Shapeshifter System
22 The Dirt Spearman - Chapter 22 -
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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22 The Dirt Spearman - Chapter 22 -


After Martin ate until he felt he is full, he knew he had to find a settlement. Of course, that wasn't just the point. There was no currency on him that was valid where people lived.

Currencies were built on a fairly simple system.

100 copper coins, = 1 silver, --- 100 silver coins were = 1 gold.

Martin had gone through a lot, so overall he didn't have much money on it. So, after eating part of the meat, he took the horn of deer and some other edible parts of meat, and placed it in the bag he made from the deer's skin.

When he went to a settlement or city, he could at least sell this meat and horn for a little money. He didn't care about the money in general, but if he wanted to be camouflaged in the city, he had to do something.


Martin had seen a path and a sign after continuing to move forward for a while. He could understand what was written on the sign by the license information the system gave him directly. So there was no problem.

"Wolf City"

Martin breathed lightly and started thinking.

"Wolf City is a city where I can reach quickly if it's going from the right, it's not bad for the beginning."

That's how Martin began to move the right path, which the sign showed. He'd already turned into a human being to keep a low profile. Although the power of the creature it had transformed was much different from human beings, the stronger the creature's power grew, his human strength grew to. He could feel it.


Martin continued to calmly progress on the road. Although he was moving calmly, he was constantly examining his surroundings carefully. He got this habit back from the old days. He was in constant observation and cautious mood.

After a few more minutes, he saw two people across the road - three people around them and they looked like they were fighting. There was no physical altercation, but they could start punching each other at any moment.

Martin began to hear what he was talking about as he began to move forward without caring.

"You're stealing the map for our mission. It's just that it's not enough, and you're saying it's normal."


The 19-year-old light-bearded man, who was in a group of two, looked at the young people who were looking at him with a face-making expression.

The group of three people who were opposite was just laughing at him. That's when young people hug and a young man with a sense of arrogance in his eyes started talking.

"Heh, a Shapeshifter Academy and it is students which was already no different from a fallen place and people, has no right to talk about any subjects!"

The blonde teen laughed slightly after saying his words. The young man, who was found next to the blonde teenager, continued to make fun of his group of two, adding.

"You will learn not to face the Black Day Academy. You're going to do what we say. !"

The young people who were being ridiculed were squeezing their teeth angrily and because of the anger their face turned the color of tomato. But the young people front of them were at a very powerful Shapeshifter academy called the Black Day Academy. They couldn't resist them.

Two teenagers who were being crushed were on their way to the Silver Fire Academy and they belonged this academy. Likewise, this academy was passed out as a shapeshifter academy, but because it had been involved in a lot of events and lost many of the wars, they no longer had their old powers.

Normally, it was a powerful academy that ordered many academies, such as the former Silver Fire Academy, can easily order the Black Day Academy to what they were going to do because of their power. But right now, there's no sign of the power from them.

Two teenagers from the Silver Fire Academy opened their distance because they couldn't stand the words, and then they turned directly into the creatures they had. At the time, Martin couldn't stop him from examining them and smiling on his face. If he had a proper plan, he could have come out of this very advantageous way. At that point, he began to look at the creatures of the young people who had transformed.

The first time he spoke, he was a young warrior, turned into a creature. The creature had a body of soil. He had a long spear in his hand, and the spear itself consisted of soil. As an eye, only one green light was shining, and his mouth looked like mud.

"Earth Spear Warrior"

"W1 - - Elemental"

"STR = 0.4"

"Agility = 0.1"
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"Endurance = 0.7"

"Int = 0.0"

Martin smiled lightly. This creature had almost nothing to stand out about and was a fairly simple and powerless creature. It was probably the same level of the creature as the Black Weak Wolf he encountered when he first came into this world.

But then there was something that surprised him. The creature that the other young boy from the Silver Fire Academy transformed was very different.

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