Shapeshifter System
36 The Testing In Long Fire Village - Chapter 36
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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36 The Testing In Long Fire Village - Chapter 36

When Martin recovered, he realized he had noticed some situations he didn't realize before.

At first, he could understand that his power had changed and he had risen. But the situation was no longer exactly the case. For the first time, Martin felt that his perspective and his understanding of the environment had changed. This was probably because it crossed a certain limit, and at the same time transferred most of its points to a single retrofit state at a time.

Martin didn't waste any more time taking care of it, and he was moving to Long Fire Village.


Long Fire Village,

Long Fire Village was a village that made a living by selling the pure version of the mines and picking up the wild flowers in the mountains around the village.,different than other villages they generate income from the trading caravans around the cities. The village had at least 500 people, and a lot of people, in general, were dealing with mining, collecting and hunting in a certain way.

The size of the village was not much, but it could not be said to be small. There were at least more than 300 single-story houses built using more than stones and wood because there were 500 people. There were only three two-story houses in the village.

One of these houses was the one who lived as the Village Mayor, who was responsible for the management of the village, he was a middle aged fat man named Albert, and he had a young beautiful wife.

The other good house owner was an old man known as the Wiseman of the village, and this old man was the one who wandered around and told the people and the village's children how to follow the path after they became shapeshifters. This man's name was known to the villagers as Malwan and was loved and respected by all the villagers.
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The last person was a beautiful 25-year-old young woman living in a two-story house that she had built with her power a little further from the center of the village, which is not exactly known to other people. It was not known who the woman was, and her name was Elise.


The woman, named Elise, the most mysterious person in the village, was not interested in people and was just going down to the village center to pick up certain things and shop. Other than that, he didn't leave much of his house. Some people in the village described Elise as a malicious "witch.". Others thought he wasn't a human being and that he was an angel living among people.


Around the time of the sun, a young man with black clothes on top of the village and a beautiful face came with a green-eyed and dirty beard. But then they just thought he was a normal person when they saw him walking around and chatting with people from time to time, and kept his thoughts away from him.

This person was naturally Martin,

When Martin came to the village, he didn't start killing people directly as he had in mind. If he did that, he knew the situation would become dangerous. He wasn't afraid of anyone in full. The situation he feared was that he didn't know. In short, he was afraid of "unknown", and that was normal.

After touring the village and in the area of the market, Martin gathered information about Elise, Malwan, and Albert. He heard the villagers talking about something at the time.

"Do you know ?"

The middle-aged man spoke to the other middle-aged man who was holding a pickaxe on his shoulder next to him. From the way they looked at each other, it was obvious that these two people had been friends for a long time.

"From what topic ?"

The middle-aged man, who didn't know what his friend was going to talk about, smiled and started talking.

"Elise and Malwan, somewhere in the center of the village, will check if young people are a shapeshifter."

The man with the pickaxe in his hand raised his eyebrows and asked.

"Why would they do such a thing ?"

The man who was talking about it shook his head and answered.

"I don't have any information about this. But as far as I can tell, this is going to happen in a few hours. If I didn't work today, it wouldn't affect me. So I'm going to go watch."

The man with the pickaxe answered after confirming with his head.

"I'll bring my son, he's never been tested, maybe he'll be skilled and he'll be eligible to be a shapeshifter."

After hearing those words, Martin knew where to go.

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