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154 154.Proposal?

While a group of people was ripped out their golden feathers on one side, on the other side Kendra and Isaa got close to teh group of children.

''Wait, stop.'' She stopped her cloud in front of them making their eyes grow large. 

They jumped off the cloud and it disappeared instantly. Kendra took Isaa's hand and with a smile stepped in front of them. 

''Can we talk? I have a few things to say.'' Kendra smiled at teh young woman that seemed to be in her twenties.

The children around her were between the age between 8 to 12. Kendra quickly counted their numbers and there were 26 children and her. Somehow it reminded her about a school trip or orphanage outing. 

The young woman looked at her motion and with hands tried to protect them, like a mother hen. Kendra almost started laughing. ''Uhm, you act like I am some kind of human-eating monster. In that case, these kids couldn't be even my snack.''

Isaa started laughing and winked at the girl in front of her that smiled back. 

On the woman's face, the mouth tugged and she had to join the laugh as she relaxed. She looked behind them and saw a large number of people arriving so she pulled everyone out of way.

Kyra and Isaa smiled at each other and just followed them. The woman had a certain place she wanted to go so they followed her quietly. 

They went around the village and found an empty spot and some stones where they sat down. Children sat down on the floor quite patiently and didn't speak while the woman looked at Kendra and Isaa.

''Two of you are children of the current Lord and Lady of Caledon Valley?'' She looked at their simple attire.

Kendra actually always preferred simple things, so while traveling, she never used the official attire that Xara gave her. 

''Yes. We are their adoptive children.'' That sentence was like a bomb that hit the woman.

She jumped up and again looked at them and then shook her head as she slumped on the stone again. ''If they treat teh two of you so poorly, who knows how would they treat us. Maybe, it is better we try to survive on our own.''

Kendra was lost in words. Just now she realized that her attire might hurt their parent's reputation. Isaa on other hand nodded as she saw Kendra crestfallen expression. ''Kendra, wearing things like this is fine when we travel, but at home... I think they will lose so much face if people think they mistreat us.''

Kendra waved her hand in acceptance. ''I know. I got used to wearing simple clothes that I forgot about the fact that we are now children of nobles. Sigh. Shall we change?''

Isaa was exhilarated. ''Finally, I can wear something pretty.''

Kendra patted her head. ''Sorry. I forgot you like cute stuff. Never mind, let's change.''

They stood up under the curious eyes of the crowd and stepped a bit further. With a wave of hand big, a waterwall was erected under the children grasps and suddenly it disappeared. 

In front of them stood two good looking children in amazing clothes. Kendra went to the woman and smiled as she sat down again on the stone. ''I am like simple clothes when I travel. Less troublesome. If  I wear these clothes I might attract quite trouble.''

The children looked at them silently with shocked faces and even the woman had a feeling of oppression as she saw how they used their powers.

''You two are cultivators?'' She asked looking at them with a nervous expression.

''Yes.'' Kendra was keeping it short so she could start explaining their situation.

''You are cultivators AND children of owners of Caledon Valley. Good, good...'' Her eyes clouded as tears started coming down her face. ''I need your help. Well, we need your help.''

Kendra nodded. ''I can see that that is the reason why we chased you. There is a story behind, could you tell me.''

She looked at Isaa and pointed at an empty spot bit further away. ''Take kids there and show them how to look for some food. The old way.''

Isaa nodded and then looked in grief at her pretty clothes. With a wave of the hand she put a wall around herself and then she changed again into old clothes. She went to the little girl, took her hand and then looked at everyone. 

''Before we were adopted by or new parents we actually lived alone. We hunted, gathered wild plants and eat stuff from the sea. Please come, I will show you how to gather food in the sea. It is not hard. After that, Kendra will cook for us.''

The little girl looked at Kendra then at Isaa. ''How do you know that he will cook?''

Isaa smiled. ''If my brother said he needs us to gather the food, that means he will cook. let's go.''

The children stood up and curiously followed Isaa as she went to the water and saw smaller crabs, mussels and other smaller creatures at the nearby growe. She looked at the children and explained to them what they have to do.

Suddenly splashes of water could be heard and all children jumped inside to catch the seafood. The problem is, buy so many people in water most of the faster creatures run away. But that didn't bother them. 

They were many and in shallow waters they found many things and showed to Isaa. some things were edible so they kept them and some not so they put them back into the sea, per Isaa's request. 

''They are living creatures as well. You take what you need to survive. Don't kill everything on your way.'' She trie to explain with patience.

Kyra and the woman looked at the playing children and smiled at each other. 

''Let me start. My name is Kendra and that Isaa. May I ask your name and how come you care for so many children. How did you all survive so far?'' Kendra was really curious.

It was hard for them two to survive the days before their power realization, but to care for almost 30 mouth's must be quite a job.

Young woman expression changed slightly as she looked at the calm boy in front of her. 

''My name is Candice Smith. I am the last caretaker of the orphanage that got sold in the city weeks away from here. We were more but some children found their homes as we traveled here.'' She looked at playing children as she smiled.

''How come you planned to come here?'' Kendra had a feeling that there is more to say.

Candice turned her head and nodded. ''In the city where we had an orphanage. The city Lord was a kind man. But after his death suddenly his sone and wife died as well in a big fire, leaving no direct blood to inherit his place. So the group of nobles in the city choose one of his cousins that appeared out nowhere. 

Kendra smirked. ''How convenient. But it seems don't have the King in their eyes. They cant appoint the city Lord without her permission.''

Candice smiled ironically. ''How will the King know about the situation in our city, if no one is there to tell.''

It is indeed logical, Kendra had to admit.

''After the new city, Lord was appointed he started making so much trouble for our orphanage. One day he told us he sold the house that city Lord gave us and we can just choose to send the children to be servants to teh nobles.'' Her eyes started to burn again and the tears started falling out.

''Our headmistress was always someone who understood things fast. She quickly sold the things she inherited from her late parents and gave us the money so we run with children. She already prepared teh carriages for us and went away without anyone's knowledge.'' 

''How did you do it? Did no one notice?'' Kendra saw a bunch of children and didn't understand how they succeded.

''On that day the new city lord and the Nobles had a great celebration. Headmistress knew that everyone would be drunk, including those on gates so she used that chance to send us bit by bit out the town.'' She sighed while she continued.

''Before we left she told us to head straight to this town. Friend of hers, some Lady in town opened orphanage as well and she wanted us to ask her for help. We went out of the town and friends she had before would take the children to a certain spot and go back to get more of us. On the end, they gave us carriages to travel to this town. Some of them took a few children to adopt. Some just gave us food.''

''Your headmistress must be quite an amazing person if she has so many friends.'' Kendra was indeed amazed by that woman's meticulous planning.

''She is actually noble as well. After her parents died she choose to open an orphanage and take care of children without parents. City Lord and his wife supported her decision. When he died she already knew something was wrong and started making preparations. After his son and Lady died as well she was certain that things will go awry so she made a big escape plan.'' Candice was really sad.

''So you came here today?'' 

Candice nodded. ''After the carriages dropped us off where they left. Luckily we had many good people that gave us food so we never spent any money. But how long can it hold us over the water?''

Kendra looked at her silently as she watched the children running around. ''Some of these children have powers, so they can cultivate. Others can go to our school and learn good things for the future. I think I know teh Lady you were talking about. She is a good and kind woman. But I have to ask you more. How comes you are alone with children. Where are the others?''

''The headmaster never caught up with us, I don't know what really happened. There were two more women with us. After seeing that the situation became like this, they felt threatened and left.''

Kendra looked at her exhausted but loving expression as she looked at the children and remembered her headmaster. Soon she will see her as well. The two women are similar if they could work together to help children feel loved, wouldn't that be good?

''Once the children are safe, what are your plans?'' 

Candice shrugged her shoulders. ''I know that I can't cultivate so I will look for some job.''

Kendra nodded. ''You don't have the power of cultivation, but that doesn't mean that you should take any job. If you are willing, I can ask the headmistress of our city orphanage to take you in as one of the teachers. Would you be willing?''

Candice first jumped dup from the seat and then quickly turned around toward Kendra. Sudden thump could be heard as she went on her knees. ''Young master, if you help me with that I will leave my life and be good for children. That is actually my biggest wish.''

Kendra was stunned by her sudden action. She stood up from her seat and coughed uncomfortably. ''Candice could you please stand up I have something important to tell you.''

She jumped up and walked behind Kendra bit further away as she knew there is a big secret. She liked hearing secrets, but was never gossipy and never told anyone about other people's business.

Kendra saw her curious eyes and coughed lightly. She uncomfortably opened a little bit of her upper shirt around neck, revealing milky white skin. 

Candice saw that and found it quite alluring. How funny is for a man to have such nice, silky, glossy... 

She looked closer and realized why Kendra opened her collar. ''You are a girl?''

All she got is a smile. As Kendra slowly closed her collar she turned again into a cute young boy. With her short hair and serious expression she really didn't look like a girl... At all.

Candice stared at her with her eyes wide open and then gave her a big smile. ''Want to marry me?''