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114 114.Kendra“s decision

Kendra smiled as she looked through the gap on the tent door. She saw his lonely back and shrugged it off. But somehow she couldn't get rid of feeling that she do him wrong. She let the tree people enter her space and sighed.
Her idea was to make him leave, but in these weeks that passed, he always helped them and never asked anything for it. Marcus always followed her around and did everything she commanded.
She sighed. As she entered her space, Lilly jumped at her and plastered herself on her back like a koala. "Kendraaaaaa. Don't let us stay inside for so long. We want to go out as well and see more, just like you all."
Isaa came near her and held her hand. "Thinking about Marcus? Maybe its time to let him in. After all, Fluffy and Lilly should go out as well. It seems that they feel bored." She patted Lilly's back.
Lilly nodded. "We feel bored when you are not around us. Please take us."
Lais slowly approached and saw her thinking about it. "What can he do, or would do against you? No matter how strong is he, in this space you are the one giving orders. So no matter what, you can always send him to dark storage as punishment. "
Kendra shook her head. "I'm sure he won't try anything weird. The thing is, how he will react?"
Tassio joined them and patted Kendra's head. "Why worry that much? If we knew about inner space and were not acting strange, he probably won't as well."
Kendra looked at them. In a blink of an eye, she appeared again in a tent and slowly went out. Marcus still sat there but when he heard her coming out, he turned and smiled. His lonely smile, hit Kendra as she remembered her days in other world. She was lonely for a long time as well.
With determination, she walked towards her and with every step gale rose around her, stronger and stronger. "I want to see your real power. " The gales disappeared and suddenly there was silence around them.
He looked around and saw that she made a big dome around them with her powers and was stunned. "You can make such a big protection shield? Do you mind if I try it out?"
Kendra nodded. She knew he was strong, very strong. She just wanted to see how long her shield can last if she ever meets someone stronger than herself. Like that she could make shield and have time then, to hide in her own space.
He nodded and stood up. " In that case do your best. You need to make that shield the strongest you can think off. Let me out so I can attack it. "
Kendra made big enough opening for him to pass to the other side and closed it. She then slowly started thinking about her own incantations, forming layer, by layer of shield. Marcus walked a bit away from the shield and could feel how the shield became stronger and stronger.
Kendra first made a thousand layers of the shield, she mixed all kind of powers to make nets of power into a strong shield and then sent wisps of power into it. The strengthening process took her longer than making the actual shield.

The Moon was already high on the sky when she stopped. Her eyes slowly opened and she looked at her work. The shield turned to look like the darkness of the night filled with billions of little stars. But that was actually streaks of power that she sent into it, flowing slowly from one point to another.
Marcus saw opening of Kendra's eyes and checking the net and when Kendra nodded with a small smile he knew that it was done. He floated up slowly checking for seriously weak points or gaps but he couldn't find it.
His heart shook. This child made such even power shield. When she comes to the other plane, those people will all try to make her join their groupations.
He sighed and floated backward. He locked his eyes with Kendra's and saw a small nod. His energy rose suddenly and he sends a powerful ball of her water, mixed with lightning inside at the shield. The ball hit the dome and the shield...stood still.
Kendra already prepared beforehand everything. Marcus' eyes started shining. This was first hit and it was not that strong but her idea of shield that includes the power that it hits is not bad. It seems he learned again new from this child.
He floated bit further away and slowly concentrated on the strong attack. Kendra saw him this time getting serious and so she concentrated on her shield, strengthening it even more. Soon she could almost feel the energy of the attack.
Marcus opened his eyes and sent his power ball at Kendra's shield. This time the shield started shaking slightly but then again sucked in the power from attack strengthening it again. Marcus eyes shone increasingly. Now he started itching to send his strongest attack so he said Kendra nodding at him.
Suddenly huge gale rose around him and engulfed his body. Kendra knew now that in a direct fight, she would definitely lose against him. His power made her lose her concentration for a moment and he chooses to attack her just then. The ball of the power he sends was not even big but it was so concentrated that her shield shook strongly.
But he didn't stop there. He continuously sent, again and again, those powerful balls but all that happens was that her shield just shook wildly but in the same time it started changing and implementing the power from attacks in its defense. The stronger the attacked became, the stronger the shield averted his attacks.
Soon the shield became stronger than before and his attacks didn't even bother it again. Kendra face at first was a bit nervous but with passing minute her smile became bigger and brighter. As it seems her new innovation in defense could be used like that.
That means their parents are safe as well. Even at this moment, her thought was about other people's safety, not her own. Marcus was actually stunned. Even his world that was filled with all kind of strong people, didn't have such strong defense as this child made.
He slowly came near the shield and out of curiosity wanted to touch it, but before Kendra could warn him he got stunned himself and fainted. Kendra felt a headache. He is so strong but how dumb of person he is to touch such power shield. Like a child that continuously tries to put fingers into electricity. She waved her hand and shield was gone and she used her healing powers with a sigh.
Soon Marcus woke up and saw the sarcastic expression on Kendra's face. He could feel his ears turning red as he felt ashamed for acting like a curious child. He was lucky that Kendra already took back most of the power or he might have to be dead by now.
"Thank you for taking back power. I didn't know that your shield became that much stronger. How foolish if me. Like this, I feel assured that you will be safe. Soon I'm going back home. I hope to see all of you in the future."
Kendra silently listened to him and she made a decision. "I was aware of your strength. But I was not sure why you joined us so I didn't include you in my secrets. There is one more thing you should learn about me. Come..."
She turned around and walked towards a big tent. Marcus saw her opening the entrance and saw an empty room. He had questions written all over his face. She closed the tent tightly and smiled at him lightly.
Suddenly they appeared in her space. He looked around and then at the child in front of him. Suddenly three people arrived and he saw Isaa's smug face. "I told you my brother is amazing. "
He floated up and saw that space had many strange things he never thought off. He flew towards one of the seas and just then her realized one certain thing. Space was filled with so much energy. He slowly closed his eyes and concentrated as Kendra thought him.
He could literally feel the supplemental energy floating around him. He opened his eyes and realized that trees, plants and even animals in this place had energy. Now he remembered the food from before and shook his head.
"Kendra, thank you for your trust. But from now on, no matter what the situation is, don't trust anyone. Not even small children. In the world I come from, they know transmutation. They know how to change the way they look. If you trust the wrong person..." He definitely now needs yo find them as soon they enter his plane.
"I know." Her short answer assured him more than anyone's long promises.
Kendra smiled slightly. "You probably have your own space bag or something?"
He nodded not understanding. Suddenly in front of him appeared a big mountain of a different kind of food and meat. He looked at it but next second he accepted it.
"I will probably need this so I will take it. But let me give you something for it. " With a wave of his hand, a huge amount of materials appeared in front of Kendra. "I don't have all the materials u need to make better space but you can still be able to make it bit better. Sorry."
He never thought he will meet space user in his lifetime so he never gathered materials. But while ago he found these on one person he had to destroy and took it with him.
Kendra felt grateful. This amount would be enough to enlarge her space to tenfold.
She felt that she didn't give him enough food so she summoned power stones and added some true metal. "I don't know do you need this. These materials you gave me will be enough to enlarge my space so don't be shy, take what you can use."
He shook slightly. "The true metal. Can I have some if it?"
Kendra nodded and put half of her pile in front of him. "Is that enough?"
He looked at the pile and shook his head. "It's too much. I just need a little bit to reinforce my swords."
"Just take as much as you need." Kendra knew when she goes back Lord Cassian will give her more of this anyway. But seeing his face, it seems true metal is really rare.
It seems that she needs to send her parents new spells for defense. If bad people find out that they made walls and school out true metal...