Shapeshifter System
12 Upgrade Claw Demon Minion - Chapter 12
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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12 Upgrade Claw Demon Minion - Chapter 12

When Martin looked at his Paradigna Points, a smile appeared on his face. He was happy that he made so much Paradigna Points.

He was starting to wonder where he should use his Paradigna Points. He learned something important from his experiences in his previous life. And when you started killing a person, the power of the people you were going to kill next would increase in proportion.

Martin could have killed the Weak Black Wolf in a one-on-one war. However, it was highly unlikely that he would be harmed. The reason he could easily kill the Black Wolf was very simple.

The boy who was the shapeshifter was an inexperienced peasant. In general, he's never been in bloody battles. But Martin knew that the technique he used wouldn't work for people who've been in real battles.

Martin generally thought it was logical to wait until after midnight to look at new creatures that Paradigna Market going to show him. Meanwhile, the bodies of Blem and the boy who turned into the Weak Black Wolf were found.

Garlin and Taint stood in front of the bodies with 10 men with swords behind them.both with an ugly look on their faces. It was pretty obvious they were very angry.

Garlin turned to Taint and started talking.

"The person who causes trouble in our village is not very weak."

Taint confirmed and talked with his head.

"You're right. If he were powerless, he wouldn't be able to kill both Blem and his child, Mima.

Garlin and Taint have been searching the area around the bodies for a long time. They were trying to look around and get information about the killer.

The clock passed quickly and at midnight.

At the time, Martin had received news from the system that the Paradigna Market had been renovated.

- Paradigna Market - New Monsters -

Martin began to look at new creatures without much thought.

« Name = «Iron Rhino»

Level = W1-Animal

Strength = 1.0 (Evo is possible) (This means that the creature will get more stronger in the are of strengeth (Muscle mass , Harder Bones)

Agility = 0.3

Vitality = 0.7

Intelligence = 0.1


Information -

"This 170 cm (Eye Level) long creature with iron armor has a very strong defense and strength."

Skill -


Skill 1 =Charge (80% Agility and 30% Strengeth For 30 Seconds) Cooldown = 1 Hour

Skill 2 = ?????

Skill 3 = ?????

Price = 1500 Paradigna Points


Martin didn't understand why this creature was so expensive. But when he saw that the "STR" was 1.0 in the situation window, he started to think differently. That's when the system started talking to him.

« When a creature reaches 1.0, evolution is possible. The creature can become a more powerful creature without losing its natural characteristic.»

«The transformation is in such a way that it affects the status of the evolved area of expertise (Str - Agility ) owned by the creature. A creature or entity that evolves using STR 1.0 does not see a big difference in its speed. vice versa»

Martin liked the additional information the system gave him. This information was of great importance.

He didn't know much about evolution. He could only guess more or less. If he didn't think wrong, evolution was to transcend the boundaries of an entity or change its physical properties. Or vice versa.

As far as he understands, if any part of the transforming creature can somehow reach 1.0 points. Martin could tell the system and ask him to evolve.

Martin looked at the other creature after thinking about it for a while.

« Name = «Tree Man Warrior»

Level = W1-Plant-

Strength = 1.0 (Evo is possible)

Agility = 0.1

Vitality = 0.9

Intelligence = 0.0


Information -
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"8 meters tall and 2 meters wide, a tree man. It has a sharp sword made of unnamed wood material."

Skill -


Skill 1 =Plant Regen (For 30 Seconds Health Regenaration 70% faster) Cooldown = 1 Hour

Skill 2 = ?????

Skill 3 = ?????

Price = 700 Paradigna Points

Martin passed without much care. This kind of creature would nearly do him any good. It was a good thing for those who like to be defensive, fighting in the middle.

Martin has given up on the idea of buying a new creature for now because he saw a plant creature in his last creature.

Instead, the Claw Demon Minion, the creature he owned, would try to increase the power of minion.

He started talking from the inside.

«Paradigna, Show the status of the Claw Demon Minion.»

With Martin's words, the Paradigna showed the situation.

« Name = «Claw Demon Minion»

Level = W1-Demon

Strength = 0.7

Agility = 0.7

Vitality = 0.2

Intelligence = 0.1

Martin spoke to the system again after reviewing it for a while.

«Paradigna, Claw Demon Minion add a 0.1 point agility score.»

After Martin's speech, he was confronted with a warning from the system.

«1000 Points Paradigna Points will be spent for insertion. Do you approve ?»

Martin said he approved from within.

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