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Shift! The Side-Character Heroine

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Updates:Chapter 431: The Power of Realism

An introverted girl has had enough of the isolation inadvertently formed by her self-imposed isolation. Things changed when she discovers that she has the ability to transverse across the fabric of our universe into the dimensions of multiple storylines. Not only do these storylines leave her with invaluable lessons – they also impart a portion of their power – if she is deserving of it. The time has come for Zhao Youyue to change her fate. She will be a Side-Character, or perhaps…something more! 变身路人女主
《Shift! The Side-Character Heroine》 Text
Chapter 1: Side Character
Chapter 2: Trashy Web Novelist
Chapter 3: Realization
Chapter 4: Welcome Newbie
Chapter 5: Peace of Mind
Chapter 6: Learning Makes Me Happy
Chapter 7: School Environment
Chapter 8: Characteristics
Chapter 9: Solving Question
Chapter 10: Doujinshi Mangaka
Chapter 11: She Was Always Studying
Chapter 12: Ways to Bow Out
Chapter 13: Conception of A Daring Idea
Chapter 14: Looking For A Helper
Chapter 15: Zhao Youyue? Non-existent
Chapter 16: Deal is Done
Chapter 17: It’s not a Total Loss This Time
Chapter 18: Refusal
Chapter 19: The Added Character Background Settings
Chapter 20: Very Interesting
Chapter 21: Misfortune
Chapter 22: Invincible
Chapter 23: She Would Be Safe
Chapter 24: Caught Off Guard
Chapter 25: Playful Daughter
Chapter 26: Weekend Happiness
Chapter 27: Captive Minds
Chapter 28: Great Divergence
Chapter 29: Nothing As Promising As The Old Veteran
Chapter 30: The illness faced by every author
Chapter 31: Darkened
Chapter 32: A person who had few words but acted violently
Chapter 33: An escape from the Solar System
Chapter 34: Paintbrush is Outta Control
Chapter 35: Carried Away
Chapter 36: Scumbag Hero
Chapter 37: Kanashimi no Mukou e
Chapter 38: Perfect Ending
Chapter 39: Keeping the Fame and Reputation Hidden
Chapter 40: AMWAYing Aggressively
Chapter 41: Simply Marvelous
Chapter 42: Act on Her Own
Chapter 43: Full of Positive Energy
Chapter 44: A Strong Anticipation
Chapter 45: Why Had It Turned Out to be This Way?
Chapter 46: Nothing to Live for
Chapter 47: There is Such a Trick?
Chapter 48: Character Card
Chapter 49: Studying is Fun
Chapter 50: Fall in Love with Xu Jing
Chapter 51: I’m Innocent
Chapter 52: I’ve Never Met Such a Shameless Person
Chapter 53: Youyue, the God of Tycoons
Chapter 54: Appointment
Chapter 55: Semester Finals
Chapter 56: Self-satisfaction
Chapter 57: I Was Comforting Her
Chapter 58: A New Literary World
Chapter 59: Esports Players Need No Girlfriend
Chapter 60: The Low Profile Author
Chapter 61: A Creation of Great Potential
Chapter 62: The Braggart King
Chapter 63: Unreachable
Chapter 64: Wearing a Ponytail
Chapter 65: Just like Xu Jing
Chapter 66: Zhao Youyue’s Suggestion
Chapter 67: The Enthusiastic Su Li
Chapter 68: Culinary Skills
Chapter 69: I Wouldn’t...
Chapter 70: Best Dinner Ever
Chapter 71: Bring Out the Big Gun
Chapter 72: Blonde Loser
Chapter 73: Rosemary’s Regret
Chapter 74: Tycoon Youyue , Let me Hug Your Leg!
Chapter 75: Female Side Character Comes Online
Chapter 76: So Much to Complain!
Chapter 77: The Charm of Genderbent
Chapter 78: Yu Shengfan, GET OUT of “The Strongest King”!
Chapter 79: The Final Struggle
Chapter 80: Setting up the First Ability
Chapter 81: Completed the Character Setting
Chapter 82: Mocking Others with Style
Chapter 83: Hateful comments!
Chapter 84: Proactive Provocation!
Chapter 85: Heart-piercer
Chapter 86: Overpowered
Chapter 87: Female Character with Soul
Chapter 88: Impressive!
Chapter 89: Turn the Rotten into a Wonder
Chapter 90: Full of Praises
Chapter 91: Insist on No Couple
Chapter 92: Soaring Attentions
Chapter 93: Considering an Earlier Exit
Chapter 94: High Popularity Character Card
Chapter 95: Character Impression
Chapter 96: Which Choices to be Made?
Chapter 97: New Character Card, Gotcha!
Chapter 98: Failed Authors Promoting Themselves
Chapter 99: Face of Enjoyment
Chapter 100: Miraculous Confidence
Chapter 101: The God was Envious of The Genius
Chapter 102: Cleared Thoughts
Chapter 103: Squabble
Chapter 104: The Game was Set!
Chapter 105: Substitute player Yu Shengfan?
Chapter 106: The Sword Set the World Alight!
Chapter 107: Gaming was Meaningless
Chapter 108: Delaying updates
Chapter 109: Flattering Zhao Youyue
Chapter 110: Greetings to Rosemary
Chapter 111: Giving Her Bento because Loving Her
Chapter 112: Zhao Youyue’s Modest Style
Chapter 113: Irreversible fate
Chapter 114: Little Fish’s Glorious Moment
Chapter 115: A Climatic Battle
Chapter 116: Tombstone at The Northern Sea
Chapter 117: Trending Book List of Zhao Youyue
Chapter 118: Zhao Youyue, played for a fool
Chapter 119: Curse you Rosemary, bring my Yu Shengfan back!
Chapter 120: Acquired an Iconic Character Card!
Chapter 121: The Harem of Zhao Youyue
Chapter 122: Steady as She Goes
Chapter 123: Zhao Youyue Dreams of Becoming an Empress
Chapter 124: Where’s your Motherf*cking Italian Artillery?
Chapter 125: Little Girls Have to Be War Heroes Too
Chapter 126: Time to Rush Home for some binge-watching
Chapter 127: A crazy character setting
Chapter 128: Destroying the drama’s world overnight!
Chapter 129: How Did This End up in the Script?
Chapter 130: The Grand Finale
Chapter 131: A Creator’s Gratitude
Chapter 132: Watching a Godly Film with the Family
Chapter 133: The Grand Finale was Enjoyable
Chapter 134: Overnight Fame
Chapter 135: An Unexpected Accomplishment
Chapter 136: Finally Aware of Your Mediocrity?
Chapter 137: Sometimes, Zhao Youyue is not herself
Chapter 138: She used to be a champion
Chapter 139: Alcohol and Stories
Chapter 140: Yu Shengfan must not be buried!
Chapter 141: There can be no Yu Shengfan IRL (In Real Life)!
Chapter 142: Let the truth speak for itself
Chapter 143: Prerequisites for live-streaming
Chapter 144: Elite scholar mode on!
Chapter 145: Lucky and Unfortunate
Chapter 146: Ranked first in the entire school
Chapter 147: Playing solo from bottom rank
Chapter 148: He heard this voice before!
Chapter 149: A Suffocating Operation
Chapter 150: A New Literary World
Chapter 151: Juvenile Literature
Chapter 152: A High School Comedy
Chapter 153: This is dog food? Well, let me have a bite
Chapter 154: The girl who has been blessed by the God of Music
Chapter 155: She could give up everything
Chapter 156: Goddess character settings completed!
Chapter 157: Totally Gap Moe
Chapter 158: Han Leng in “Inspired Mode”
Chapter 159: Pretending to be the female author “Leng Zi”
Chapter 160: A beautiful misunderstanding
Chapter 161: It feels great to be Chu Luoxun
Chapter 162: Zhao Youyue wants to become a “Big V [1]”
Chapter 163: Miss Youyue and the Female Author, Leng Zi
Chapter 164: Zhao Youyue’s Victory
Chapter 165: The Inability To Escape from This Indulgence
Chapter 166: A Fangirl of Chu Luoxun
Chapter 167: The perfect opening
Chapter 168: All hail the big boss, Zhao Youyue
Chapter 169: Acknowledgement
Chapter 170: An Extremely High Rating
Chapter 171: Parting Ways
Chapter 172: Trauma
Chapter 173: First Time Performing on Stage Together
Chapter 174: Again!
Chapter 175: A Perfect Counterattack
Chapter 176: Zhao Youyue’s Suggestion
Chapter 177: The True Usage of The Character Card
Chapter 178: Streaming the Whaling Card Game
Chapter 179: There is Nothing In This World That Money Can’t Buy
Chapter 180: A Tranquil broadcaster
Chapter 181: Zhao Youyue, the expert gamer
Chapter 182: Onward to Fame
Chapter 183: Conflicts have started emerging
Chapter 184: Had a New Sweetheart
Chapter 185: The Voice Actor Candidate of “Yu Shengfan.”
Chapter 186: Ye Hai Was Secretly In Touch With the Female Douyu Streamer
Chapter 187: What A Coincidence
Chapter 188: Inviting the Missy Out
Chapter 189: Resonance Among Creators
Chapter 190: Various Speculations
Chapter 191: The Demeanor of a Missy
Chapter 192: It Was You For Sure
Chapter 193: You’re definitely Chosen!
Chapter 194: Flattering Lady Zhao
Chapter 195: Zhao Youyue who was mistaken as ‘Xu Jing’
Chapter 196: Let’s donate to Zhao Youyue
Chapter 197: Walking Out From Turbulent Puberty
Chapter 198: A Plot That Deviates from The Original Idea
Chapter 199: Sweet
Chapter 200: I Have Someone That I Like
Chapter 201: Han Leng’s growth
Chapter 202: Finally, something happened to Goddess Chu
Chapter 203: Fate
Chapter 204: Leaving the Sadness to Myself
Chapter 205: Even the Creator Himself Sheds Tears!
Chapter 206: Her Laughter and Happiness
Chapter 207: The Passionate Great Mangaka Su
Chapter 208: The First Blade
Chapter 209: The Life-threatening Sorrow after Sweetness
Chapter 210: Forever Remembering Her Weeping
Chapter 211: It was all the fault of the deceiving Mangaka, Su Li!
Chapter 212: Su Li Is Dumbfounded
Chapter 213: It’s not my fault!
Chapter 214: On this day, people finally remembered……
Chapter 215: It is best to follow your feelings
Chapter 216: An Interesting Disagreement
Chapter 217: A Situation Happened, due to a Leave Application
Chapter 218: Good grades are Everything
Chapter 219: Goddess Zhao Youyue
Chapter 220: The Competition Begins
Chapter 221: Gorgeous Appearance!
Chapter 222: Reality is not a Novel
Chapter 223: Got Her Wish
Chapter 224: Desk Mate Has Been Swapped Out
Chapter 225: Don’t Step Over This Military Demarcation Line!
Chapter 226: Unable to Speak A Word
Chapter 227: Zhao Youyue, The Representative of the top students
Chapter 228: How To Be As Presentable As You?
Chapter 229: Zhao Youyue receives a love letter
Chapter 230: The time to exit has come
Chapter 231: Revealing himself
Chapter 232: If She Ends up Dead, He Will Apologize by Cross-dressing!
Chapter 233: A Beautiful Lie
Chapter 234: Performing for Her
Chapter 235: The Awakened Heroine
Chapter 236: The Wings of An Angel
Chapter 237: I Chose to Face the Suffering and Frustration with Hope and Optimism
Chapter 238: Song of the Spirit
Chapter 239: It Has Come to the End
Chapter 240: Remorse and self-blaming
Chapter 241: Modifying the ending
Chapter 242: Cross-dress as an apology
Chapter 243: Lady Zhao got berated
Chapter 244: The big ending is released
Chapter 245: The cunning fabricator Su Li has been deceived
Chapter 246: Iconic character card has been successfully obtained!
Chapter 247: There is no need to worry about being deceived anymore
Chapter 248: It is now time to showcase my true skills
Chapter 249: Fresh Campus
Chapter 250: The Form of a Heroine
Chapter 251: Do You Think That You are Chu Luoxun?
Chapter 252: A Miraculous Music
Chapter 253: Unbelievable
Chapter 254: Why don’t you just act as your own girlfriend, if you don’t have one?
Chapter 255: Time to put some pressure
Chapter 256: Declining his Confession Euphemistically
Chapter 257: The Quarrel Amongst the “Aestheticians.”
Chapter 258: Let Actions do the Talking
Chapter 259: Becoming One
Chapter 260: Wife and Lover
Chapter 261: A Time to Relax
Chapter 262: Continuation
Chapter 263: I treated you like a brother, but you...
Chapter 264: Choosing to forgive "her"
Chapter 265: Live streaming while the Chu Luoxun card is activated
Chapter 266: A voice that conquers everything
Chapter 267: Steady Ascension
Chapter 268: Second Year of High School Begins
Chapter 269: Zhao Youyue’s Velvety Long Hair
Chapter 270: Old Grievances
Chapter 271: New Deskmates
Chapter 272: Hating Each Other
Chapter 273: Such a Mischievous Person
Chapter 274: A Righteous Partner
Chapter 275: An Unexpected New World!
Chapter 276: The Acceptance of such a Setting…...
Chapter 277: I can Release Ultimate Skills!
Chapter 278: A Silly, Yet Cute Female Character
Chapter 279: Specialized Goofball
Chapter 280: Human and Car Combined, Crows taking Flight!
Chapter 281: Obtained a High Popularity Character Card
Chapter 282: Waiting for Lady Zhao to Make a Joke of Herself
Chapter 283: Surprising “Bad News”
Chapter 284: Defending against an Injustice
Chapter 285: I’m Not Worrying About You
Chapter 286: Is Lady Zhao Really Here to Race?
Chapter 287: This Makes no Sense!
Chapter 288: Dark Horse
Chapter 289: In The Face of Absolute Strength
Chapter 290: Change in attitude
Chapter 291: Anime Release of “The Strongest King”
Chapter 292: Rigid Stability
Chapter 293: From an Anti-Fan to a Pro-Fan
Chapter 294: Climbing to the Top of the National Server
Chapter 295: The Livestreamer Ah Yu is the voice actress!
Chapter 296: Commenters Convene
Chapter 297: Weibo Interaction
Chapter 298: Continue making trouble
Chapter 299: Analyze and Interpret
Chapter 300: A Niche Among the Niches
Chapter 301: A Game of Nurturing
Chapter 302: Matters Related to Doujin Work
Chapter 303: Possessing The Heroine For The First Time
Chapter 304: Eternal Mystery
Chapter 305: Guaranteed to Satisfy you, my Lady!
Chapter 306: Doujin Goddess
Chapter 307: The final moment of happiness
Chapter 308: Posting the Illustration on Weibo
Chapter 309: The Author Who Succumbed to Disease
Chapter 310: An Incomplete Work that Would Never Leave the Palace
Chapter 311: News of Her Death
Chapter 312: Candlelit Virgil
Chapter 313: A Preposterous Allegation!
Chapter 314: Weak Refutation
Chapter 315: Party Host
Chapter 316: Inspection
Chapter 317: Continues Carrying the Pan
Chapter 318: Beethoven Virus
Chapter 319: Comforting the Fans
Chapter 320: The World of Music in Spring
Chapter 321: A Leisurely Play
Chapter 322: Almighty Love Letter
Chapter 323: A Female High School Student
Chapter 324: On Headline!
Chapter 325: New Year's Eve Party Commences
Chapter 326: The brilliant sparkling female protagonist
Chapter 327: Not So Simple
Chapter 328: Upsurge of Passion
Chapter 329: She Came to The 3D World
Chapter 330: A Successful End
Chapter 331: Praise
Chapter 332: Making Friends
Chapter 333: Sockpuppet Exposed!
Chapter 334: My Wife, Ah Yu
Chapter 335: Various worships
Chapter 336: Real mother
Chapter 337: Face Reveal!
Chapter 338: God of Tycoons appear
Chapter 339: Most Popular of Them ALL!
Chapter 340: Protective Cousin
Chapter 341: Remarkable
Chapter 342: Goddess of The Nation
Chapter 343: Nothing to Worry About
Chapter 344: Confirming the Direction to the next Literary World
Chapter 345: Blinded
Chapter 346: Temperament of a Lady
Chapter 347: A Display of Skill
Chapter 348: Bumptious
Chapter 349: Unknown background
Chapter 350: A Novel with no Protagonists
Chapter 351: “Bakuman”
Chapter 352: Selecting a Title
Chapter 353: Iconic scholarly female character setting
Chapter 354: Preparation before Approach
Chapter 355: A Hidden Bigshot Internal Manager
Chapter 356: Obtaining a Side-Character Role
Chapter 357: A Successful Entry into a New World
Chapter 358: Blazing Female Scholar
Chapter 359: I Am Ready
Chapter 360: Disbeliever of Curses
Chapter 361: The Illustration has been Uploaded
Chapter 362: A Fan of Novel Characters
Chapter 363: Ghostwriting Exposed!
Chapter 364: Well-Deserved Reputation
Chapter 365: Let's Break Up
Chapter 366: A Slight Mishap
Chapter 367: Helping Hand
Chapter 368: Attitude Remains the Same
Chapter 369: As Long As You Are Happy
Chapter 370: The Liberty of a Servant
Chapter 371: The Fourth Iconic Character Card
Chapter 372: Su Li is the stable one
Chapter 373: Eating Books in Reality
Chapter 374: Spiritual Book Eating?
Chapter 375: Independent Bookstore
Chapter 376: The Demeanor of a Scholarly Girl
Chapter 377: Photographed in a Supercar
Chapter 378: Gossip
Chapter 379: Not to be Messed With
Chapter 380: Return to the Life of the Ordinary
Chapter 381: Where Has the School Flower Gone?
Chapter 382: The malignant tumor, Scholar Zhao Youyue
Chapter 383: Your Little Cutie, Zhao Youyue
Chapter 384: Mutual Respect
Chapter 385: The Good Old Days
Chapter 386: A Familiar Person
Chapter 387: Not an Ordinary Person
Chapter 388: Writing a Love Letter in Person
Chapter 389: A Bright, New Look
Chapter 390: Zhao Youyue’s Choice of Her Maiden Novel
Chapter 391: All Talk and No Write...
Chapter 392: Talking Literature
Chapter 393: The Two Dimensional Gate Opens Up Again
Chapter 394: New World of Web Novel
Chapter 395: Super Evil Creator
Chapter 396: A Good, Relaxing Life
Chapter 397: The Selection of a Female Character
Chapter 398: Breaking The “No Animal Training in China” Paradox
Chapter 399: A Passerby and Contingent Worker
Chapter 400: Feeling Like a Cat
Chapter 401: Little Youyue Failed, Big Time
Chapter 402: On the Hunt for “Stop Gambling”
Chapter 403: Give Me Some Face
Chapter 405: Walking Onto The Right Path
Chapter 406: My Lady has Arrived
Chapter 407: No Shortcomings From this Lady
Chapter 408: Successfully Obtained a High Popularity Character Card
Chapter 409: Equivalent Exchange
Chapter 410: Youyue Meow is now Online
Chapter 411: Kitty Maid Costume
Chapter 412: Moe Point
Chapter 413: To Initially be Attracted to One’s Appearance, but To Fall For One’s Talents After
Chapter 414: Intense vividity!
Chapter 415: Iconic Spiritual World
Chapter 416: A World Full of Trouble Seekers
Chapter 417: A Familiar Face
Chapter 418: Inspiration Transmitter
Chapter 419: Awakening
Chapter 420: I Want Nothing More Than To Leave This Place
Chapter 421: The Invincible Passerby Character
Chapter 422: A Considerable Load of Information
Chapter 423: Getting in touch with the Female Ghost
Chapter 424: Roasted Pork
Chapter 425: The Truth
Chapter 426: Watching Horror Movies Back in the Real World
Chapter 427: 100% Real
Chapter 428: Watching the Movie Together
Chapter 429: Everything Was Done to Gather Materials
Chapter 430: Tremble
Chapter 431: The Power of Realism