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After she disappeared there was a big ruckus in the realm. Red Devil was awakened and everyone started making questions about what happened.  They waited but days passed, weeks passed, years passed, nothing was changing.

The big clans relaxed. The great elder of the grounding clan was just awake and was teaching relaxed his students. From time to time he would send some of them to some competitions and that was it.

His appearance was always otherworldly. His red hair and red eyes were unique features. He would sit at competitions quite comfortable and just eat some snakes and drink some tea. 

He would reward those that win and those that lost he would just ignore. He never punished any other of his students since he killed those that didn't listen to his orders.

His days were filled with cold smiles and indifference.

On the other hand, Kendra was in her own space in the cultivation room sitting on a comfortable pillow and cultivating. For years now she concentrated to refill her pear of powers as she almost emptied it last time.

One day she could feel her pearl growing stronger and when she was about to burst from all the gathered power she rose in boundaries. 

Finally, she broke through. After feeling those people's powers she realized that she needed more.

What she didn't know was that those people were born with extreme powers and were schooled by the grand elder himself. That is the reason they became full of themselves and were filled with arrogance. But after some thinking, she realized killing them is unreasonable as well. It's not like they tried to kill the people themselves. They just ignored the situation in their arrogance as it was anyway not their world. Like small children acting unreasonably because there was no one to show them the way to goodness and compassion. 

Last few years she killed many, but this time she chose to kill only those that really deserve it. Those people she will let live, but those that ground the continents and murdered millions of different kinds of lives, she need to find those. The third island is waiting for them. 

She was in deep thought when she came out so the whole situation with Isaa and Cian made her just freeze in spot for quite some time. She was about to get angry at Lais but just gave up. What else could she have expected if she let Lais be close to this child? So she just closed her eyes for a moment and then just pointed the finger in front of her.

''Lais, here.'' She smiled at her but her smile still had thinge of strangeness so Lais had really no wish to go in front of her. ''Or do you really want me to go there?''

Lais froze and then sighed. With shaky legs, she stood in front of Kendra and watched her expression. But all she felt was poke on her forehead. ''I said to watch over her. I know you have some perverted brain and think about boobies. For a while, I even thought you like more females than males. If there was not Tassio I would definitely just have sent you to the demon continent and would lock any transportation portal so you wouldn't be able to enter. Woman, what is actually in that head of yours?''

Lais blinked at her and then stared at Isaa. ''I didn't even do that. It was your aunt.''

Now was turned to Kendra to be surprised. ''Auntie died that? Why?''

''It all started with jokes about the two of them. They grow up last year quite a lot and are hanging around each other. So your aunt said when her boobs are big enough she will get permission to get married, but not before. Since then this child started comparing her boobs with anyone else...'' She tried to get out of this mess as it was not her fault.

''OH aunt... what kind of reason is that? Isaa, Cian come here.'' She knew for a long time that they would be together anyway. Isaa grew fast when she was cultivating for years in the cultivation room before Kendra entered. Now again years passed but somehow she couldn't handle such big change on Isaa. She really grew, beautifully.

Isaa stood in front of her and now was taller than her for quite some hight. Her appearance when she was a child was already cute and now she was beautifully stunning. Cian turned into a burly man like his uncle and was strikingly handsome with his chiseled face and sheep smile. But something was strange around them. They seem to be like two magnets that rejected each other.

''You two have no plan to marry right?'' She was straight with her answer.

Isaa sighed and looked at Cian. ''When I was younger I would hang around him every day. But as we grew up and started talking more to each other we realized both that we like each other more like siblings than like man and woman. I do wish to marry one day, but who will it be I am not sure yet.''

Cian patted her head and turned his eyes towards Kendra. ''When I was younger all I dreamt was to become strong enough to be worthy of her. But later on, I realized I was competing with her. Ridiculous, right? When I realized she had absolutely no feelings for me as a man I let go of my feelings as well. Now we choose to be siblings forever. Actually, there is someone who I am interested in, but have no idea how to handle the situation. Sigh...''

Kendra gave him a small smile while looking at astonished expressions of all the people that stood silently around. ''So who is it?''

He turned his head and stared at Hela that stood there with red cheeks and was averting her eyes from the burning glances Cian sent her. 

Kendra understood and just chuckled but didn't want to comment. It seems her wish came true. Cian had bit reddish ears as well as he stood in front of her so she just patted his hand and passed him to greet everyone.

''Mother, father I am here.'' SHe got hugged cuddled and suddenly loud yelp could be heard behind her. She turned her head and saw a small girl rushing towards her while her aunt Alicia strolled with her husband hand in hand towards them.

''Mine, Kendra is mine!'' She jumped up like a small cat and hugged her like a panda bears not letting her go.

''Aella?'' Kendra sighed. The time that passed she didn't change much, but humans are different. even those that have powers. If you don't reach the upper boundary you will age just as anyone else and die as a normal human. 

But many Elementalists choose that as they had no wish to leave this world. They found this world miraculous enough to live inside.

''Finally, you are out there. Now I can hug you.'' Aella was since she started talking always asking for Kendra. When is she coming, when is she going out of the cultivation room, when... like a chant every morning.

''I am sorry Kendra, but this child the second she found out you will be out the cultivation room soon sat on her cloud and swished over here. No one can stop her.'' Alicia Alexandra was now the current Ruler of the new world. 

Before it was Tassio and Masala. They plan to give rule to the world to anyone who showed himself worthy. The world was now peaceful. The demon race had their continent, the dragon race had their mountains and human race had their part. The ancients had their part of the world reserved if they choose to live here. But thinking about new possibilities she chooses to make few more landmasses far from these continents. Just in case there are more races that want to live here.

Her space became now boundless. She extended it unimaginably creating a world for itself. And with that the magical stuff started happening. On new and old continents spirit veins appeared alone. New creatures, new life forms formed as well and new plants started appearing without her direct planting. 

She realized that it is matter of evolution. Her own in the first place. This world will evolve as much she evolves as well.

In her mind, new ideas started getting planed and her eyes passed those in front of her. With smile, she just walked outside while holding Aella and looked at the world she created with shine in her eyes.

Soon it will be just like she wished. Soon...