Shapeshifter System
16 Lake Hunter Panther - Chapter 16 -
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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16 Lake Hunter Panther - Chapter 16 -

Fire Mountain students were walking through the woods in a group of four in the early hours of the morning. They didn't know the exact name of the creature they were looking for, but according to the information they were told, it was a creature with metal armor.

All kinds of creatures had their names and characteristics. If this creature was a shapeshifter, it was becoming more dangerous. Because with the transformation of a human being, a creature itself was not one.

Humans could be strong against other creatures because they turned into transforming creatures and powerfully used them. there were shapeshifters of different races besides humans. But the entity in which all of this would be transformed was always clear.


As they progressed, Malm, who was the leader of the group, noticed something was wrong, raised his hand slightly, and spoke quietly after stopping everyone.
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"We're watching."

With Malm's words, everyone was starting to look around carefully. In general, each had W1-Level creatures. So they were called W1-Shapeshifters, and they didn't have much power because they were the starting point for shapeshifters.

There were also only two warrior creatures in the group. Elisa and Celes generally had support-class creatures. No one knew the cause of this, but the creature that a person acquired during childbirth generally resembled the characteristics he had.

Naturally, this did not apply to Martin. As long as he had enough points, he could replace the creature he owned, or he could use his points to strengthen the creature he owned.

A few minutes later, Malm realized his suspicions were not empty. The sun was about to come up, and they saw the prey they were looking for.


Meanwhile, Martin was watching the group and the creature in front of them from a distant tree. Martin's creature, the Claw Demon Minion, was already a sneaky creature in general. And the secrecy he had when there was an experience from Martin's old world was not easy to understand by new, inexperienced shapeshifts.

Martin looked at the creature the group had encountered.

(Author Note - New Status Design)

"Metalic Swordsman"

"Level - W1-Metalic-"

STR = 0.8

AGT = 0.2

Endurance= 0.5

INT = 0.0 -

Martin smiled slightly and approached a little bit and began to watch the was not the time to attack.


After Malm and Marc saw the creature, they frowned and had a serious expression on their faces. Meanwhile, Malm spoke lightly and told the others his commands.

"Everyone, come back now!"

Along with malm's words, marc turned into the first. The creature Marc became was human-shaped and had a strange shape. In general, it had a cylinder body made of wood, and where both hands were supposed to be, hard stones were rolling. He was 2 meters tall, his eyes were white and he didn't have any organs like his mouth and ears.

His legs were numerous vines.

"Monk Tree Fighter"

"W1 - Nature"

"STR = 0.4"

"Agility= 0.7"

"Endurance= 0.5"

"INT = 0.0"

Right after Marc turned, he was fighting the creature. Because the Metalic Warrior attacked them. The Metalic Warrior was a non-human and magically moving creature dressed in a classic knight's armor. He was much stronger and better defensive than a general knight. But it wasn't very fast.

Still, he wasn't the kind of man an inexperienced man like Marc could fight alone. Especially since the Metalic Warrior used a sharp sword as a weapon, it left Marc in a very difficult position. Malm was transforming at the time.

Malm's body changed direction and became a four-legged shape. With four legs, this creature resembled a lion, but it didn't have any manes. The blue creature, a mixture of Lion and Panther, had its muscles all over its body and generally appeared much stronger than Marc's transforming creature, Monk Tree Fighter.

Martin wasted no time studying this creature.

"Lake Hunter Panther"

"W1 - Water"

"STR = 0.8"

"Agility = 0.7"

"Endurance" = 0.2"

"INT" = 0.4

Martin knew if he said he wasn't impressed this time, he'd be lying. It was clear that he would lose in a direct showdown with this transforming creature. In general, he had no weaknesses, and the only downside was that his defense was bad. But Martin knew what to do without wasting time.

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