Shokugeki no Souma: Womanizing Chef
14 Kidnapped last par
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Shokugeki no Souma: Womanizing Chef
Author :Kairyiou
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14 Kidnapped last par

All processes stopped in Erina's mind as she couldn't think of a quick enough answer. In that space of time, Inner Erina decided to take over, to try to salvage the problem.

Erina's eyes changed as a different sort of glint appeared in her eye, as well as the direction of her cowlicks. Instead of turning up, they curled downwards, as Inner Erina made herself known. [Inner Erina shall be called Elina, to differentiate]

"Hisako-chan~ stop annoying me!" Elina pouted, stamping her foot as she pouted. Hisako sighed. She had dealt with Elina too in the past.

"Elina-sama, please. Stop with the nonsense and please let me take care of this man for you." Hisako pleaded as she made a move.

In a blur, Elina toppled Hisako over, having quickly tripped Hisako, simultaneously bringing her hands around her arm, twisting it over her back.

As the two fell, Elina quickly repositioned herself on top of Hisako, pinning her down while periodically twisting her arm upwards.

"E-Elina-sama! Please, regain your bearings! It's uncouth of you to behave like this!" Hisako cried from beneath. Elina smirked mischievously, still pinning the girl beneath her.

"My my, Hisako-chan~, you've been more insistent around me… do you like me? Hi-sa-ko-chan?" Elina spoke near her ear, her hot breath tickling Hisako's ear.

"Kyu!~" Hisako gave an erotic response, making Elina giggle.

"I suppose that you play for the other team… I bet you're feeling happy being under me, ne?" Elina said throatily as Hisako moaned. It didn't help her case, as Elina was the more open of the two ojou-sama's that she served.

Hisako idly noted the double entendre that Elina used while trying to worm her way out of Elina's grasp.

"Hoh? You've been moving around under me for a while, Hisako-chan. Do I make you feel… horny?" A gasp was Hisako's response. Elina playfully nibbled on Hisako's ear, making her unconsciously moan as her teeth sent a pleasant feeling through her nerves.

It was when Elina decided to end Hisako's movements by licking her ear that all activity stopped. Hisako passed out, as evidence by the small trail of blood coming out of her nose.

Elina released her hold on Hisako, her slumped body looking like she was murdered, as a puddle of blood accumulated on the carpet. Elina sighed.

"A shame. I wished I could've played with her some more…" Elina remarked, before a few maids dropped from the ceiling tiles, dragging Hisako back to her room, a trail of blood following her.

"Tch, I'll get someone to clean that up later. For now…" Elina's eyes snapped to Soma's sleeping form. With a giddy expression, she launched herself onto the bed, slipping under the covers as she hugged Soma.

"Mine… you're all mine." Elina spoke with a slightly deranged expression, caressing Soma's face. "No one can have you, I won't allow it! Elina Nakiri wills it so!"
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