Shapeshifter System
23 Take Side From The Weak - Chapter 23
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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23 Take Side From The Weak - Chapter 23

"Earth Spear Warrior"

"W1 - - Elemental"

"STR = 0.4"

"Agility = 0.1"

"Endurance = 0.7"

"Int = 0.0"

Martin smiled lightly. This creature had almost nothing to stand out about and was a fairly simple and powerless creature. It was probably the same level of the creature as the Black Weak Wolf he encountered when he first came into this world.

But then there was something that surprised him. The creature that the other young boy from the Silver Fire Academy transformed was very different.
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Martin looked at the creature's return with interest. The creature was shaped like a dog. But it wasn't a normal dog. It had a purple color with a complete weird fur, and it was as if it had a wet look, it feathers were intertwined.

His purple eyes were deeply looking at people who were in front of him. Martin instinctively saw that the dog was not very strong, but when he thought about it in general, the dog's evolutionary trait was very important and powerful.

In short, if he could develop and evolve the young dog that had evolved into this dog, he would have a very strong creature transformation.

When Martin focused on the dog with the system, he realized his thoughts were quite normal.

"Weak Nightmare Dog"

"W1 – Anomaly"

"Str = 0.3"

"Agility = 0.7"

"Endurance = 0.5"

"Int = 0.7"

After taking a deep breath, Martin continued to monitor the events. When the young people from the Black Day Academy saw that they were turning, they started to turn quickly.

The creature the blonde boy transformed - shaped like a lion, and unlike a normal lion, he had one pairs of yellow wing. Martin naturally liked to examine the creature he saw, so he wanted to examine the young man's creature and show him his information by the system.

"Winged Lion"

"W1 – Animal"

"STR = 0.6"

"Agility = 0.7" (Flying for one hour straight) / Per Day)"

"Endurance = 0.3"

"Int = 0.0"

Martin had only confirmed it with his head and began examining the creature that the black short boy had transformed. The creature the child had transformed didn't have a special look. The creature, which was shaped like a horse, had a green color and other than that a green liquid was flowing through its hoofs.

"Poison Horse"

"W1 – Animal"

"Str = 0.4"

"Agility = 0.6"

"Endurance = 0.5"

"INT = 0.7"

Martin also examined the transformation of the creature of the man, who was older than others who were not paying much attention among others. Each one was turning within seconds, but the system was giving him the information fast in the same way.

The man, who looked just older, transformed, the creature was a 10-foot creature made of gray rocks and drew a heavy and powerful image in terms of appearance. There were two black gaps where your eyes were supposed to be.

"Rock Minion"

"W1 – Elemental"

"STR = 0.8"

"Agility = 0.1"

"Endurance = 0.5"

"Int = 0.5"

Martin approved with his head along with understanding. Among young people, the person with the strongest creature, in general, was the man whose age seemed simple was greater than the others. With everyone turning, the atmosphere began to stretch.

Martin left his belongings and returned to his creature after entering the woods. His goal was to make quick killings with a sneaky attack. If possible, he wanted to fight one-on-one to gain experience this time.


The young people were looking at each other. No one's made a move yet. The young people from the Silver Fire Academy were outnumbered and weak in terms of creatures. Your potential didn't matter when you were in a real war. Even if it was one person, it didn't matter if the creature's power was not enough, even if it had a creature with very strong potential.


They were going to attack each other, which at the time the creature, which had turned into a creature called Poison Horse, was left directly covered in blood and had fallen to the ground with its head amputated. Rock Minion and Winged Lion didn't realize what the situation was. But at the same time, they began to see three people in front of them.

They were standing in front of a demonic creature they didn't normally notice and didn't see before. From the blood marks on his paws, they knew this creature had killed poison horse, in short, his friends. Rock Minion and Winged Lion looked at each other timidly. Because the situation at the moment was very different from the previous one. two people were now at silver fire academy who were able to make strong and fast impacts, as well as people who were at the same level on average.

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