Shapeshifter System
26 Evolution Thinking - Chapter 26 -
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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26 Evolution Thinking - Chapter 26 -

Martin was a psychopath who didn't care about people in general. At the same time, it wasn't just the case. Martin didn't care about people in general - not the living things, and any other presence except himself.

So he didn't ask about other people's names because he didn't care about things like names - he had already forgotten the faces of the people he had already killed. But that didn't mean he had no thoughts or knowledge to deal with and deal with people.

Martin was able to show a sense of friendship, love and so on like that as an expert actor, and he knew how to manipulate people. Most of these were the skills that different perspectives brought.


Martin soon dodged unnecessary thoughts and asked the system to show him the status of the Claw Demon Minion.

« Name = «Claw Demon Minion»

Level = W1-Demon / World Level – Student Level Shapeshifting Creature -

Strength = 0.9

Agility = 1.1 (Evolution Possible)

Vitality = 0.2

Intelligence = 0.1
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After looking at the situation, Martin spoke to the system without thinking any more.

"System, Transfer 1000 Paradigna Points to Strength."

After Martin's words, the Paradigna system spoke to him and asked him to approve it.

"Do you confirm that 1000 points will be deleted?"

Martin pretended to take a deep breath, but he didn't take a deep breath. After all, he couldn't breathe a deep breath every time he made the decision.

"I approve."

A few seconds after Martin confirmed it, pains were starting all over his body.

After only 2 or three minutes, the process was over. But right now, Martin felt he was at least two or three times stronger.

Martin looked lightly at his condition after the procedure was over.

Now, STR and Agility, 1.0 a was completed and could evolve by combining the two.

Martin thought about other situations. He was sure to bring all his stat status to 1.0 and become a stronger creature if it evolved, but he still knew it would take time. Especially the Int part was going to push him very hard.

Therefore, because he did not want to spend any more time on these issues - both thought for a few seconds because endurance or Int did not support the style of war, and spoke with the system.

"System, W1 – Claw for Demon Minion, start the evolution, use Agility and STR for evolution."

With Martin's words, a few ding voices began to come from the system. At the time, the system had little information.

"Do you approve? (Irreversible)"

Martin said he never thought and approved it.

"I approve."

Martin lost consciousness with his words. And when he opened his eyes, he realized there was nothing around him in a dark place. He wasn't having trouble breathing, but he was sure he didn't.

He began to hear the familiar voice of the system in the order.

"The user evolved using STR and Agility."

"The Name of the Creature Evolved – W1 – Claw Demon Shapeshifter"

"Investigations have been done"

"The user was given three ways of evolution."

"The user is being asked to choose a path."

"New System Information Opened – (Physical Appearance)

Martin heard these words from the system at intervals of 2 seconds, and then the dark area lit up and three large creature cards appeared right in front of his eyes.

Martin began reading his first creature card in no time.

"Sharp Tailed Demon"

"W2 – Demon - / World Level – Expert Shapeshifter"

"STR" = 1.3"

"Agility = 1.7"

"Endurance = 1.1"

"INT" = "1.0"


"Humanoid Body – 2 Meters"

"Body Weight – 80 KG"

"Sharp And Piercing Tail – 3 Meter Tall"

// This is only for the evolution chapters not in the every status screen //

"Body Weight = 30 KG"

"Black Claws = 7 CM"

"Thick Leather"


Martin could have said he liked the creature's exterior. Like classic evil creatures, he had a grayish color with blackish, his eyes were blue and physically - he looked like an athlete. It also looked like a creature that could attack strong and fast with its pointed and strong-looking tail.


Martin was naturally going to look at two other creatures before he chose this creature.

His general idea before he looked was that W1 – Claw Demon Minion, the creature he was previously found in, was very weak to these creatures,

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