Shapeshifter System
14 The Druid Lady Goat - Chapter 14
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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14 The Druid Lady Goat - Chapter 14

Martin wanted to lie down on his bed for a while. but suddenly he felt a great sense of fear.

He transformed the Claw Demon Minion immediately after taking a deep breath. Martin realized that after he turned into a creature, his legs had become more muscular.

But right now, he didn't have the comfort of thinking about his body. He went straight out the door and started running all his strength towards the dense forest area.

At that moment, he began to think about where this feeling came from.


The Garlin, which had transformed into the Fire Bull, was moving as fast as it could towards Martin's house. Taint's two sons had heard from their father and were trying to get in quickly.

The first person to arrive at Martin's house was naturally Garlin. But Martin ran on average three minutes ago because he felt the energy coming from Master Malim's skeleton.


Martin was using his long, strong claws to jump from tree to tree in the woods. His bouncing power also increased, and his speed increased dramatically. He went up to the top of a tree and started looking around.

The whole place was covered with trees. It was dark and Martin didn't see very well in the dark.

He knew he had to take refuge somewhere and protect himself until the day. The reason for this was quite simple.

Martin couldn't go back to that village anymore. The feeling he felt was enough to warn him to stay away from that village. It was probably a shapeshifter that was visibly powerful from himself that gave that feeling to him.

That's why Martin had eliminated the idea of going back to the village.first of all, he was going to stay in the woods for a while. Then, when after he found a different village, he would hunt down the people in that village, looking for a different creature of transformation.

Or he was going to try to strengthen the Claw Demon Minion he now owns.

Martin was moving quickly through the forest when he was attacked with a scream.

Due to the attack, Martin, who fell from the tree to the ground, looked towards where the sound had come from.

In front of him, a woman had a face and body, but also, it was a creature with legs and that legs were goat's leg.

The woman's eyes were green, giving her menacing looks. After Martin focused, he was able to see the creature's stat status.
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« Name = «The Druid Goat Lady»

Level = W1-Druid-

Strength = 1.0 (Evo is possible)

Agility = 0.9

Vitality = 0.9

Intelligence = 0.3


Information -

"The Goat Druid Lady is a monster with the face of a pretty woman and beware she has the legs of a strong goat"

Skill -


Skill 1 = Minor Damage (For 30 Seconds Damage dealt by The Goad Druid Lady will be 20% more) Cooldown = 1 Hour -

Skill 2 = ?????

Skill 3 = ?????

Martin took a deep breath after examining the creature. The creature front of him was stronger than he was. And he didn't stand a chance against her on almost everything.

But when Martin was thinking about it, the creature had no intention of stopping.

She jumped on Martin, who was standing on the ground quite quickly and began to attack with her hooves.

Martin managed to escape. Therefore, he had taken advantage of the attack to flee directly.

"I can't face this creature in a direct physical showdown. It'll eat me."

That was Martin thought.

Martin talked to himself. The Stat Difference between them was between 4 and 5 points. Martin needed 3,000 to 4,000 Paradigna points to be as powerful as a creature at that level. That wasn't possible for right now.

For that reason, he began to flee.

He was lucky that, although The Goat Druid Lady's feet were strong for the attack, she was not very inclined to use the trees.

But he was still chasing it quickly.

Martin watched around and started thinking. He kept jumping from tree to tree while he was thinking.

At that moment, he saw a strange tree ahead.and after smiling through it, he started to move fast.

Martin jumped into a tree and fell to the ground. He didn't fall. He was pretending to fall.

The Goat Druid Lady had been getting angry because she had been following Martin for some time. When he saw Martin fall, a different mark appeared in his eyes and he prepared to attack Martin with his legs, which had fallen directly with a strange smile on his face.

Martin whispered from within before the attack.

"Demonic Frenzy!"

With Martin whispering, his claws turned slightly red and he began to feel the warmth on both arms.

The Goat Druid Lady realized something was wrong. But she still kept attacking. Between them, a few meters away from them, at that time, Martin gently crawled back from his position and launched a direct attack with his claws.

Under normal circumstances, The Goat Druid Lady could have avoided this attack. But Martin used his demonic frenzy skills. At the same time, The Goat druid lady deceived by the Martin

For this reason, his attack was literally "perfect" and he managed to kill The Goat Druid Lady, who missed herself in one shot.

Martin cut the creature's head into five pieces. And right after I broke it, the sound of the Paradigna System echoed in your ear.

"Killed - The Goat Druid Lady - 300 Paradigna Points" (Less points because the enemy was not a shapeshifter )

"Bonus – Demon Type Beings and Druid Type Beings are enemy +50 Paradigna Points"

Martin smiled slightly. At least he got through this war without anything bad. After looking at the body again, he jumped directly into one of the trees in the forest and continued to flee.

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