Shapeshifter System
19 The Ideas - Chapter 19 -
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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19 The Ideas - Chapter 19 -

« Name = «Claw Demon Minion»

Level = W1-Demon

Strength = 0.7

Agility = 0.7

Vitality = 0.2

Intelligence = 0.1

After a while, Martin thought about putting one of his Status Points on the "Agility" tab without thinking too much. At that point, the system asked him if he approved it. Martin approved it after taking a deep breath.

With his approval, his whole body began to suffer a slight pain. After a short time, the pain had gone away and there was quite relief.

Martin was generally connected with his shapeshifter creature and his soul, so he could realise how his body changed.

0.1 was a difference that didn't seem to be very visible. But the difference was causing a serious situation. For this reason, Martin understood the change claw demon minion had, even if other people didn't notice.

Martin understands that the system was going forward in evolutioning based on the status of the person's chosen stat.

If Martin above 1.0 and evolved, the creature he had just evolved would be on power to evolve. It was the same for the others.

When Martin examined the situation, inT and VI, he realized that it was not suitable for evolution. Because the number of points needed was too many. He was on the road that didn't fit martin's way of fighting.

Martin had created a class table from the little wars he'd ever seen and fought. He thought about this painting in his mind and wanted to make his moves all the time.

This table was simply planned and not in a very advanced state.

"STR – Creatures Fighting Directly in front"

"Agility – Assassin, Ninja Creatures"

"Vitality – Defensive warriors or Tanks, creatures that care more about defense"

"Intelligence" - Wizard and creatures fighting unknown methods"

Martin wasn't just sure in Intelligence in general. Because he saw only one creature owner about it. He didn't see him directly either. He noticed it because of the news the system gave him. This creature was naturally a creature called Skeleton Fortuner.

Martin thought he was sure what could happen in a different world. Skeleton Fortuner was a very high INT creature and, as he understood from his name, he was interested in things like "Fortune-making."

Martin had set up this INT = MAGIC logic from here.


After a while, he stopped thinking and focused again, placing the remaining two Stat Points in the Demon Claw Minion , Agility. Martin covered his whole body in a moment of great pain while waiting for a little pain, and when Martin managed to come to him a few seconds later, he was sweating.

He opened the situation directly in no time.

« Name = «Claw Demon Minion»

Level = W1-Demon
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Strength = 0.7

Agility = 1.0 (Evolution Possible)

Vitality = 0.2

Intelligence = 0.1

Martin took a deep breath and began to examine his condition, which came to him with the system's warning.

"The shapeshifter creature that the user possesses has reached the level of evolution in the field of Agility. Therefore, you are requesting permission to use the Evolution Selection."

Martin didn't take a deep breath and started talking to the system.

"Explain Evolution Selection"

The Paradigna System began to answer Martin's question.

"The Evolution Ary is the evolutionary pathways given to it when a user's creature reaches the level of evolution. User Agility has reached the selection of evolution. Therefore, he will be given 3 ways of evolution. The user can choose one of these 3 evolutionary paths and complete its evolution."

Martin wiped out the sweat that flowed from his head with the dirty clothes on him and asked another question again.

"Do I have to do evolution right now?"

The paradigna system responded to Martin a few seconds later.

"You don't have to do it until you don't have all Stat States 1.0. But if you do, you'll get stronger faster. Otherwise, the user can't add more points to the Agility section without evolving"

Martin understood lyin' with his head. So because he didn't want to waste time and wanted to get on the road, he seemed to ask the Paradigna system about evolution-seeking ways to choose.

"Paradigna Evolution Selection -"

At that time, Martin froze and stopped moving. His eye was on his way to the full question.

He changed the question he had in mind with another question.

"The Paradigna System, if I make my status evolve disparagating my status as one more stat, and then , if I was going to choose a path of evolution, what kind of scenario will be created."

A few seconds later, the system answered itself.

"The user can follow the path he wants in this way. But the Evolution Ary will be stronger. At the same time, the paths to be shown in the Evolution Ary will be stronger as "pure power" as there will be beings on the Agility/Strengeth path."

Martin swallowed it lightly and began to grin.

"I almost made a big mistake."

He was told to himself.

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