Shapeshifter System
17 Murdering Two Girls - Chapter 17 -
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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17 Murdering Two Girls - Chapter 17 -

Malm and Marc, who were fighting the Metal Warrior, took their attention from the two girls standing behind.

Neither of the girls turned because they knew the Metal Warrior was not very strong. That put them in a weak spot.

Martin, lightly and as quietly as possible, passed over the tree above the girls and took a deep breath and looked at the young people again.

Both of the young men were about to finish off the Metal Warrior by working together. So before he could waste any more time, he had to kill both girls at the same time. He took a deep breath without making a big plan, and he thought lightly through it and activated his talent.

« Name = «Claw Demon Minion»

Level = W1-Demon

Strength = 0.7

Agility = 0.8

Vitality = 0.2

Intelligence = 0.1

- Demonic Frenzy - Active -

With Martin's words, the creature's condition emerged, and soon after, his long black claws began to warm slightly and turn into a red reng.

With his ability active, Martin took a deep breath and jumped into the middle of the girls with all his strength. The height of the area was about 8 meters. With the speed martin had, in just one second, he was in the middle of the girls.

Malm and Marc, who were intuitive, noticed. But they couldn't turn their heads and help. Because they had to deal with the creature in front of them.
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Elisa and Celes didn't realize the situation. Because the transformational creatures they had were two support creatures and were the type used to help other shapeshifters in general. So Martin could easily come between them and turn and attack them, targeting them both in the head with their claws.

After Elisa and Celes realized the situation, they wanted to turn. But it was too late.


Four sharp slits were opened around Elisa and Celes' necks, and just after the rifts, they both fell to the ground like garbage bags. Martin had two warnings from the Paradigna System at the time. He knew what that warning meant.

For this reason, he just smiled and jumped straight into a tree with all his strength and began to flee.

Martin successfully managed to kill two girls. But now he had to run away and get away. He couldn't fight Malm and Marc at the same time. He couldn't even fight Malm as one person.

So he knew he didn't need to get into the fake.

With all his strength, he was trying to move non-stop and jump from tree to tree and lose track of him.

A few minutes later, he realized he was on a road. He didn't know what the road was. But without caring, he jumped on 30,40-meter trees, which were much larger than the other trees on the side of the road, and continued to move forward.

That's how he kept moving for four hours straight.


Malm and Marc destroyed the Metallic Warrior exactly 10 seconds after it happened. Seeing your friends, especially Elisa, the girl she loved for Marc, die like this, and it had a terrible effect on both of them.

Marc in particular seemed to lose himself. Maybe Eli didn't know the hand for a long time. But ever since he first saw her, he loved her and wanted to build a future with her.

Naturally, Marc didn't know it was a shapeshifter. The Paradigna System had a special protection system to make it unintelligible. Even Martin didn't know much about it.

It was impossible for the lowest-level shapeshifter like Marc to know if the creature that attacked him was a normal creature or a shapeshifter. He didn't have that kind of experience.

After Malm and Marc buried the bodies correctly, they began to return to the Fire Mountain Shapeshifter Organization with tears in their eyes. They knew they couldn't do anything. However, they still had to report it to the organization.


Seven at nine o'clock. Martin took a deep breath and began to rest in the hollow of a large tree. He knew he'd run far enough. That's why he could rest a little bit. But before that, he started to look at what he gained first.

"Butterfly Human"



"Points = +1000"

Martin smiled lightly and made a sign that confirms with his head.

"Bunny-Legged Healing Princess"



"Points = +2000"


That was weird

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