Shapeshifter System
35 Fire Demon - Chapter 35
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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35 Fire Demon - Chapter 35

After Killing the person who had turned into Sea Spirit Archer, Martin first checked his status and score.

«Paradigna Active»


«Martin Bloodfire»

«Soul Power = 1.7» (1 Soul Power = 1 More Creature to transform -)

« HP = 100% »
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«Shapeshifting» = « Shadow Demon»

Paradigna Points = 9350

Status Points = 0

Paradigna Shapeshifting Market» (Online) / Online – Refreshed -


Martin was really surprised when he saw his condition. Only one, Expert Shapeshifter, had given him a score of 5,000 to kill. It was a real thing. But it was understandable.

Although from the outside, it seemed that Martin had killed his opponents very comfortably. But it's the first time Martin's ever killed an Expert Level Shapeshifter. If he'd made the wrong mistake, he wouldn't even be alive right now.

If Sea Spirit Archer had noticed himself. He could have killed himself in one shot with the arrow he sent. In short, Martin was quite shunted. If the creature had spotted him before him, he could have taken his life when he attacked from a distance.

Martin, it was just, he was in good glory, and he killed his opponent by attacking beautifully. That's the only reason he won.


These thoughts warned Martin to go down a different path. Normally, Martin wanted to collect points and take a new creature and try to improve it. But as far as he sees now, this plan didn't make much sense.

"First of all, I must at least elevate my power to Lord's Level. That's how I'll have a foundation. And then I can spend time developing other things."

That's what Martin thought. But, of course, the market was currently visible. He wanted to check it out because of the possibility of a beautiful creature.


"Paradigna Market Active"

Martin's words, along with three new creatures, appeared in front of him.

"Stone Sword Servant"

"STR = 2.0"

"Agility = 1.6"

"Endurance = .1.6"

"INT = 1.0"

Price = 25,000 Paradigna Points

"Old Stone statue of a sword master, can fight with a stone sword, and use his gaze to stone other weak level creatures"


"Winged Raptor"

"STR = 1.5"

"Agility = 2.1"

"Endurance = 1.1"

"INT = 1.2"

Price = 25,000 Paradigna Points


Raptor from the Earth - / Can Fly with wings )


"Fire Demon"

"STR = 1.3"

"Agility = 1.4"

"Endurance = 1.9"

"Int = 3.2"

Price = 40,000 Points

"Have 2 spells, Fireball, Fire Arrow / Daily use of 25 each"


Martin didn't care much about other creatures except fire demon. At the same time, as he understood, if the creature named Fire Demon were in front of him right now and there was the distance between them - Martin certainly wouldn't have escaped the attacks. Another point he understood was this.

Although INT represents the magnifying power, the faster the person's use of the attack and the attack was activated at the same time. Int, owned by Fire Demon, was in a position to prevent Martin from escaping during the attack.

Martin liked the creature and was happy to be the Demon type. But he couldn't help but think about it. Did he have to move forward from the Demon Genre now? Would that make sense?

Martin, after a short time of thought, decided to lock up and locked the market. Afterward, he began to examine the status of the Shadow Demon.


"Shadow Demon"

"W2 – Demon - / World Level – Expert Shapeshifter"

"STR" = 1.2"

"Agility = 2.1"

"Endurance = 1.4"

"INT" = "1.0"


"Turn Shadow – User can turn into a shadow for 10 seconds & 3 Hours Cooldown"

"Two Ways Shadow – User can teleport between shadow for 2 times / 1 Day Cooldown" / Max Distance - 100 Meters


Martin spoke with his decision after examining the creature's condition a little bit. There was no indecision in his voice. He thought it would be best if it was like this.

"System, transfer all my points to Shadow Demon, Agility."

With Martin's words, the system asked him to approve.

"Do you approve"

Martin, who only confirmed it and approved it, had great pain in his entire body and his body began to change visibly. A few minutes later, Martin realized that speed, detection, attack speed and so on had changed dramatically.

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