Shapeshifter System
33 Balances - Cities - Organizations - Chapter - 33
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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33 Balances - Cities - Organizations - Chapter - 33

After Martin left town, he set off directly without much attention, and the first thing he did was that he went into the woods after he was old enough. After we entered the forest, he found a tree, and after he got on top of it, he started examining the map.

The map was not too much detailed. But it was level enough to start. For that reason, Matin didn't care much about it.

He examined the map over an average time. And then he started thinking.

"In general, there are three villages around that have caught my attention. None of these villages are close to shapeshifter organizations or academies."

After Martin thought about it, he was beginning to understand some things. Many of the maps were not drawn in general regularly and beautifully. Because even the people who lived on the planet, they didn't know exactly what was going on around here.

Martin's map managed to map an area just 1,000 km long. Martin saw 6 different shapeshifter organizations, 5 cities, and exactly 20 villages.

After taking a deep breath, Martin began to think about the organizations.

"Fire Mountain Shapeshifter Organization"

"Night Owl Shapeshifter Organization"

"Dead Graveyard Shapeshifter Organization"

"Wind Soul Shapeshifter Organization"

"Mud Turtle Shapeshifter Organization"

Martin wrote these organizations one by one on the paper he bought from the library and began to think.

"The power level of all organizations is almost the same, at least that should be the key reason they survive. I don't know anything about this, but apart from these organizations, another organization is shown in capital letters and has the center in the largest city on the map."

After these thoughts, Martin began writing the organization he was talking about on paper.

"Union Of Shapeshifters - Branch"

Martin thought this organization had general control over shapeshifters. It was also on the map as "Branch". In short, this was just a point that served as the representative branch of a major organization.

After Martin understood that much, he began to focus on cities.

"Wolf City"

"Sword Blade City"

"Lion Roar City"

"Magic Dream City"

"King Spear City"


After his research, Martin understood how the balance works.

"There are three basic occurrence shapes."

"Shapeshifter Organizations"

"City Administrations"


Martin didn't learn to write academies either. He just kept looking at the map without caring, after a little bit of a look and decided where to go.


After an hour of scrutiny, Martin stood up and began to move quickly after becoming a shadow demon.

As a result of his research, he chose the village where he would go to "Long Fire Village". Long Fire Village was the closest organization covered with mountains and the most remote human place to the city.

Martin noticed that the organization closest to Long Fire Village was "Mud Turtle Shapeshifter Organization", but even this event was at least 150 km away from them.

At the same time, the city closest to them was King Spear City, but this city was further away from them than the organization and was unable to send them help when an emergency was in case of an emergency.

Naturally, the fact that it is closed with mountains made the people of this village cold from the outer dream.


Martin didn't naturally care about this kind of thing. What Martin cared about was that there was no harm to his existence.

Therefore, he began to move towards the village in no time. There was a 200km road from where it was found to the village. If they could go with all his might in no time, he could have reached the village in at least five hours.


Magic Dream City - Tower Of Shapeshifter Union -

An old white-bearded man took a deep breath after reading the letter in his hand, and he had his hand touched the table several times. A certain man, who looked like a young man with a dirty beard waiting at the door with his touch on the table, but because he was old, entered the room.
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The old man looked at the man with a dirty beard and started talking.

"Review the letter and send a team to investigate the matter. Go yourself if you have to. Do this in secret, you have the full authority if the people making the mistakes in the letter."

The man with the beard confirmed it with his head and left the roomter receiving the letter.

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