Show Me the Money
Chapter 6 – Furious Rooster
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 6 – Furious Rooster

“We normal peasants, are so happy today[1. This is the lyrics to this song:]!” Fatty hummed as he arrived at the village’s entrance. Wow, you guys, do you guys have any morals? So many of you are surrounding a single hen. Oooh, damn, that’s karma.

Wait, why does it feel like something’s missing? Oh yeah, where’d the rooster go?

“Hey dude, where did the boss blocking the entrance just now go?” Fatty stopped a random player and asked.

“It left,” the player hurriedly ran outside without looking back.

Left? Fatty muttered his heart. Then, he jumped up and sent a hen flying back with a kick. The hen struggled a little before turning into a corpse in midair.


A familiar sound rang out by Fatty’s ear. He was completely shocked, but still slowly turned around. As he expected, a huge rooster appeared in front of him.

“Hey dude, didn’t you leave? Why did you come back?” Fatty greeted the rooster, then ran away.

This time, the rooster acted smart. It immediately rushed over to block off Fatty’s entrance to the village, causing the Fatty to only be able to run away from the village.

Seeing that, the rooster crowed towards the sky energetically, then chased after Fatty.

“Kill the boss, get the drops!” Fatty repeated his former tactic and shouted as he ran.

Some of the surrounding players all stopped what they were doing, and pointed at Fatty.

“See? I knew it was all this obscene Fatty’s fault. The rooster retreated the moment he left,” an elven archer pointed at Fatty as he ran around shouting.

“F*ck, I was going to reach Level 1, but it was all gone because of him!” A dwarven warrior glared at the sprinting Fatty in anger.

You got killed when you wanted to take advantage of the situation. How’s it my fault? Fatty complained in his heart.

“Guys, come over and look! He failed to kill the chicken and is getting raped now,” another player teased.

“Oh, hurry, block that Fatty’s path. Don’t let him run,” three beastmen suddenly appeared in front of Fatty and blocked off Fatty’s path in a line.

“Damn fatty, let’s see where you’re going to run now,” War Shield of the Beastmen Team laughed sinisterly.

“F*ck,” Fatty wanted to run around the village a few times, and find a chance to run back into the village again, but now that he was blocked by the three beastmen warriors, he immediately understood that he wouldn’t be able to return, so he turned around and ran even further away.

“Chase me if you dare.”

Fatty ran towards the east, and towards a huge grassland. The grass was green, and waved with the wind, creating a beautiful, rural look.

Fatty ran for a long time on the grassland, and watched as his Vigor slowly dropped. I won’t even have the strength to fight to the death if I continue to run. So, he could only stop and turn around.

“Damn it, just what sort of vendetta do you even have against me anyways? Did I rape your wife or sleep with your mom?” Fatty bent his back, and pushed his hands against his knees as he panted.

The rooster was also tired, as it panted heavily. Its bright feathers were also in a complete mess. In all honesty, the rooster was rather speechless in its heart as well. You killed so many of my concubines, I was just going to peck you a few times and let off some steam. Why did you have to run so far? I’m tired even if you aren’t! But I can’t exactly go back like this, I did promise my concubines...

Meanwhile, Fatty suddenly recalled the Appraisal skill he had learned earlier, so he immediately used it on the rooster.

Furious Rooster

Level 5

Notes: The evolution of Enraged Rooster. It is a twice mutated boss.

“Level 5!” Fatty jumped up. “Damn system, are you f*cking messing with me? A chicken boss is actually level 5, and it’s a mutated one at that!? How is this a rooster? This is a f*cking chicken guardian spirit!”

Yet, what Fatty did not know was that the rooster boss was originally level 3, and its name was just Big Rooster. However, due to Fatty killing too many hens by himself, the rooster was enraged, and then mutated once. That increased its level by 1 and changed its name to Enraged Rooster. After that, since Fatty escaped into the village, then exited it and kicked a hen for fun, the Enraged Rooster targeted him once again, which triggered another mutation. This time, the mutation also increased its level by 1, causing it to become the level 5 Furious Rooster.

Cock-a-doo… The rooster crowed, flapped its wings, then charged over.

Ugh, I can’t fight it, so I’ll dodge! Due to the brief break, Fatty’s Vigor had increased by 2, so he then began to ran around the grassland once again.

Eventually, the fatigued rooster gave up chase before the sun went down and returned to the village bitterly. Fatty also collapsed onto the ground tiredly, and stopped moving.

“No, how am I supposed to level up if this continues? F*ck, how is Lord Fatty supposed to look up at anyone if the fact that I got chased around by a chicken gets known by others?” Fatty said angrily. “So what if I have a lower level than you? I’ll still play you to death.”

After enough rest, Fatty climbed up, and found a good geographical location. He spat into his hands, then took out his Blacksmith’s Tool, then begun to dig.

Fatty was an extremely petty person who would definitely pay others back tenfold to the trouble he suffered. He was unable to calm down at all from being chased around by the rooster for half a day, so he thought long and hard about how to pay the rooster back.

“I heard chickens have night blindness. This chicken shouldn’t be too energetic tonight either,” Fatty looked at the hole he dug, then grabbed some straw from his surroundings to cover it up. After double-checking to ensure that nothing was wrong with it, Fatty hurried back towards the village entrance once again.

“Hey, where’s your boss now?” Fatty stabbed a hen with his wooden sword, causing the hen to squawk and charge over.

“So crafty,” Fatty killed the hen, then searched for another.

When he finally killed the thirteenth one, the rooster appeared with a furious gaze.

“Hey, good morning. You’re still not asleep yet?” Fatty greeted the rooster, then began to run.

Fatty ran as fast as he could in front of the trap, then carefully moved around it. The rooster behind him was no fool either. As a boss, it could naturally see through the trap, so it confidently spread its wings and kicked off against the ground, and begun to fly stably up into the air. Just as it moved over the trap, a thick and black pickaxe which had the stench of the earth smacked down on the rooster.

The rooster squawked furiously, then fell straight into the trap.

Fatty dug the trap with the rooster fitting into it in mind, so it was only slightly larger than the rooster’s body, allowing the rooster to spread its wings a little, but be unable to even turn around, much less flap its wings.

“Ha, kiddo, you want to fight me?” Fatty had a smug on his face as he held a strand of grass in his mouth. “What are you staring at? Come out if you can. C’mon, solo me.”

Cock-a-doodle… The rooster squawked pitifully, making a sound like a wolf’s howl in the night.

Fatty shuddered, and the strand of grass fell onto the ground.

“What are you shouting for. No matter how much you should, it’s… Ahhh, this is cheating!”

The body of the rooster in the trap glowed with a red light after its squawk, then actually leaped into the air, and towards Fatty.

“F*ck,” Fatty rolled backwards and managed to escape the fate of getting his face ruined. Meanwhile, the rooster also prepared to attack once again, but… only to find itself fall into another trap.

“Hehe, kiddo, I refuse to believe I can’t teach you a lesson. I’m telling you, I already dug eight pits here. You can take turns sleeping in each one,” Fatty said proudly, and swung Blacksmith’s Tool down. “Squawk again. Let’s see if you can jump out.”

The rooster was truly furious, and begun to grow insane. It repeatedly squawked, and dashed, but was unable to do anything against Fatty’s tiny pickaxe. What’s more, since Fatty didn’t exactly have the cleanest mouth, the rooster finally let out a grudging squawk, then fell dead from anger, leaving a pile of items behind.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have slain the twice mutated boss – Furious Rooster. Reputation +50.


System Notification: Congratulations. You created the skill “Trap". Reputation +10, Experience +100. Current Mastery Level: 1/100.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have reached Level 2.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have reached Level 3.

Four system notifications sounded out by Fatty’s ear.

“It died just like that? I still have one more move that I haven’t used…” Fatty was not satisfied at all. “Created a skill though? Not bad, not bad, but why did it only give me experience, and not cash? Oh huh? The boss actually gave me five hundred something experience. That’s value right there. Let’s take a look at the drops.”
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