causing him to shrink his head, took a few more steps into the village proper.

“We can’t continue on like this,” East Gate BlowingWind frowned as he looked around. “We got blocked off by a group of chickens yesterday, and someone screenshotted that and posted it on the internet. We’ve already become a joke. If we get stuck in the village because of a herd of rabbits today, then our entire village will have no face anymore. What’s more, this is the time to furiously level up, getting stuck here for even an hour might mean that we’ll never catch up again.”

“Yeah, we have to kill these rabbits even if it’s just for the honor of our village,” another person agreed.

“But how? These rabbits are clearly very high level. Us charging up there is just feeding them. Let’s wait for them to leave, and not piss them off,” someone else was clearly unwilling to fight.

“Brother Grubber, what do you think?” East Gate BlowingWind looked towards Fatty, causing the others to do the same. This damn fatty, not only did he pissed off a bunch of chickens to block us off yesterday and made us lose levels, he pissed off a herd of rabbits today!

But wait, how could this damn fatty be so charming that he manages to bump into bosses everywhere!?

“I think these rabbits are just chasing this fatty, so just throw him out,” someone spoke up in the crowd.

Fatty could tell from the voice that it was War Lance of the Beastmen Team.

“Heh, throwing me out to make the rabbits leave after letting out their anger? Would you guys have face in front of the people from other villages if you guys do that?” Fatty laughed coldly. He wasn’t afraid at all.

Although some people were immediately interested, they all stopped in their tracks when they heard Fatty’s words. If we do that even in a game, then we’ll really lose all our face.

“Then what do you think we should do? You attacked these rabbits and then brought them over. You have to be responsible for dealing with them. Otherwise, can you even burden the responsibility of affecting everyone’s leveling time?” Since they were already enemies, War Shield of the Beastmen Team kicked Fatty when he was down.

“Yeah, yeah. We all have to farm,“ Since so many people agreed, East Gate BlowingWind also spoke up to see what kind of ideas Fatty had.

“Are you guys stupid?” Fatty looked at the other players in utter disappointment. “What are they? Rabbits. Are rabbits scared of fire? There’s so many of us here, if we each throw a torch out, we can even burn them all to death.”

“Oh yeah, what a good idea. Why didn’t I think of that?” a player exclaimed.

Fatty twitched his mouth. You guys didn’t even think of such a simple idea? No wonder you guys can’t even afford an item.

“Time to roast us some rabbits.”

The entire village of players moved. However, what did those without torches do? They all ripped a few strands of clothes from their starting items which they no longer used, then tied it over a few sticks.

Soon, over a thousand torches were created. Every single player, as they waited to roast the rabbits.

“Light them!” Blowing Wind of the East Wind took upon the role of the commander without any hesitation.

Following his orders, lighted torches were chucked outside the village one after another.

“What a sight!” Fatty rubbed his hands and watched as the players frantically threw the torches. Seriously, this scene is comparable to the fireworks at Tianmen on National Day.

Although the hares were high level, they were instinctively scared of fire. Seeing the wave of torches, even the Rabbit King, who swore to swallow Fatty whole, couldn’t help but scream, causing the entire horde of hares to scatter and retreat.

“Kick the burnt bunnies!” Fatty shouted, then jumped out in pursuit of the hares. He still had several tens of rabbits to kill to complete his mission. He couldn’t let them leave so easily.

“Kill!” The entire village of players rushed out, creating a scene that was even more magnificent than that of the torch throwing. Pretty much every single hare had two or three players hot on its tail.

Kill, keep killing them here. Fatty ran through the herd and did not touch or even so much as look at the hares, then continued to sprint forward. These hares naturally have to return to wherever they came from, and that includes the Rabbit Boss. I can use this chance to destroy their nest.

“Follow him,” Fatty’s focused run instantly caught the attention of some other players. Several players, who were clearly in a team, followed him stealthily. Even East Gate BlowingWind hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he chose not to follow, and merely led his team on a slaughter of the surrounding hares.

“Huh? F*ck, they actually dare to stalk Lord Fatty.” Fatty was no ordinary person, so he instantly noticed the people stalking him. He thought for a moment to get rid of those pesky rats along the way, only to remember just how important the mission was to him. I’ll deal with them after following the bunnies back to their nest.

“Brother Grubber, be careful, someone’s following you,” at that moment, East Gate BlowingWind suddenly sent a message over.

Fatty smiled. This guy is pretty nice.

The hares had arrived quickly, and also retreated very quickly. When they reached their fields, they immediately scattered in different directions. Yet, a herd of them still remained together, and raced towards a far away hill, then disappeared in it.

Okay, their nest is definitely over there. Fatty stopped in his tracks when he confirmed the location of the hare nest. He leisurely ripped a stalk of grass from the fields, and placed it in his mouth, then began to murder the scattered hares.

Seeing Fatty stop and wait for them, the people following him also resolutely stopped, then turned around and ran in another direction.

Tsk, they’re so low level. Killing them for their equipment is just a waste of my time. Fatty shrugged, then started to clear out the hares in his surroundings.
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