Shapeshifter System
15 The Fire Mountain Students - Chapter 15
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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15 The Fire Mountain Students - Chapter 15

Master Malim, Taint and his children Malnik and Alminka also studied the forest for a while from Garli.

Naturally, they went to Martin's house first. But they couldn't find anyone.

Garlin angrily indicated to others that he wanted to follow. But Master Malim opposed the idea.

When Garlin asked why, Master Malim began to explain with his experience.

"I saw the wounds of the people who were killed. Most of them had long claw wounds. Creatures with long claws are often fast creatures. That's why you can't catch him. He probably has already moved away from this small village and found the nearby Path of Felvem."

The words of Master Malim were deeply influenced by everyone. It made them realize the difference again.

Garlin began to talk about what to do with Master Malim.


Martin had been moving non-stop for three hours. At the same time, he found a great road in front of him. That's why he was starting to feel a little comfortable.

After returning in human form on a tree, he went to a good look around and began to sleep for a few hours. The reason for this was quite simple. He didn't need much sleep. But he knew he had to do it.

In general, not sleeping would cause one to lose all attention. He learned that the hard way in the old times.


Fire Mountain Shapeshifter Organization -

There were exactly four people in a very rustic house. Two of these four people were women and the other two were men.

What they all had in common was that they were young and wore the same clothes. They were the newest members of the Fire Mountain Organization.

In general, taking the run-and-running jobs was made a living. They used to buy 10 coppers per person from a job. Although 10 coppers were a high price in the eyes of normal people, it didn't mean much in their environment.

2 With copper, one person would pay for 1 day in general. Of course, that meant survival. If a person wants to have fun, he has to spend four coppers a day. It was necessary.

After all, they were young, and it was their right to have fun.


Their location was the fire mountain organization's new building reserved for missions. The students and members who came to this building could receive the tasks that were hung directly on the board.

But even if the task was large or small, the pay they would get would be the same.


, the average type of four-person group with black hair and a normal physique, tall, took one of the papers on the board and showed it to others with a smile on his face.

"What do you think, maybe we can use this. It's not hard in the end, and it can also be fun."

The other members of the group approached slowly and began to read the paper in the young man's hand. And then they all shook their heads sympathetically.

"The mission is said to be a W1 Creature in the forests next to Felvem Road, which is 10 minutes from here. It needs to be hunted. I think you want to take advantage of the hunting bonus, Melm."

The person who read the mission aloud was a woman.

He looked at a young woman named Melm, and after smiling, he started looking at others.

"In general, we are doing plant collection research and similar far we have only done one hunting mission, and the creature we hunted on was an uncountable lynzist creature called the Black Wolf. Am I wrong, Celes?"

The young man Melm easily got the approval of other young people. They didn't like running errands as honorable Shapeshifters.

Therefore, after a while, they accepted the post. After Celes accepted the post, he began talking to the girl who was the other member of the group.

"Elisa, be careful, hunting missions are dangerous to the kind of creatures you have."

Elisa smiled and looked at Celes. The sweet, beautiful girl, about six feet tall with black hair, who has been in front of her since she joined the group, has always helped herself. That's why he always made her happy.

"Thank you, Celes, I'll be careful."

Meanwhile, Melm gently hit her friend on the shoulder and began to speak, pointing to the Eliel next to Celes.
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"Marc, we've been together for two months and you've loved Elise for two months. I think you should use this hunting mission to impress her.

Marc, after Melm's words, began to mix his lush blonde hair in shame.5.75 tall Marc actually had a pretty pretty face and blonde hair. He was pretty good with the creature he had. But there was only one problem. That's because Marc was a very shy person.


After the group made their general preparations, they went straight out of the area owned by Fire Mountain and began their mission.


Martin continued to sleep on the tree. He woke up from his sleep and began to look around carefully.

Under normal circumstances, he was used to waking up whenever he wanted in his old world. But for some reason, he still couldn't fully control himself in general because he couldn't get used to his location.

So he woke up in a much shorter time than usual. He was going to move back to sleep, and in the dark of night, he saw a group of four moving down the road.

Each one in the group had a red suit, and they were all young.

Martin smiled slightly, which he took a deep breath at the time.

"The Red Dress may be the students of the aforementioned organization called Fire Mountain."

After Martin thought about it, he smiled slightly because he had a plan, and he turned straight into the Claw Demon Minion and disappeared.

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