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113 113. Their ways are parting

After they ate , children stood up and uncomfortably looked around. They had no idea what plans these people had for them. Kendra saw them and smiled. " Just sit down and wait. There is still a long line of people."
They sighed in relief and sat down but became quiet. Isaa couldn't look at their wooden expressions and went there to tell them stories. She told them how she met Kendra and what the did to survive.
But her stories were fun and adventurous. Children listened with open eyes and shook their head as they learned new things. If they had such ideas, maybe their life wouldn't be so hard to handle. But they remembered their mother and that man. With the two people in their life...
Isaa told them as well about their city and people. But she never mentioned anything important or about their powers. The children chatted for a while. On the other side, people continued walking forwards and getting tested.
Tassio, Lais and Marcus continued without stopping. They were power users and didn't feel so much fatigue as normal humans. But when they saw Kendra arranging table for children they felt hungry, until they saw that the food is just normal. Their attention went back to people.
By the evening of that day, they finished testing that town and next to the three children, two grown-up people were tested for powers and one child. Their families celebrated loudly. Chief was very proud to have so many power users in his town.
The child had earth ability and one man had fire and woman had plant ability. With such abilities, if they concentrate on their cultivation, they could help the town and surroundings with food.
Long before Kendra left, she felt that plant and earth users could be used for good things. So she made a bunch of new spells only used for surrounding. And the spells they could use for their protection and fight were already written. So she added a few things in it to make them stronger.
Kendra looked at the group of people surrounded by people wanting to get in favor and sighed. It seems she will need to get used to such situations. When the last person was tested, people left back home and Lais came to Kendra and hugged her.
She could feel the emotions from this child. Annoyance, disgust and plain boredom. Lais knows how much it took Kendra to hold back her fury and not kill those two people.
"What is your next plan?" She was really curious about Kendra's plans.
"This is just the first next city of our country. I realized that if we continue walking, it will take us tens of years to just travel from one side if the country to another. It seems we need to become airborne. For now, we will use Tassio. I feel that Marcus will leave us soon so we can travel in clouds after that. My plan is when we travel, we can use the Eyes to scan our path for power life. Maybe some other forms of life have such energy as well. What do you think?"
Lais nodded and looked at already dazed children sitting by the table together with Isaa. It was already late afternoon and it was as it seems too much for them. She walked towards the table and stroked Isaa's head.

"Soon their mother will be back. I heard the Chief will take care of their transportation and food. Don't worry, Lord Cassian will take hood care about them." Isaa heard her words and her heart felt lighter.
"You hear that? Chief will soon bring back your mother, so please don't worry anymore." Isaa was glad for them as she could feel their uneasiness the whole time.
They looked at each other and nodded. They bowed in front of Lais and smiled to Isaa. "We are grateful for your help. Like we said before, we promise to help you if you ever have a need in the future. Hope to see you soon again."
The boys felt already connected to these two siblings. Isaa hugged the crying girl with red-rimmed eyes and went to Kendra's side. Kendra held her hand and patted her head comforting her.
"When we go back you can see them again. Now they are safe, isn't that most important thing?" Kendra's words seem to work as Isaa wiped her eyes and nodded. It is indeed most important to have safety.
Soon Chief invited them to the city to celebrate the occasion but Tassio knew Kendra's temperament, so he denied. "Sorry, we will rest now and leave in the early morning. Have a nice celebration."
Lais looked at his stiffness and shook her head. "What he wanted to say is, we need to reload our powers as it was quite hard for us today. Please understand. We will rest and then continue our way. We hope that next year when other emissaries come, you will prepare everything beforehand."
Chief nodded. His town will start to flourish as soon they will be the last town before Caledon Valley. He can use that as a pretext to take over back his control and start developing the city in a positive way. He was actually grateful to Caledon Valley and Lord Cassian. With this school, many things will change in the country...
The night slowly approached and the shadows of trees slowly melted into the darkness. By the last lights of setting Sun, carriage approached and disheveled woman almost jumped out if it together with a dirty man.
They held hands like a pair of fated lovers looking at children with shiny eyes. "Children, we are back..."
Her almost sweet voice made children shudder. Chief jumped from horse and snorted. "Do not even try to extort children. If they were not power children, you two would rot in jail for a long long time. Guards will escort you to Caledon Valley and will give the children to Lord Cassian. His guards will take care of rest."
He turned and looked sternly at guards." You know this is of utmost importance. I already sent letters to villages on your way for horse exchange. Hurry, do not stop on your way."
Guards nodded as they knew seriousness if their situation. A carriage waited as they all boarded it and soon a big cloud of dust floated in the air as three heads popped out the windows and waved at them.
Isaa felt uncomfortable letting the children go with those people but she knew that as soon the children arrive in Caledon Valley they will be safe. Kendra took her in her hands and carried her towards Tassio.
He waved his hand and prepared tents appeared with a table of food. He liked OKed at Chief and people behind them and shook his head. "Sorry I don't invite you to eat this food. Its filled with powerful energy and normal humans would die if they eat it."
Chief saw that the food indeed smelled richer and stronger and he got dizzy even by smelling them, but inner glutton wished to try it out.
Kendra saw his gluttonous expression and started chuckling. Isaa saw it as well and joined in, on end, everyone laughed including Chief. He sighed and wanted to leave but Lais stopped him.
"As we have these two children with us, we have commoner food as well. We will give you some to take it with you." She used her spatial ring and on the table appeared different foods with potatoes, corn and other novelties that still didn't go far from the city. She even took out her favorite pancake filled with strawberries. But these are common ones so she just kept them just in case she gets hungry.
He looked at the table filled with all kind of delicacies and gulped so loud that it echoed in the silence. Isaa couldn't stop her laugh and as the sound of her laugh rang through the air the Chief scratched his head and shrugged.
"As Chief of our city, I shall accept your grace." He said while his eyes darted shamelessly around and table. He winked his guards that took all the food from the table and acted as he was escaping from them.
Again cloud of dust rose to the sky but this time Marcus blocked it with his power and looked at Kendra's back that was on her way into a tent. It seems he won't be invited again into their gathering as Tassio and Lais joined the two siblings into the tent.
He sighed and looked at the sky. It was soon time to leave this place. He felt secure that Kendra was strong enough to pass later boundary. He will look for these siblings in future. But now he has to find that person...