Shapeshifter System
37 Funny Things - Experiments - Chapter 37
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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37 Funny Things - Experiments - Chapter 37

Martin knew where the center was. He's been walking around the village in the last few hours. Before hunting, he had information about the surrounding places and escape points if necessary. Therefore, it soon reached the center of the village. Even a person who didn't know could understand that something was going on from the crowd around him.

Martin realized there were a lot of people around after he got to the station. Many married couples had come with their children, there were hope and expectation in their eyes. If their children could be a shapeshifter, their lives in the village would be completely changed, and they would be able to live for life, even if they never worked again.

Martin smiled lightly because he knew it, and couldn't stop thinking from inside.

"Eventually, simple people think of themselves again and are selfish. Each couple who have brought their children wants their children to be a shapeshifter because their lives will change if their children become shapeshifters. They don't care what their children are for them, what their future will be.

Martin realized that after these thoughts, a middle-aged man with a belly and bald came out of the crowd. The man weighted his face, and because his beard swerved, he posed an ugly but frightening image.

In the center of the village, there was a high area made of large round white stone. The length of this area was about 15 meters and it could have gathered quite a lot of people inside.

The fat guy opened his eyes after he got up to this area, and the voice also began to speak in a tone of his wrath.

"Ms. Elise and the wise Shapeshifter Mawlan, Will check to people son or daughters who have been not checked by them , and I welcome all of you to this event.Thank you"

The fat guy was naturally the manager and chief of the village. This person named Albert had his intelligence attracted the village Wiseman and form that he had the power and smart people around him, and the previous manager had taken over the family by making different moves, pulling his thoughts and desires at him. Since then, she can sleep with the beautiful girl she wants and eat meat whenever she wants, even if other people of the village can't eat.

But all of this aside, although it was known to be bad and dirty, Albert took over, the village started to get stronger and the level of prosperity was starting to rise. In short, although he had a bad personality, it was a fact that could be seen by everyone who had intelligence in management.
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After a few minutes, the crowd slowly left, and a black-haired man appeared to be a woman in simple white outfits that concealed her face from the crowd. It was a woman named Elise, who was mysteriously known in this village.

A woman named Elise slowly went on the platform without caring about anyone and began standing next to Albert. Albert was about 1.60 in length and with her weight, she had a very short look. Elise, meanwhile, looked like an angel with her because she was fit to lose weight at 6:70.

Martin continued to watch with interest. He was wondering how things would unfold.

A few more minutes later, an old man in his 70s with one cane in his hand, but his height and physique are quite good - an old man with a dirty white beard and deep eyes that probably use the cane as an accessory, past the crowd. he went to the platform and came to Elise.

The man's eyes were quite deep, and he was a respectable person. Of course, in Martin's eyes, none of this was real. Within a few minutes, he realized that the man was a shapeshifter at Student Level. Likewise, a woman named Elise was a Student-level shapeshifter.

These two men, just at the level of the student, saw themselves as a great god and goddess in front of normal peasant people. It made Martin laugh through the inside. He also had some experiments on his mind. He thought he found the right people to do these experiments.

Martin kept watching. That's when Mawlan started talking.

"Today, we will try to understand who is a shapeshifter among our young people and our children. People who want to take care of themselves, please line up."

Martin smiled lightly and immediately after hearing those words, he lined up and settled in line as the second person. No one was lining up before him because he guessed things.

Next up was a total of 70 to 100 people. The majority were children and young people. There were a few middle-aged people among them.

Martin smiled and began to wonder if the boy in front of him was a shapeshifter.

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