Shapeshifter System
29 Selling The Meat - Chapter 29
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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29 Selling The Meat - Chapter 29

Martin was able to get through the gates of Wolf City without too much problem. Technological development has not progressed much in parts of the city where it is located now in the small cities around here. Therefore, diploma and bureaucracy had not much improved to.

Martin was able to get into the city without having to need a document that would reveal any identities or a similar information about himself. and of course he did not had things to sell to.Actually he did think that taking the items of young boys that he killed back then.But he still did not took their item.He didn't take them because it was dangerous, and at the same time because he knew that the objects and valuables in the bodies of the young people he killed would be a nuisance for him.

he was just have a Single Horned Deer, meat and horn. He was thinking about selling these and earning a little something. Other than that, the only point he regretted was not taking the copper or silver coins on top of the young people.


Martin knew it was a stupid move. Although personal items were can be followed, things like money could not be followed. But eventually, Martin was a human being. Even if he was smart and manipulative, there were situations he missed and did not think.


Inside the city's door, Martin knew the weather was still dark and there are little bit time before morning. Therefore, it was a very convenient time for him to do research. For example, easily, no one could go directly to the market and sell these products because they had a product.

If he wanted to open a market, he had to issue a document to trade first. After that, he had to give a certain proportion of every sale he made to the Wolf City administration. There was no government or similar oligarchical or monarchical order in which the surrounding cities were generally connected.

As he realized, the official governments around him depended on shapeshifter organizations or academies. As you can see from here, the most important thing was that the people were still their forces. The strongest was someone with the most authority and wealth.

That wasn't surprising to Martin. In his world, even an amateur could use a "pistol" to kill himself by using a skilled shot. But in the world he's in now, normal people have almost no chance of damaging shapeshifters.

Martin understood that and didn't feel uncomfortable about it. For him, every being was a private target to get stronger and kill.


Martin began looking for a clear, butcher or a hunting place that could take the meat and horn on it because he knew there was no money on it. After a little strolling, he found a simple shop by reading the icons and writings on the signs. There was writing on the brown door at the entrance to the shop.

"Briston Butcher"

Martin thought this place could take the meat he was wearing. In fact, under normal circumstances, the meat would break down quickly. But martin's meat and horn - an animal named Singe Horned Deer, but still had a transition as a creature. That's why it took at least a few weeks for the meat to deteriorate.

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Martin came in in in no time. Martin approached slowly and put the meat and horn on the table, in the straw bag. Afterward, he spoke in a calm but cold tone. If a psychologist had seen the way Martin spoke. He knew something was different. But there was no way I could understand something about martin's words, the man and the teenager who were in a simple meat shop.


Middle-aged, he swam martin a little bit first. Then he made a sign to the young man. The young man brought a tool to measure the weight of meat, along with the sign. The middle-aged man began talking after measuring the weight of the meat and shaking his head confirming it.

"Single Horned Deer, meat, up to 30 kg here. I'll give you three coppers per kilo.the total wage is 90 copper, but this is the first time I've seen you. That's why I'm going to give you one silver."

Martin approved his head and spoke.

"If possible, can you give the money in the form of copper."

The middle-aged man pointed out that there would be no problem, and then handed over the two-punch copper money from the bottom of the table to Martin, with 100 copper coins in it.

After Martin took the money, he pointed to the horn.

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