Shapeshifter System
28 Testing The New Shapeshifting Creature - Chapter 28
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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28 Testing The New Shapeshifting Creature - Chapter 28

User is Expert Shapeshifter"

"Market will reveal, Expert Level Shapeshifting Creatures"

«Paradigna Active»


«Martin Bloodfire»

«Soul Power = 1.7» (1 Soul Power = 1 More Creature to transform -)

« HP = 100% »

«Shapeshifting» = « Shadow Demon»

Paradigna Points = 4350

Status Points = 0

Paradigna Shapeshifting Market» (Online) / Online – Refreshed -


When Martin saw his condition, he started thinking.

"My Soul Power level has gone up, it's a good situation. Other than that, the points I need to earn are up. If I want to pass the Expert Level quickly and move to Lord Level, I'm going to have to give all my Paradigna Points to "Agility."
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Martin was starting to think for himself. If he wanted to move forward and evolve quickly - "Agility", the highest stat score that he has now, and best part is If he didn't get it wrong, 190,000 Paradigna Points was necessary for the leveling up the Lord Level with just one stat category. That meant, at least, He have to kill about 190 Shapeshifter. It looked easy, but killing each shapeshifter was a problem in itself.


Martin shook his head. Afterward, he took a deep breath.

"For now, I'm going to turn into Shadow Demon and try to get used to it. Then I'll go downtown and gather some information. And I can go the villages around here, and massacre villagers earn points easily."

That's what Martin had come up with. If he went to the city, he could get a map from there, and with this map, he could find villagers and their villages that placed in the where shapeshifters and organizations not wanted to live , and by killing all of the people, he would satisfy himself and earn points at the same time. A normal person averaged 200 points. If he went to a village made from about 200 people , after the massacre he can earn about 40.000 Points , this is mean 4.0 Points to stats so it is nice to know there are always people around for him to kill.


After Martin continued to set up his plans in his head, his transformation took place and he began to feel the strength and speed of his body. Compared to his almost previous transformations, he was feeling so different - strong at the moment, that the stock had fainted. After Martin came down from the tree, he stretched slightly and jumped upwards with all his power. He was able to jump 30 meters easily because he used all his power. He knew he could jump 20 17 meters easily if he used a little power.


After Martin jumped, he was put in a tree and, at all the speed he had, he jumped from tree to tree. There was at least three times the difference compared to its previous speed and had a bit of difficulty getting used to it - because when it accelerated with full meaning, it was slightly blurry, and their perceptions, especially their own human perceptions, had difficulty detecting this situation. But there was no problem because he knew he could get used to it.

After doing a speed test, like running, he realized that his speed was on average 130 km /h. If he pushed harder, he could go 150 km/h.

Martin came to the front of a large rock to try his new paws. There were trees and vines surrounded by rock. It was evening. It's been about 10 hours since it began to evolve.


After looking towards the stone, he raised his right hand and came up with his thinking, black, thin but also hard and strong claws that were sharp on both sides but did not damage his own body. Martin attacked the rock with a slight blow with his paws. With the attack on the rock, his paws had entered a few inches of rock. Martin smiled.

"If I attack by giving me strength, I can go 10 15 cm in."

He thought. If he could do something like this on a rock, probably what he'd do to fleshy creatures like human beings. He couldn't even guess.


After finishing their work in general, Martin began to move towards the city with all his might. When he saw Wolf City, which was not far from where it was, it became a human form and began to move towards their doors.

Wolf City was about 10 miles in size - and it had at least 50,000 to 100,000. When Martin saw that the walls of the city were made of reinforced wood, he could not have slightly prevented anything else from coming to mind. Maybe this city was a new city that started to move from town to town, and there were no extra-strong shapeshifters in it.

Who knows, maybe Martin didn't have to go too far to hunt.

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