Shapeshifter System
40 The Cave - Silent Mountain Of Fire - Chapter 40
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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40 The Cave - Silent Mountain Of Fire - Chapter 40

Martin started killing people around him in no time. It was both very easy and comfortable because he did not have a human ability called emotion.

He also killed other Shapeshifters who were probably looking for Elise and Malwan around. He didn't know exactly what these people were, but he could say he was happy with the progress of the events. Because with these shapeshifters, he could quickly get points and move forward to thrive.


Martin killed all kinds of people who came before him without saying women, children, men. It was only two to three hours later, long fire village, which was previously snarky, was now a place covered in fires and the smell of blood spread all around.

Wild animals from the mountains around Long Fire Village - insects and similar creatures had descended into the village and began to eat human corpses.

Having seen this situation, Martin smiled and thought.

"Nature is progressing according to its head as always."

After those words, Martin decided there were no more people around, and he took Elise and Malwan on his back and began to climb the mountain.

Just north of the village, there was a larger mountain than other mountains. Martin read on his map that the name of this mountain was Silent Mount of Fire.


After going up the mountain for half an hour, he found what he was looking for.

"This should be enough"

Martin was looking for a large cave in the mountain, where he could hide from the outside and at the same time the area.

The search rate was slow because there were two people on his back and shoulder, but he was strong because he was in the Demon Shadow form. Therefore, he did not encounter a fatigue-like situation.

After finding the cave, he went in with two people on his back and settled them on one side of the cave. Then he began to examine the cave deeper.

The height was about 6 meters, and the width of the cave was at least 15 meters and had only one entrance.

When he looked around, he couldn't see any exits. That's why he thought it was safe. After remembering the cave, he quickly came out of the cave and moved directly to find an animal in the forests above the mountain.

He was hungry and had no food on it. Of course, if he wanted to be cannibalism and eat the people next to him, it was different.

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Martin found an animal, not long because of the power of the creature he owned. The animal didn't have any status of the stat. It meant he was a normal animal, and his size was enough for him.

It was a rabbit in the size of the newborn cow, and Martin managed to catch and kill comfortably.

Then he didn't waste any more time around, and he went straight back to the cave. Elise and Malwan were still asleep. So he collected grazing from the trees that were around without caring too much about them and then lit a fire.

To light a fire, he created a spark by rubbing his paws against the stone. After creating the fire, using his claws, he spread the feathers of the rabbit-shaped animal he was going to cook, and then he stopped cooking on the fire. Ten minutes after cooking,

Elise and Malwan woke up. They looked around and saw each other. It made them feel a little comfortable. Afterward, when Malwan was going to try to transform his creature, he realized that Martin was looking at him.

Martin took a deep breath and spoke after turning the rabbit, which had been put into a stick, over the fire.

"If you transform, I'll kill you."

Martin's cold words had been earmarked in Elise and Malwan's ear, and both had noticed that the situation was at a dangerous point. That's why they waited for it to do nothing. After a while, martin cooked the rabbit. Martin ate part of the rabbit without looking at the others, and then after cutting some of it with his paws, he handed it to Elise and Malwan.

Elise and Malwan lived around, so they knew what a rabbit was. That's why they knew it wasn't a poisonous animal. Although they both thought about it at the same time, and they looked at each other looking at the energy they had.the same thing was going through their minds.

Why would someone who could kill us easily try to poison us?"

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