Shapeshifter System
27 Shadow Demon - Chapter 27 -
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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27 Shadow Demon - Chapter 27 -

Martin was starting to read the other creature's card.

"Claw Demon"

"W2 – Demon - / World Level – Expert Shapeshifter"

"STR" = 1.9"

"Agility = 1.5"

"Endurance = 1.2"

"INT" = "1.0"


"Humanoid Body – 2 Meters"

"Body Weight – 80 KG"

"Retractable Claws – 1 Meter Long!"

"Body Weight = 30 KG" = 7 CM"

"Thick Leather"

This time, the creature he saw was a high version of the Claw Demon Minion, the creature he currently owns. Overall, it had all kinds of identical images. But unlike the Claw Demon Minion, his physical structure and claws were more than 1 meter long, and Martin could pull those claws back at any time. In terms of stat situations, the Claw Demon was slightly stronger, but the Sharp Tailed Demon was faster and generally better.

If Martin think between Claw Demon vs Sharp Tailed Demon on evolution, he would choose the Sharp Tailed Demon.there was a big difference in terms of usefulness to work between the two.

If he chose the Claw Demon, he wouldn't change much except for more power in general. But if he chose the Sharp Tailed Demon, he could attack differently thanks to the tail, and therefore he could move on a different path.

In short, he'd have a chance to fight more.

Martin put that thought aside and looked at the last card.

"Shadow Demon"

"W2 – Demon - / World Level – Expert Shapeshifter"

"STR" = 1.2"

"Agility = 2.1"

"Endurance = 1.4"

"INT" = "1.0"


"Humanoid Body – 1.85 Meters"

"Body Weight – 75 KG"

"Shadow Claws / Black Claws 60 cm / Retractable Claws"

"Body Weight = 30 KG"

"Thick Leather"

When Martin saw the last creature, he got a little excited. asking the system a question.

"System, how much should the stat status be for the next evolution?"

A few seconds later, the Paradigna System answered him.

"At least one stat must reach 10.0."

Martin made a confirmation sign with his head and asked another question.

", I can't see the abilities of the creatures.I want to know the reason of it"

A few seconds later, the system responded the same way. He also gave him another story that made him happy this time.

"The user can only see the abilities of the creature that evolved. In the first few days, this feature was given to the user by the system. However, the user can now only see the capabilities of the creature that has evolved or purchased from the system. Also, creatures at the "W2" level have two skills."

The system had enough talk. Martin turned his eyes back into a creature called Shadow Demon and began watching.

Shadow Demon had a black skin color and a black eye, compared to others. The claws of this creature, which had no color on it, looked as if they were part of its body. It wasn't just that - the system wanted to say that this creature, in general, was stronger because of the stat situation.

It was also a "speed"-based creature, as Martin wanted. Martin generally didn't want to stay in this situation anymore, so he made his choice with the thinking for a while and did his endorsement without letting the system ask him.
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"System, the creature I chose for the path of evolution is "Shadow Demon", I also approve"

This time, the system did not ask for any approval because it had already been approved. At that time, Martin was unconscious again. When he opened his eyes, he was back on the planet, and he was in the tree hollow he entered before he evolved.

Martin immediately checked his condition and the creature's condition.

"Shadow Demon"

"W2 – Demon - / World Level – Expert Shapeshifter"

"STR" = 1.2"

"Agility = 2.1"

"Endurance = 1.4"

"INT" = "1.0"


"Turn Shadow – User can turn into a shadow for 10 seconds & 3 Hours Cooldown"

"Two Ways Shadow – User can teleport between shadow for 2 times / 1 Day Cooldown" / Max Distance - 100 Meters

Martin liked his talents. But, of course, he wasn't going to act without looking at his condition.

So he didn't waste much time and told the system he had to show himself the situation to examine his condition.

After a few seconds, the system made a little noise and showed him his status by giving him a little announcement.

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