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185 185. Chit chat with the Taskmaster

She just calmly looked at him while no emotions were shown or her face. This kind of reaction was quite strange. He expected her to rage a bit in fury but she just blinked and waited for the task.

They looked at each other under the stunned eyes of people and then she rose one eyebrow and gave him a cute smile. ''Taskmaster must have lived really long time.''

The expression on his face froze as the glint of surprize flashed. What is she planning? ''I did.''

''Considering your life as something long, you must feel really bored to bother with us, small worthless cultivators.'' Her smile became brighter and somehow her headmaster had a really bad feeling about it. But he was no the only one.

Taskmaster had suddenly some strange feeling like something was crawling up his spine from that cute smile. ''I am not. I just do what is my duty.'' He was about to say more but realized already his blunder. She got him there.

Suddenly he changed his expression and started laughing. ''Fine, fine...you are a really little fox. I don't care. I will do as I promised. Let's see. The stuff you took with you... Hmmm. Make enough food to feed all of your friends for the next five years. That is your task. The appointed food will be sent to them whenever you are ready. Choose your skills.''

''Water, plant, earth.'' As soon she finished her words she disappeared leaving everyone amazed.

They never heard that someone got such a strange task. Feed all her companions? They are not many but not little as well. How should she do that? But the headmaster of grounding fairy sect exhaled in relief and that is something the Taskmaster caught.

He pointed at him. ''You, stay. Rest go home. Come back in five years.''

Everyone turned around while Headmaster floated down leisurely towards him. Taskmaster stared at him and then scrunched his eyebrows. ''Is grounding fairy one of those children? If she is and dies, wait... your group won't die no matter what. You are truly lucky, aren't you? Overlord Fan.'' 

Headmaster just smiled at him lightly and nodded. ''Lord Kir. Your father sent you to be Taskmaster this time? We are not sure it is a new grounding fairy born. They are many that have the ability to become one. That is the reason I never reported it. You know my duty is to help this generation of cultivators in the hope that one of them can go to our world. But how long was it since one of them was born? Thousand years or more?''

Taskmaster snorted. ''Your wife is the youngest grounding fairy. You know how old she is. And how busy she is. It is indeed time for her to slow down to give tasks to the next generation. Stop playing around children and find a way to see if one of these is grounding fairy.'' Lord Kir was quite annoyed.

He liked the grounding fairy but she worked so hard to make new worlds that she had no time for them all. When her husband is around she would stop working for a few centuries so his father would send him away for some time so she could finish what she started. 

They need a new grounding fairy so she could help out and let current grounding fairy have some time to relax. It is about time. They all had their duties but looking at how this Overlord is playing around in the 5th world for this long it made him go crazy.

Overlord Fan just narrowed his eyes. ''You should stop looking with those eyes at my wife or I might dig them out. Don't even think I don't know your feelings.''

Lord Kir just sighed. ''I do like her, but not the way your dirty mind points at it. She is a likable person. Not such stiff stone-like yourself. Too bad, she met you. If she met someone like my father who has a caring personality... Sigh.''

Overlord Fan was now stunned and started laughing. ''Do you think he didn't try? He did, but she still chose meeeee.'' He sounded childish as he laughed loudly. But then he turned serious. 

''I know your father like my wife, but she would never accept sharing husband with other women. Somehow I have a feeling that you are different from your father. If you wish to marry grounding fairy and not simply grown fairy cultivator, you must kick that kind of thing our your head. Real grounding fairies have no time to worry about their husband's libido. That is why they are very possessive. If I even had the smallest fluttering feeling towards cultivator females, she would be able to feel it. That moment the world you know will turn into something wicked. Its never good to make grounding fairy angry. And to tell you the truth. I willingly connected my soul to hers so she could have full control over me when I am not around. I do not mind it at all...'' His happy expression showed Lord Kir his true feelings.

He nodded while he looked at the fallen petals of the blooming trees. ''In my father's yard there are so many fairies, but his heart is actually not really holding any of them. From all those women only two women could give birth to children. I am one of the children and the other one got angry when he was younger and escaped to the other world. But he always is looking for him. He cares for me and my mother but the strange thing is he loves my brother but hates his mother to the boon. No idea why. I never could find out...hey, what spell did you use to make me speak this much?''

Overlord Fan rolled his eyes at him. ''Its called trust in the human world. You know that I am not interested in your household affairs or the powers you people think have. About that woman... You stay away from her. You are quite powerful, but against her even I would have my problems fighting her. Her background is to hard to comprehend, when your brother comes back, ask him. I am sure he will tell you the truth.'' 

Lord Kir nodded and then looked towards the tiny point not far away from them. Its the split in space. Or the gate towards the new world. He was curious but was forbidden to enter. Only the cultivators of this world could do it. But if they do not do the way they should, if they don't consider great Dao. 

Suddenly the small girl's face appeared in front of his eyes. ''That child is interesting. But why is she still in the child's body? Why is she still hiding?'' He looked curiously at the headmaster waiting for his answer.

Overlord Fan just turned around. ''No idea. There is nothing I can say to her to make her change her mind. If you are curious, wait here for five years and you will know.''

While leaving on his ship he once again turned around and saw the young man silently looking at the invisible gate. ''It seems this will be interesting. Kendra, will you let this kind of man escape from your hands? He is similar to me. But is he fated to be together with you? Or is it his brother?''

There are many great families, but when their women get pregnant they can see tiny pieces of their fate. He found out she will be connected to that family by fate. But who is it, this boy or that idiot?''

He really hoped it's not him. That child's mother is really a piece of work. Seriously...