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138 138.End of the side story

The villagers stood in front of the village and sang a song of return. They didn't know what was that about when they asked the villagers they got an answer it was just a custom. So they accepted that and life went on. Days passed. Lady Williams started making plans about the cave city while her husband went deeper and deeper in the cave, searching for the plant and anything else unusual. One day got a visit from the Elders of the village and been told to start acting as they should.

With a stiff smile they had to accept their proposal. They had anyway plans for the future and had no time to help them out anyways. So they choose a few young people as their helpers. After all, it is a small village. So jobs are rare. They got enough money from the King to live happily until they die, but they wanted to help the village with that money so they choose to take in a few servants. Lady Williams planned to give the money to the whole village but then realized that if she did that, she would make more damage than good. On end, she chooses to invest the money to build the cave city.

Yes, city. She planned to build a real city in caves. With her plans the villagers agreed, seeing that they had a good future. She planned even fields for food, a sea, forest and big flower garden.At first, they thought that her plan is impossible but after entering the cave they were stunned. She rearranged the sunstones in such manner that the caves had enough light, just like outside. With that, the building started.

Lord Williams searched caves in that time and realized that the cave system is so huge that it might take him a lifetime to finish it. He was relieved. On the end that was what he basically really wished to do. Years later, the city stood proudly in the cave. The villagers slowly changed their dwelling to the city houses and slept in caves. Just doing daytime they would use the houses. Even fields in a cave produced the fruits and vegetables in double amounts, they still used the fields outside as well.

They traded some of their produce with the other villages. Lord Williams would still search the caves for unusual things and send reports, Lady took over the slowly growing city and government. The time ticked slowly, but one day Lord Williams slipped in the cave and broke his leg. Fortunately for him, his servants were there and helped him out the cave. Unfortunately, when he got out, after a few days the wound started getting bad and rotting. As it seems the stones he fell on were covered with some dangerous and toxic materials that started dissolving slowly his body.

Lady Williams quickly sent for the doctor and even send message to the King about the situation, but neither the normal doctor or kings priceless healer couldn't help him. They if course lived at the time in the village because he didn't want to let other people know about their secret city. As the doctors gave up, Lady Williams tried many other ways. Healers from all the places she visited, but not even one could help her.

One day the villagers came to her and told her that there was a way to help him, but he would have to do it himself. When they explained the process she was disgusted, scared and was about to protest, but her husband stopped her."My love, all doctors and healers gave up on me. There is this one chance. If I survive it I'll be healed, but if I stay like this I'll rot to death, in pain. Do you think I have choices?" He slowly walked with the help of servants towards the door while she stood still, frozen.

She sat there for a while and when she snapped out her stupor, he was already long gone. She hugged her son that just came in and started crying. The boy was quite smart for his age and knew that it was about his father. He slowly patted her back. Days passed, then weeks. Lady Williams aged quickly as she waited for the news. She became quiet and stopped laughing. Everyone looked at her with worry. They tried to explain to her the process, but she listened only with half ear, would just nod and go back to her office.

One day he appeared suddenly. He walked with a big smile and hugged his stunned son that was working with his friends near the forest outside the village. "My son, I am back." He hugged him tightly, but after a while, he realized that something was amiss. "What is wrong?" He looked at the already young man that looked at him with a strange expression. "Father, do you even know how much time passed since you left?"

He knew that he left a few years ago, but didn't see the problem with it. His son shook his head and turned to leave. " Mother waited so long, but you never came back..." He grew up in time in big man that was about to get married. He even chooses one girl from the village. They grew up together and knew already each other's mind. A sigh came out of his mouth. Mother....

Lord Williams looked at his sons back and followed him to the caves where he found an amazing sight. But seeing his son walking with a grave expression, he gave up sightseeing and hurried after him. The servants at his site dispersed and went back home, knowing what will come. The knock on the door came and Lady Williams rose her cold eyes from the paperwork on her table. "Come in." Her eyes became warmer when she saw her son but soon turned icy as she saw the man appearing behind his back.

She chuckled and nodded to her son that understood. He quickly closed the door and walked away. When he came out of the office, the people looked at him then at the door and shook their heads. Just like they expected, furious yelling could be heard even trough thick stone walls. They quickly dispersed..."It is been years since you healed, but instead coming back home you choose to travel? Not only that, you choose to openly travel with some women and change them from time to time. Did you forget that in this country it's easy to get separation and divorce? I begged the King to divorce me from you, but he denied it as I would lose the city in my hands. But for my sake, he changed the laws and gave more power to females. Now even female can rule the country, the city or her own destiny. We are divorced, but if you want this place you have tight on it as it is indeed on your name. What is your choice?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

She sat down with tiered face. He looked at her and realized she aged quite a lot since he left. She was in the prime of her years when all that happened but now looks like an old woman. Her hair turned completely white and deep furrows were all over her face. The liveliness she had was lost and the dullness and coldness in her eyes made her look too serious. He looked at himself in the mirror and realized that he looked young, no younger than even before he married her. An idea crossed his mind and he smiled brightly at her. " My love, after I do something for you and explain you everything, you will understand why I needed to do that all..."

He slowly approached her and with a swing of his hand, he knocked her neck. She grunted and fainted in his arms. "My love, I did it all for you." He took her body and took it slowly to their house. As he passed the streets, the people got silent as they saw him holding her body tightly and walking with steady steps towards their home. He walked inside and put her gently on the bed. He turned his head as he coldly looked at bunch if maids that rushed inside. "What is rush about? Go home as we need privacy."

His arrogant and cold expression stunned the maids as they quickly left, leaving the Lord and Lady Williams alone...