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She transmigrated and started different life
Author :JennyS
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168 168. Lais and Tassio

"Lais, would you please stop being so excited? We did track them down. But Kendra... " Tassio's tries went into the wind.

Lais was now in full battle mode. For so long she didn't fight with anyone so she feels now filled with energy

"Do you think they ate strong enough? If they are weak this battle will become boring." Her eyes turned glossy as she spoke.

Tassio slowly sighed. "Looking at the devastation the few made in the city, the rest should be rather strong. Kendra had no problem handling them, so about their powers, we can just assume."

"Oh please, Kendra is monster in a tiny frame. I asked our demons that lived for thousands of Yeats and they said such thing they never heard of." Lais was sure that Kendra's abilities were not only unusual, but they were also scary even for someone like elders of demon clans.

"But even tho she is so strong, I never felt that she has an evil thing in her. Humans never made me feel calm or completely trustworthy as they go back in their promise as their situation changes. But with her is somehow different."

Lais slowed down and flew together with him now while scanning with her eyes the surroundings.

"Kendra is different. The moment I met her I had that strange feeling deep inside me. It was warm, fuzzy and made me happy." She looked at Tassio as saw him looking at her with a strange expression.

"What?" She blinked not understanding why he is staring at her strangely.

"Ffffyzy feeling? Lais, she is a girl..." Tassio felt uncomfortable and jealous. Now she realized that he was not a little bit jealous, then quite a bit.

A Lais stared at him he tried to say a few more things but stopped himself and pressed his thin lips.

Lais knew now that he was actually pissed off and if she doesn't mend it now layer will be harder so she chuckled lightly. 

His attention went almost instantly towards her. Tassio frowned but waited what she has to say while his hands turned into fists.

"We know each other for so long, Tassio. I feel a bit offended by your assumption. Kendra is a cute kid, but I am not that desperate to have sexual feelings for her." She wanted to state it clearly.

"You clearly know about my feelings. Why do you act always like a big pervert in front of me?" Tassio finally asked after so many years.

"Because..." She breathed deeply and then stopped her cloud. She sat down and nibbled on her lip.

His heart started burning while he saw those teeth nibbling on the full lip. If he could...

He stopped in front of her and sat down, waiting for her answer. She was always naughty and rushed into many strange situations, but when she wants to say something from her heart she would think about it for a while.

Lais rose her eyes glancing at him and lightly blushing under his burning gaze. She knew his feelings but felt that she was not quite ready as the world was still not ready for a child between the two of them.

But after seeing how Kendra handled well the births and how she feels about children the two women gave, maybe she would protect their child as well?

"I am playful, stubborn, chatty, pervert, even crazy person in front of you only." Then she waited for him to understand her words. 

Tassio waited for her to explain more but after he looked at her and saw her expectant expression he realized he didn't really hear her words for their meaning as it seems.

He blinked and saw her getting red, but this time she was getting red in anger as her eyes turned cold. 

"You with your head full of stones. Don't talk to me for a while. Maybe a couple of centuries will make you realize what I just said!" She stood up and rushed down while he stood there and scratched his head.

He mumbled. "Why can't you say it straight as you do with others? With me, you speak always in riddles."

Lais heard him and became even more furious. "Stupid dragon... I thought that your kind is smart. But as it seems you are a rare exception. How much direct can I say?" As she rushed she saw a group of people fighting for their dear life with humans that looked like half-demons in their rage mode.

She was already angry but looking at those semi demons she felt like the world became laughing stock that has only her as base.

She jumped in front of the humans and turned into what she really is a full-blooded demon. 

Then she turned her back to them whispering. "I am friend with Caledon  Valley, go hurry there. It a safe place for you. I will have this alone. Go ... Now!" She then stared at a group of semi demons and smiled brightly.

One of them looked at her calmly and then furrowed his brows when he saw those people trying to escape.

''You want to run? Not easy with me." He wanted to rush there but suddenly a huge dragon jumped in front of him and roared in his face.

He snickered. "So what if you are a dragon. Nothing special about you. Our powers are now so strong that is enough one or two of us to handle someone like you."

Tassio changed into his human form and started laughing. Then he went yo Lais that nervously snapped her tail at him. He snickered a bit and then held her in his arms while those things stood there almost frozen.

"You little fool. I need time to digest your words. I am an old man. Give me some time and don't freak every time I need to make a decision." He kissed her parted lips not caring even a single bit about these all ants.

Lais turned into a human as well and pouted. "Mean... You are so dumb that it takes you so long to handle such a simple sentence... Sigh... My poor life. How am I gonna handle living with someone like you in the future. I'll ask Kendra us there some cure that could make your brain work better."

They wanted to be alone now to talk about their feelings but a sudden bang could be heard from behind. Lais sighed.

"If those humans get hurt and we don't do anything g she might make us both into patties." He nodded. 

Those people just passed them and rushed again to fight the few humans with powers but they were out the luck as the two came again but this time from their back.

Scrams could be heard behind them as Lais started plucking the arms on one of those creatures like someone does it on a fly.

"Our friend I'm capital told us that you have been tortured power children that went through a lot. So I felt a very tiny bit sorry for you. But if you don't stop what you are doing I might turn into something humans hate. "

She changed again into demon form but was enlarged and rows of her teeth could be seen through her open smile.

She grabbed the arm she just ripped off and started crunching it. Everyone froze when she just changed her expression and spit it out trowing the rest if the chewed arm on the floor as well.

"Your meat is dirty. I miss Kendra's food." She changed into a human and just snapped the neck of the man she had in her hands.

Tassio shook his head. Lais is actually not fond of human meat so she would never eat it, but seen her how she tried to act like a real demon almost made him laugh loudly.

He pretended to agree with everything g she did so he started just grabbing those things and snapping their necks. The rest of them rushed to fight the two.

There were few dozen of these creatures and even with their powers it took them a long time to fight them. On the other hand, that group of power humans escaped as they knew that they would bring more trouble than help.

Lais panted heavily while she fought off one of those creatures that tried to pit off a piece of her. ''This is nice. I hope there s more of these creatures so we can fight them for a while. I have no idea why Kendra let us take her true fire.''

''She said she won't want these creatures to be reincarnated as their souls and bodies were so much tortured that their essence changed. They will never be normal again even if they reincarnate. So destroying their souls would give them purification and rest. Let's not doubt her words.'' 

Tassio was clear about Kendra's intention when she gave him her true essence in purified form. 

In all these long years he never saw anyone neither power users or any other creature to be able to extract their own power essence and turn it into something like this.

''Take this essence with you. When you kill those creatures trow the essence on them and their souls will be destroyed together with their body. Please trust me, it is better for them like that. They are poor beings that are made to become like that. It was not their choice. If someone is essentially mean and bad and his heart cant change I will just put him into soul fire cage and let him feel the biggest pain in their life. Until they don't realize their wrongs and their heart don't purify. After that those people will disappear as well. Not to be reincarnated. But will pay their deeds. I will not let anyone who does such atrocities stay unpunished as long as I exist. But these poor souls are different. I planned to just kill them and then let them reincarnate but their soul essence became corrupted.''

He remembered her words while touching the vial on his chest. 

''Let's just finish up these few and go back. She needs to get that eye of the sun soon. I have no idea what she plans with it, but it seems she plans something big as she ordered so many materials from all parts of the continent.'' Tassio was getting bit annoyed. These little pups were easy to deal but Lais liked to play around. But it's not time now for that.

Lais sighed. ''I know. Let us deal with them and go back fast. Knowing Kendra it can easily happen that she leaves without is. Where is fun in that? And the new food she invented is so amazing. Who would have thought that she can make meals with only plant arts? Isn't she amazing.''

Tassio threw the last body on the ground and took the vial from the necklace while shaking his head and staring at her. ''Please. Do you think she will cook for us forever? Learn how to cook or our children might as well die from hunger.''

Lais pouted her full lips and blinked at him. ''Why should I? Kendra said that men are actually better cooks and are amazing in-home skills. I plan to give birth but your job will be to take care of babies. Or do you plan to turn me into one of those unfortunate wifes that do everything while husband just sit there and does nothing at all.''

He slowly used a drop of her soul essence on those bodies and they slowly tuned in sparkly dust and disappeared completely. While watching the last one turn into the dust he sighed and nodded. 

''If that makes you happy, fine. Head of dragon clan will help you raise the babies. But Lais, to do so you need to work hard to provide our meals then. Or do you think I will have time to take care of meals and the household.'' He wanted to tease her but she nodded happily.

''I will do that. I will plow the fields and plant vegetables, tend to the animals and do everything else. Please take over the household and we can talk then about babies.'' But then her face darkened.

Tassio looked rather a dark face in worry. ''What is it?''

''We cant plan such thing yet tho. I have no plant to travel with a big belly to the other plane as we have no idea what kind of situation is there. We need to find your people and finish so many things. can you wait a bit longer with baby making?'' She spoke straightforwardly this time.

He smiled and patted her head. ''I waited this long. I can wait a bit longer, no problem at all.'' 

As the sun slowly set behind the trees the two people hopped on one cloud and flew back to the capital. To Kendra and new adventures...
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