Shapeshifter System
38 Unexpected Attack - Long Fire Village - Chapter 38
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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38 Unexpected Attack - Long Fire Village - Chapter 38

A few minutes later, Elise and Malwan called the first-ranked boy to come forward. The boy had white hair and green eyes and looked like he was 13. He was looked like he was quite excited about to checking and he was shaking as he headed towards the platform.

Martin understood that Malwan and Elise didn't notice anything about him. So, he was comfortable.


The boy came in front of Elise and Malwan. Malwan looked at the boy with a smile on his face and spoke after holding his hand.

"Relax and imagine a creature in your mind and think you turned into that creature. It doesn't matter what the creature is."

Malwan was touching the child's hand when he said those words and had a flammable effect with his soul power. Normal people wouldn't naturally notice that. But because Martin was focused, he could understand the situation.

"Using Malwan power, the child will try to unleash his power if he is a shapeshifter. He can transform what he have"

That's what Martin thought.


The boy looked at Malwan's face and after calming down, he closed his eyes and started thinking. A few seconds later, Malwan pulled his hand and the boy had turned into a creature with white smoke.

Martin was surprised. He was starting to focus on the creature the child had transformed.

The creature the child turned into was a black goat. But despite being in the form of a black goat, It stood on two legs and his physique looked very muscular and strong. The boy, who had one white horn and two black eyes, looked pretty strong.

"Black Goat Warior"

"W1 - Animal / Warior"

"STR = 0.7"

"Agility = 0.3"

"Endurance = 0.5"

"Int = 0.3"

Martin couldn't say the creature was powerless. Although Malwan and Elisenin had experience in fighting most likely and experience of strengthening their transformational creatures, the creature of the little boy was really strong from the start,. Only this creature could handle two of the children with the transformational creature Called Weak Black Wolf, which he first saw.

Malwan and Elise looked at each other in amazement. But at that moment, they both frowned. And Martin suddenly felt that all his feathers were thorns and threatened.
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With Malwan, Elise and Martin noticing, there was a shout came from inside the crowd.

"Attack!! "

Some people, like the peasants who looked normal, stood in the corners with the sound coming from inside the crowd, turned directly into creatures and began attacking the villagers. At that time, Malwan and Elise looked at each other and spoke instantly.

"Too many !"

"We must escape !"

With these words, both people standing on the platform used all their powers to escape and became their creatures.

As soon as Martin noticed the situation, he immediately got in the crowd, and then he turned into his creature, went straight into one of the alleys, where he entered the house of a village manager named Albert, which had two floors from the houses, and went upstairs. After he started hanging on the window, he kept watching the events.

Malwan and Elise avoided the first attack, but there were at least four Student-Level Shapeshifters behind them - the child who had turned - and two Student-Level Shapeshifters were pressured and stunned. Other people in the village were killed by the remaining Student Level Shapeshifters. Martin didn't understand how this turned out to be. But he wasn't bothered about it. After all, he came here to want to destroy the village, as did those people he didn't know who he was.


Malwan and Elise, with all their powers, turned into creatures and fled. The creature elise transformed was a creature with two large butterfly wings behind it and only one red eye with white skin color.

"Butterfly Angel Minion"

"W1 - Angel - Light"

"STR = 0.5"

"Agility = 0.8"

"Endurance = 0.3"

"Int = 1.0"


Malwan, on the other hand, had turned into a werewolf-like creature, the opposite of Elise. He had a silver ax. Malwan, who was a werewolf, looked strong and could also move forward quickly.

"Werewolf Axeman Minion"

"W1 - Wolf - Warior"

"STR = 1.0"

"Agility = 0.7"

"Endurance = 0.4"

"INT = 0.2"

As Malwan and Elise continued to run, they looked at each other and shook their heads with their heads confirming.

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