Shapeshifter System
20 Experts And Hunters - Chapter 20 -
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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20 Experts And Hunters - Chapter 20 -

After taking a deep breath, Martin began talking to the Paradigna System to transfer the scores found in the case.

"Paradigna System, transfer my points to claw demon minion STR status."

after Martin's words, the system sent him a message to approve.

"0.2 Point will be added to STR, Please confirm again."

Martin said he approved it through without thinking too much, and along with his words, the system showed him a situation panel.
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« Name = «Claw Demon Minion»

Level = W1-Demon

Strength = 0.9

Agility = 1.0 (Evolution Possible)

Vitality = 0.2

Intelligence = 0.1


Right after seeing the condition panel, Martin began to see his arms aching and physically starting to develop. He was not in the Claw Demon Minion form but he can still feel the changes and with the help of the system, he can see what happens to his shapeshifter creature

The system showed the changes to him with using a holographic image,

The Claw Demon Minion, which is 160cm tall, was up to 170 cm tall with the increase of STR. His thin arms continued to contract visibly but maintained his agility and flexible form. Likewise, he easily gained 15 20 kg physically. Martin, who saw that his creature got stronger was a little bit excited and, That made him a little happy.


Martin checked his status and saw his scores drop from 2350 to 350 Points. Str and Agility had to kill at least one more shapeshifter to achieve an evolution I was with. Or the one who was around, he had to look for the creatures.

Before doing so naturally, Martin began to sleep in the tree where he slept with the fatigue of the development.


Not long after, the Fire Mountain Organization realized what was going on. The people in the organization who thought this situation should be investigated had appointed two investigative specialists. One of these experts was called Expert V1 and the other was called Expert V2.

Experts were generally given names to shapeshifter people who were slightly stronger than the average working for an organization.

Two people were advancing in the forest just below the Fire Mountain Organization.both of them had no rides, and they were walking at a normal slow pace. They were naturally specialist V1 and Specialist V2.

The expert V1 was a tall woman with beautiful and long black hair that could also be noticed by looking at her eyes - while the Expert V2 was a 1.75-tall man in with charismatic looks, he looked like he was in his 30s

The two of them did different tasks together. That's why they wanted to do this job together. At that time, V1, she started talking.

"V2, what do you think about it? Do you think the creature we're looking for is a Hunter or a creature that's walking around the classic?

V1, with black deep eyes, looked at V2 and asked the question. V2 took a slight breath with this question and answered.

"Hunters, in general, are walking around organizations and want to take their energy by hunting unprotected students. and monster normally they don't think about these things, and when they see a human being or a different creature, they attack and kill."

V1 smiled - after V2's answer, she began to look at him. V2 signaled with his eyes and approved what he thinking.After that he talked.

"We're probably dealing with a Hunter who hunts down small students"


V1 continued to walk calmly after this answer and continued to move apart from the forest. The hunters were dangerous, they were called killer shapeshifters, and in general, they were called Hunters because they were uncontrollable because they were not affiliated with any organization. they could kill their students and other students in the organizations, even normal people if the situation was appropriate.

In general, these people would be strong because they moved on their own, and she knew thats he and V2 had to be careful about it.

Martin slept about three hours and the sun was on the hill when Martin woke up, he knew his stomach was starting to get hungry and he had to hunt something. So without wasting much time, he immediately transformed and began to move a little deeper into the forest to experience his new features. He was also hungry, and he wanted to find an animal and hunt.

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