Shapeshifter System
24 Betrayal The Naive Kid - Chapter 24 -
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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24 Betrayal The Naive Kid - Chapter 24 -


With the teenager who had turned into Weak Nighmare Dog, they didn't understand what they were going to do with this new demon-like shapeshifter came to help them. But at the same time, they weren't too bothered by the situation. If the the monster that killed their enemy which is Poison Horse most likely will be their friend. There wouldn't be any harm to them for any time. At the same time, they had no longer been afraid because they were not outnumbered like the last time.

Martin started talking lightly. Even if shapeshifters had naturally transformed, they had the ability to speak in the form of a creature. There were investigations into this, but they didn't realize why they could talk. In general, they attributed it to the "human intelligence" situation they had later.

"Spear warrior, the lion will soon fly away when he try to fly , throw the spear in your hand and take it down before he fly in the to city. Dog, get the other man's attention, I'll help you to finish it."

Martin's words made the young people a little uncomfortable. They didn't like to take orders, but it could have been understood that the tactic he was talking about was normal and logical. He was also an experienced person with them, as much as they understood the way they fought and the attack tactic.
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The transformation classification of creatures in Martin's system and its powers were not the same as the surrounding world.

W1 - Transformation Creatures – They were classified as Student Shapeshifter.

W2 – Conversion creatures – Classified as Expert Shapeshifter.

W3 was classified as Lord Shapeshifter in general.

Martin had just gotten this information. The system was constantly updating the information in general. In short, Martin understood that the system's information might not have been accurate. He was likening the system to a computer, bringing the information from the database he had as a computer to Martin.

But the information in a computer database could have worn out over time. If the computer is not active, it will not be able to obtain new information and the information it gives will not be valid.


After looking at each other for a while, Rock Minion and Winged Lion agreed, trying to escape. Rock Minion knew he had little speed, but the city wasn't far away. He thought if he could run hard enough, and if he could defend, he could survive. Meanwhile, the Winged Lion would fly to Wolf City much faster than he did and alert security. That's how they were thinking of running away.

But what they didn't know was Martin, who was involved in a lot of battles and struggles. Martin realized what they were going to do a long time ago and told the young people next to him.


Winged Lion, all of a sudden, he was flapping his wings and getting out of the air. The same shape rock minion turned around and started running. There were a few kilometers between where they were and the city. If Winged Lion could fly, he could reach the city in 3 4 minutes.


At the time, the Winged Lion had something he didn't expect. A few seconds after trying to fly, the young man, who had a spear in his hand, threw a spear at him and fell to the ground because he was not expecting the attack.


He looked at the Rock Minion for help - and a few seconds later all he saw was big long black claws.

Martin took advantage of the creature's injury and took all the speed and strength to the fallen lion with a single paw blow to the head. After Martin naturally smiled, he looked at the running Rock Minion. Weak Nightmare Dog, as he said, ran from behind this creature.

At that time, Earth Spear Warior came to him and looked at the Winged Lion lying on the floor.

"That's the result of insulting my school."

After Earth Spear Warior said his words, he turned into human form and took a deep breath and turned his back. But there was something he never expected at the time. With the pain, he started vomiting blood. He collapsed before he knew what was going on, and before he died, he began to look at Martin, who killed him. At that time, he found strength to say a few words and spoke.

"Why did you kill him?."

Martin had no facial expressions. Without saying anything, he dismembered and killed the head of the young man, who had already turned into a human being with another claw stroke.

Martin couldn't stop thinking about it.

"It makes sense not to answer a dying person's question."

With this idea, the dog began to run from behind the creature and the stone creature. His goal was to quickly kill the stone creature and wait for the shapeshifter, which had also become a dog, to turn into a human being again and to kill it quickly.

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