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She transmigrated and started different life
Author :JennyS
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170 170. Free again

Kendra stared at the person inside while that person stared at Kendra as well with a frown on his face. 

''Who are you and who gave you permission to enter this carriage?'' The man sat there while holding two women in his hands, his clothes half open showing his nice proportions and his face avoid of any feeling.

Kendra blinked and wanted to say something but then furiously noticed something on that man.

The dog necklace made of gold and precious stones was around his neck and around his feet and hands were similar things. She smiled coldly and jumped out the carriage back on the man's stomach.

''You dare to do this to him. You damnable idiot really dare to do this?!!!'' She was so furious that her eyes started turning blood red.

Suddenly she felt something off. She saw the man jumping towards her with a sword in his hands trying to kill her. She just dodged as she had no wish to harm him in any way.

How should I stop him? How to take that thing off his neck? It seems to possess power of elementals inside. Maybe I can use it that way? But if I touch it and he dies it will be my mistake. I need to find a way...fast...

Tassio and rest were stunned by the sudden surge of the situation and just stood there not doing anything. They knew that she could destroy this person in a wave of the hand but she dodged his attacks while staring at his neck.

Tassio remembered something. ''The chains of devotion'' He whispered.

Kendra heard him and as she used step by step to pull him out the crowd, she at the same time gave Tassio time to remember about it. 

While Kendra pulled him back the man on the floor woke up and saw the man rushing after Kendra and yelled. ''Come back, now!''

The man froze wanting to continue but something made him struggle and he changed his direction and he almost flew back to the man. 

The fat man was about to stand up when Lais just walked in front of him in a sensual way and hit his head with a swing of her foot, knocking him out again.

That man saw her action and rose his sword to attack her when a booming voice reached his ears. ''Marcus, stop!!!''

He scrunched his eyebrows and his body staggered while his sword fell into the mud. As the sword was swallowed by the mud his eys became sane for a moment and when he turned around and saw Kendra he wanted to say something.

But unfortunately that moment passed fast and his eyes turned cold and empty again. He looked at the spot where he dropped his sword and when he couldn't find it he just took one from one of the soldiers and stood next to the magister. It seems like he will protect him until death.

"Tassio, is there a way  to get rid off that thing?" 

"Yes. Someone needs to kiss him." 

Kendra flinched and gave him a strange smile. "Does it has to female?"

Her innocent expression made him step back as he gave a nervous chuckle.

"It has to be someone who really cares about him." That was a lie but he couldn't find another way to escape this situation.

"Then we need to let him be like this. There is anyway more to do behind the trail. Child, you spoke about monsters..." 

He got himself into this situation, letting him stay this way for a while longer is his own destiny.

She was about to leave when his face flinched and he started convulsing on the floor.

The magistrate chuckled while standing up. "Fool, always trying to fight these? Even those in the next firmament can't fight these, because this is how strong they are. If you continue fighting it you will just harm yourself and loose completely your powers."

The smile on her lips became suddenly stiff and she turned her cold eyes towards him. ''It seems you misunderstood something. If I want to kill you, he won't be able to stop me as most of his powers are sealed as well withing that thing. You got yourself some nice guard, but that thing as it seems is good only to seal someone's powers. I tried him out now and except few tricks, he is nothing more than a strong warrior at the moment. You suppressing his powers is something that makes me want to shave some of your flesh and give to animals to eat. Should I do it?'' 

''You won't be able to pass him...'' But suddenly he saw Marcus falling unconscious down.

''I don't need to pass him. I will just knock him out. Did I tell you that, did I? He is now nothing more than mere peasant. You turned someone powerful into a heap of mortal bones. Instead of keeping him with his powers you choose to suppress them. Now he is no threat at all.'' She kicked his body lightly and he rolled in mud before stopping in front of the carriage.

''This is impossible. They told me that he will keep his powers and will be able to fight on my side. How did this happen?'' He was trembling in anger and fear.

She just smirked. ''These things are actually dangerous. At first it would look like they are fine and would turn someone into a servant, but actually they are used as a catalyst to drain the power from the person and transfer it to owner.''

''But I am his owner...'' Stutter could be heard from his trembling lips.

''You... are... stupid...'' She said every single word slowly.

''Do you even have powers? Of course, you don't... They used you just to get his powers and get free energy use. Every time he struggles he is actually fighting against their tries to drain his original powers. Now he is knocked out and I sealed his powers by it so they will soon show their faces. Right?'' She turned her head towards the carriage and two females jumped ut showing their half nacked and beautiful bodies.

''You seem to be quite smart, young one. I didn't know that on this plane were so many smart people. But even if you seal his powers we can use the necklace...'' She suddenly stopped while staring at the necklace that disappeared from his neck.

Suddenly the person on the floor moved and his hand went toward his head. ''Damn it. My head hurts. Those damn...'' His eye popped open and he jumped up seeing the face he didn't see for years.

''Kendra...'' He whispered but then saw her scanning his body in a bit grossed out manner. He looked down and saw his half-naked body covered with mud and dirt so he chuckled.

''You still hate dirty things. I understand.'' He just shook and whole mud went off and he just stood there sowing now his good proportioned upper torso. The girls had their shining eyes on him.

''How disgusting...'' was all Kendra said after seeing their expression.

He felt suddenly dirty again. The way she stared at them and then at his body felt confusing. Why does he have a sudden urge to hide his body from other people's eyes?

''Kendra I...'' He wanted to explain but she just turned around and started walking away. 

The way he was treated was first in his life. Usually, people would do anything for his favor, but this child... 

''That girl really has some guts.'' The girls chuckled and then sighed when saw him with open mouth.

''To bad. We almost had you. I really wouldn't mind having an offspring of yours. Too bad that girl found a way to get it of you. But if you like us, we could still...'' She winked at him, but seeing his expression turn dark she just chuckled and disappeared together with the other girl.

The magistrate was now literally shaking while staring at the man that was angry and was getting angrier by each passing moment.

''They made me do it, please don't kill me, please...'' He begged while kneeling in front of him.

Marcus just smiled. ''You turned me into a hopeless slave. I need you to pay for your dues. How should I do that? Hmmm.. I know...''

He waved his hand and all the carriages behind the magistrate disappeared. ''Now walk to the capital.''

He turned his head and saw the group of people rushing towards the back of the long line of people and cursed. ''Just use your powers. Why walking?''

But then he realized if she just flew over, he would be still slave... He just started running for the first time in many decades. ''Damn child. Making me run. But I will forgive you as you saved me...''

But sudden realization dawned upon his head. ''Did they say that child is a girl? No... There are other females in that group. Yes... It must be that way...''

He rushed again not realizing that everyone looked at him strangely as he actually said loudly those words. 

But when he arrived and saw the fight that was happening behind all those escaping people, he realized why she didn't use the powers...
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