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126 126.The hunch 1

Kendra had a huge headache. This girl is getting way too attached to her, without any reason. Not only that, she had no wish to travel with a horde of people. She looked at Trixie then at Celia. She needs to get rid of these two, she has no time to play around the babysitter. Celia felt her gaze and was about to say something she saw Kendra's determined expression and knew that something will happen. And she probably won't like it.

Kendra brushed slowly Trixie's hand of her shoulder and looked at Lais. " This is growing to become a problem in our mission. Look for that bear and its mate. Near the school is secret forest and those two could raise their pups there." She turned to Fluffy and Lilly. " You two need to get them. I'll give you one more cloud. Or they can travel in Lais her space. Their choice."

She turned to Lais and Tassio. " You two will bring all of them back home. The two of us will travel in a straight line to the next town. We will wait for you there. It will take you about ten days that way and ten days back." Celia now understood that Kendra planned to send her to school as well and scrunched her face like she wanted to cry. Kendra looked at her coldly. " Don't act up. You have only babies body, not mind. When I go back, I will test your knowledge. Let's see did you learn anything from the books I left. If you didn't, you might just stay here and be stuck in this country, forever..."

Celia felt cold by hearing such words. To be stuck on this plane forever, without chance going back home... Her eyes set ablaze in determination. She still needs to set scores with those people that made her disappear and run away here. She first lowered her eyes and looked at the floor but then rose her head and arms towards Kendra. " Hug, and I'll go." Kendra pinched her cheeks and bowed to pick her up. " You childish being. Sigh. Be good and learn a lot. I expect great things from you. More than from anyone else on this plane. I will not accept any excuses. The only excuse for you could be if something or someone attacked our parents and you choose to defend them with your tiny life. But actually, there won't be needed. My parents... you'll see."

She pinched one more time Celia's cute cheeks and turned eyes toward Trixie. " You need to grow your powers, and your friend as well. I won't test you as we already have known that you do have powers. In school, the headmaster will anyway test you. If you want to grow your powers do as you are told by him and teachers. Don't let your mind get befuddled by some random people." She went to Tassio and Lais and gave them hugs, Isaa did the same. " We will leave now. When Fluffy and Lilly come back with this child's friend, go to Secret Forest straight away. The two creatures are safe there. Please, take care of yourself and come to us back safely. We will wait for you."

She took out her bag a big stack of papers and gave to Lais. " Give this to our parents. These are new spells, few arrays that we could use to protect fief and the Kings protection as well. This is one of the reasons I am sending two of you back home. " She whispered last few sentences., Lais understood and nodded. " Don't worry, I understand what we have to do. It seems some things need deeper observation. I will warn our Demon clan and I think Tassio will do the same with Dragon kind." Tassio nodded with scrunched eyebrows. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Kendra poked Celia's face one more time, nodded at Trixie and with wave if hand made a cloud. She waited until Isaa was safely on it and flew away, without even looking back. She was worried that she made the snake in her nest restless. But the only thing now is to find main nest. Isaa held her hand and felt a slight shake. She looked at Kendra's face and saw that her face had that icy smile and her hair slowly turned red.

It seems a big storm is brewing...