Shapeshifter System
32 Shapeshifters Union - Chapter 32 -
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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32 Shapeshifters Union - Chapter 32 -

Since the Silver Fire Academy weakened, they were only one Lord Shapeshifter that controlling them. That's why the power they had around was down to very low levels.
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The Fire Mountain Organization was able to quell the problems that had easily gone around. After that, they reported the situation to Black Day Academy, and the Black Day Academy had done what was necessary and took over the region and resources of the Silver Fire Academy.

A few hours later, they removed the symbol of the Silver Fire Academy from its location at 8:00 a.m. and placed the symbol of the Black Day Shapeshifter academy.

Soon after, they had attached all kinds of goods, structures or agricultural areas owned by the Silver Fire Academy. A lot of things in Wolf City were connected in this way.

The Wolf City Organization was, on average, as strong as the Black Day Academy in normal circumstances, but with this new development, the Black Day Academy, which had the resources and the goods of a formerly powerful academy, was now in a stronger position. At the same time, behind them was the Fire Mountain Organization, which alone was a much stronger formation than they were.

In the early hours of the morning, inside an official institution affiliated with the Wolf City Administration, the man in his 50s sitting in a leather seat behind a desk took a deep breath and examined the documents that had come to him.

"The situation is about to become a big deal for us"

The man's face became disgusted as he keeps read the documents. He could see everything. To stop it, he had one thing to do. But he didn't want to go forward.

At the beginning of the incident, he could see that the Fire Mountain Shapeshifter organization was the mind master of all these incidents because back then he was a consultant to the small-level noble families of the former. That's why he wasn't far from this kind of thing. But he was still disturbed.

Taken from the Silver Fire Academy, the Black Day Academy would soon strengthen with their resources and then attack the Wolf City Administration,

the city's management of which it is located. After that, the Fire Mountain Shapeshifter Organization would emerge and appear as a rescuer. In this way, they would become a slave to the organization, albeit without expressing doubt.

The man took another deep breath and began writing after removing a leather paper from under his desk.

"I'm Villian Marcel, I present to you the situation I'm talking about alongside this letter, and Before things get bigger, I want you to intervene in the situation. Your help will not be forgotten."

After writing a few words, Villian looked at the paper once more and wrote the message where it was going to be sent.

"The Shapeshifters Union"



Martin slept as much as he could. Because he was in the woods all the time in general, and his body was exhausted. At the same time, he realized that evolution affected fatigue in his physique. That's why he slept without stopping it. He wasn't aware of a lot of the events. But he didn't care much because he already figured out what was going to happen.

After wearing it, he got out of his room and started walking the streets of the city after having breakfast in the inn.

There were a lot of people around in the street, but there was a strange look on each person's face. That wasn't weird. At least Martin realized that everything he predicted had happened, rather than what people thought of.

After a while, he broke into a tailor's shop and bought two sets of clothes for 20 coppers. Both of the clothes were comfortable for him.

The classic black tight fabric was a dressing suit that didn't prevent it from moving, and just above it was the same tightness and comfortable outfit. He bought a coat-like coat-like outfit on top of these clothes because it seemed strange to walk around with them.


After unraveling the necessary clothing business, he began to move to the center of the city and research to buy a safe map.

After asking a few people, he knew that the City Library was the best map-selling place. So he went to the library without wasting much time and within minutes he took the map and paid 20 copper coins. That way, he paid about 50 of his money, and there were only 70 copper coins left.

It wasn't a problem for him. Because it made more sense to hunt for himself and take the money of the people he killed. Why did it work like normal people,

Martin quickly left the city after finishing his work because he realized that the city had become a bad situation and that he had to leave the city.

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