Shapeshifter System
31 Black Day Academy - Plan - Chapter 31 -
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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31 Black Day Academy - Plan - Chapter 31 -

Martin started eating without thinking too much. He started listening to the young people who were in the back talking when he ate his dinner.


"Arnold, if I remember correctly tomorrow, the Fire Mountain Organization will send certain people to the city. They will go to the Black Day Academy and the Silver Fire Academy, check certain things and take exams."

A young black-haired man looked at his friend with green eyes and a beautiful face.
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A young man named Arnold smiled and started talking.

"It's true what you're saying - the Black Day Academy, contacted the Fire Mountain organization and said Silver Fire Academy can't afford to be an academic shapeshifter organization. For this reason, they said they wanted their land and resources to grow to be are more powerful academy."

The black-haired man looked at his friend and answered, surprised.

"What they said then?"

Arnold smiled and kept talking.

"Naturally, the Silver Fire Academy responded to this incident. After separating the students who had tried to fight each other, Black Day Academy re-made this declaration with the reason of Silver Fire Students attacked their students, and as a result, the Fire Mountain Organization sent 10 shapeshifters to the city. Two of these shapeshifters are At Lord Level, 5 at Expert level and the other are Shapeshifters at the student level."

When the young black-haired man heard about it, he approved it with his head.

"Well, will this affect the city?"

A young man named Arnold smiled. He shook his head and started talking.

"If the Silver Fire can't pass through the research, its territory and everything they have will be transferred to the Black Day Academy and this will cause the Black Day Academy to grow as a force and they will become the largest force of shapeshifters in the city. With the power they will have, they can also oppose the Wolf City administration and then control the entire city."

The black-haired teenager was lightly swallowed upon this information.


As Martin continued to eat, he took a deep breath. Then, after paying the required 10 copper money, he began to climb towards the room he had hired. The price of the dish was 5 copper - at the same time, the room's one-day price was 5. That's why he left 10 coppers.


Martin went into his room and locked the door behind. When he examined his room, he realized there was nothing but a simple bed and a table. Other than that, he began to question the speeches that were under him with his own opinion.

"Fire Mountain Organization, coming here. with the notice of Black Day Academy, because Silver Fire Academy is not strong and can't do the growing and teaching the students job, So they want to research by Fire Mountain Organization.

Martin took another light breath and sat in his bed.

"After this event, the students of the Black Day and Silver Fire academies are intertwined. Black Day can use it to speed things up and adjust it to tomorrow."

Martin smiled.

"The Black Day Academy knows that they need Silver Fire Academy land and its resources to get stronger. When they reach those resources and strengthen, the power of the management of Wolf City will not matter to them, and they will take control of Wolf City and increase the power they have to just below the Fire Mountain Organization."

After thinking about it, Martin reached for a light bed and smiled again.

"The Fire Mountain Organization is aware of them. So they're going to do everything they can to strengthen the Black Day academy, which is under their own. They are going to blame everything to them and take over the city again. In this way, it will be seen as an organization that saves them in the eyes of people who will not have taken over the city by force, as the Black Day Academy."

Martin fell asleep with those words. He understood everything and already knew what to do. Martin continued to sleep - it was next in the morning, and there was a group of horse-drawn carriages and six horses inside the city. This carriage was red and had a volcanic symbol mark on it by the Fire Mountain Shapeshifter Organization.

The group that entered the city quickly moved around without wasting time, moving into the Silver Fire academy, and at that time the Black Day academy noticed the situation and quickly came to them.

The Fire Mountain Lord Shapeshifts - who examined the area and tried the strength of the students, and because they weren't enough - they decided to close the Silver Fire Academy. After making the decision, they took the leader of the Silver Fire Academy and the power to shapeshift themselves and allowed the students to disperse.

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