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169 169. The trail

''Kendra please come by on your way back from demon lands.'' Asked the King and held Aella in her arms. 

''Don't worry auntie. I will definitely come back. Now since you have Blobby I am a bit more assured about your safety. In case something like this happens again I will go on a rampage through the country. It seems I should not hide anymore my powers. It makes me tired to hide it.'' 

It was really tiring. She is already this powerful and soon her plan will be achieved. Then she just needs...

She took Aella into her arms and kissed her little forehead while the girl that was just a couple days old started cheerfully giggling. These power children seem to be stronger and develop better if they are given a chance. 

As she floated away she turned one more time and waved her hand producing beautiful rainbow over the whole city. Rainbows always make people feel happier so she felt this was not a bad way to make people's hearts lighter after all that happened a few days ago.

''You and your ideas.'' Tassio glanced back at the beautiful features and realized one more thing. Over the whole town stood invisible shield but his fluctuations he could feel. 

He looked at her and she gave him just wink and flew forward towards the lands not many humans visited. The place not many people wanted to visit, we speak the truth.

The places they flew over were just tiny dots under their feet as they flew quite high in the sky. She put invisible protection on the whole group so even if someone looked up into the sky they wouldn't be able to see them.

Suddenly Kendra stopped and everyone looked down.

There was a long line of people that seemed to be running from something away. The people had just a few things in their hands and were rushing over the bridge of one river. 

''I am going down. We can show ourselves walking from that forest over there.'' She pointed at the forest not far away from the trail of people. 

They flew down and Kendra put now her official clothes from Celedon Valley. The one she would wear on official business so everyone was stunned and wondered what was her plan.

She slowly walked towards the people with calm expression but looking at their expression it seemed they feared them. 

They arrived at the people in front that stopped and didn't know anymore how to react. 

Kendra looked at them seriously and saw one older man sitting on carriage next to one good looking young man in good clothes. She turned her head and saw little girl walking next to the carriage while she wore nothing but a big shirt and a pair of straw shoes.

She walked towards them as they started shaking. Only the little girl looked at her with a smile.

Kendra bowed to take a closer look and asked. ''Arent you scared like others?''

The girl shook her head. ''They fear mostly those with big teeth but you seem to have small ones. And not only that, your clothes seem to be something special.''

Kendra blinked couple times. ''How special?''

The girl squints a bit. ''When I make my eyes like this I can see the special shine from the clothes. Somehow it feels comfortable.''

''The shine of the clothe smake you comfortable?'' Kendra chuckled and smiled at Lais. ''It seems we have a new student. Don't you find it peculiar that most power users we met so far were girls and not so many boys? It's really strange.''

Lais came forward and looked around. ''Who is the guardian of this child? Does it have parents?''

The old man laughed loudly. ''She is just mere orphan that we picked up along the way. Her parents were dead when we found her and we just took her with us.''

Kendra's cold smile made his laugh freeze on his lips. ''So did you burry their bodies? Did you provide the child with some care? Or did you think by her walking along was enough of your care?''

The young man stared the whole time at Kendra and then spoke. ''I gave her leftovers from our food. The clothes she wears are from us and she walking is not bad for her. It will make her stronger. ''

Kendra looked at the long line that had problems at the back and just furrowed her eyebrows. 

''Lais as this child doesn't belong to anyone we will take her with us. Let these bastards go or people behind might have trouble and get in an accident.'' Kendra patted childs head in passing and Lais just picked her up and walked to the back while the carriage in front just moved on.

People now sighed in relief as they realized that these are not enemies and just looked at them as they swiftly passed them.

Kendra had wished to just fly up and go to the back of the trail but had somehow feeling that she should not. 

''Noble, please don't kill me, please. I just wanted to give my little sister this piece of bread that you threw away.'' The young man held a small baby girl in his arms while two guards stood next to him and were about to stab him with their swords.

Tassio Swifty jumped towards those people and with a quick set of hits, he knocked out the guards and stood by the young man's side. 

The noble they spoke of was so big, literally huge man. At least two-meter tall and had at least 250-300 pounds on his body. When he saw his men being attacked he suddenly started screaming at Tassio.

''You damnable peasant. Do you know I am the left-hand magistrate of second treasury Collin Tehol the second? I am on my official way to the capital. Just for your interference, I can kill all your family. '' He had tens of his guards suddenly surrounding him and ready to attack.

''Who dares in our King's country to offend our ally, Great King of Dragon Caln Tassio KE?!'' Suddenly boomed young voice and under stunned eyes of the magistrate.

Collin Tehol smirked. ''And who are you, little worm? His majesty child?''

Kendra smiled brightly at his question making half of her friends step back in fear. ''You actually are not far from the truth. The King is my aunt. My name is Kendra of Caledon Valley Lord Cassians daughter.''

The man laughed loudly. ''Lord Cassian has a daughter but she is small baby of about ten years old. ''

''And me.'' Said Kendra while she stared at him directly.

''He has a son his name is... Kendra... Impossible. they told me its a son. You are lying!'' Said magistrate while turning red in the face.

Kendra shook her head. ''My father never said I am son. Many people are mistaken as I wear often boy clothes. But let's not talk about this. What did this man do to make you so furious to want to kill him?''

''Why? If you are really Kendra you would have done already something. But someone as powerful as that child cant is anyone. Don't make me mad to pretend.'' That man just had no idea that he is getting more and more on Knedras nerves.

Kendra just waved her hand and the man fainted falling straight with face into the mud. 

''Young man come here and bring that child to me.'' Said Tassio while Kendra started to stare at the carriage behind those fat man servants that tried to prop him up.

She walked straight to them and as they pulled him out mud she stopped on his head and stuffed it again back there as she used his body as a bridge over the dirt she hated so much.

They were stunned for a moment and wanted to grab her when they realized that their feet were stuck deeply in mud and they couldn't move. Magistrate suddenly stood up to gather some air as he almost choked in the mud, to fall backward and get stuck inside the mud again. 

At least this time he could breathe this time...

Lais couldn't hold it anymore and started laughing while holding the girl tightly. ''I am a sorry child but this is just too funny. Right?''

She even got hiccups from all the laughing making Tassio sigh. He waved his hand and soft light enveloped Lais stopping her hiccups. But laughter was not healable. 

He just shook his head and tended the small child that had as it seems lack of nutrition and was very weak. No wonder this young man did all to feed the child.

He stared at him and out his robe pulled one of the sandwiches Kendra gave him while ago. She somehow had a feeling that they will need to feed these people so she gave each one some sandwiches and they should give only to those that are in real need. For the baby, he gave some of the tea.

''Give small bits of bread and bit of tea. For now it will be enough, later on we will find her or milkmaid or maybe some other option. After I healed her body, she should be able to handle bread.''

The child was about two years old and should be able to eat it.

Lais took out a sandwich as well but gave her the one that contained bits of power. The child munched comfortably the sandwich and leaned her head on Lais's shoulder.

Not long after that, she fell asleep while still nibbling the bread. Tassio sighed. 

''She must have been really tired. If she is to heavy let me have her.'' He opened arms and wanted to pick up the child from Lais's arms but Lais shook her head.

''She is holding me tightly. It seems she feels comfortable in my arms. And she is light as a feather. Let her here, or she will wake up.'' She patted the child's body and let her rest on her shoulder. 

While they stood outside Kendra already jumped on the carriage and opened up. What she saw shocked her breath and made her speechless...