Shapeshifter System
25 Happy Killer - Chapter 25
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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25 Happy Killer - Chapter 25

The young man, who had turned into a Rock Minion, was quickly trying to run over the road towards Wolf City. But the area where the creature he had was strong wasn't speed or agility. That's why he was running in a similar to people's running speed. Of course, this was not the same for Weak Nightmare Wolf.

As a generally fast creature, The Weak Nightmare Wolf was easily attack, the Rock Minion, but he wasn't going to attack him even he have chance to do so. He knew he'd be in trouble if he attacked, and he knew he'd get a lot of damage in the chase of counterattack.

He was relieved to see Martin, who was running too fast, without having to think too much. The teenager's thoughts towards Martin were quite satisfiable and did not have any general meaning.

He was just happy that he was helping him and his friend. Of course, he didn't think about his friend's condition because he was confused at the time - Martin - who soon caught up with the Rock Minion, attacked him with a direct claw stroke. But The Rock Minion raised his arms and raised it over his head to protect his important body part. Although his defense was good - both of his arms were severely damaged and he could not defense again with the same attack.

At that point, The Rock Minion chose to forgot to responding or counter attacking completely and began to move to the city as fast he can.It was just after the hill and he just need run about 700 to 800 metres for the protection.


Of course, Martin and his side, The Weak Nightmare Wolf, were also quite aware of this situation, so, Weak Nightmare Wolf, which he was already after using all his power, jumped on the Rock Minion and broke his stone-made legs with his chin. Immediately after that, Rock Minion turned around and punched the weak nightmare wolf in the head, hanging on his leg.

With the punch being thrown, Weak Nightmare Wolf, he collapsed slightly and blood began to flow through his head. He's done some solid damage. Of course, when all this happened, Martin didn't stand idly by and pierced the head of the Rock Minion with his claws. After this drilling attack, the Rock Minion collapsed directly to the ground.

Shapeshifters, who had elemental transformation creatures, were re-becoming human forms after they died. Weak Nightmare Wolf smiled slightly after the Rock Minion collapsed and turned into human form again. At that time, Martin, Weak Nightmare Wolf, approached a slowly. There was a look on your face that a friend looked at as if he were looking at his friend.

Weak Nightmare Wolf couldn't help but smile. If it wasn't for this new man who came to help them, his friend and himself would have been killed by a shapeshifter from the Black Day Academy. But now he's found himself a new friend. And these friends were pretty strong.

At the time, Martin crouched on the ground and severed the head of The Weak Nightmare Wolf with an extremely fast and powerful blow.

Martin took a deep breath a few seconds later and closed his eyes. He had a very nice and glorious situation. That's why he was happy and in the good head. He also had a chance to kill people.

Weak Nightmare Wolf died too quickly to regret it, even in his final thoughts.

Martin took the bodies that were left out of his back and threw them right in the woods next to the road. Afterward, he entered the forest and after a few hours, he entered one of the hollows of a high tree and took a deep breath after making sure he would not be seen from the outside and began talking to the system.

"System, analyze situations and show me how many points I have."

"Status is showing"


«Paradigna Active»


«Martin Bloodfire»

«Soul Power = 1.4» (1 Soul Power = 1 More Creature to transform -

« HP = 100% »

«Shapeshifting» = « Demon Claw Minion»

Paradigna Points = 5350

Status Points = 0

Paradigna Shapeshifting Market» (Offline) / 9 Hours – Refreshing -


Martin smiled lightly when he saw his score and soul power. Martin had a different side to normal people. Rather, compared to normal shapeshifters - Soul Power could strengthen and get stronger and move along that path.

Of course, Martin wasn't thinking about these issues at the moment, but having creatures with different powers in the future would give him a good advantage to surprise him.
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