Shapeshifter System
11 Killing The Father And Son - Chapter 11
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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11 Killing The Father And Son - Chapter 11

Blem looked up at his son and started talking.

"Son, can you smell around?"

The little boy, who had transformed into a weak Black Wolf, looked at his father and shook his head. And then he transformed the original human being. and after he became a human being, he began to explain.

"Dad, I was smelling a strange smell first. But then the smell suddenly disappeared. There was probably someone here. He felt us or noticed us. That's why he disappeared.»

After listening to his son's words, Blem frowned and took a good look around.

his son shapeshifting creature is a wolf-type creature. Therefore, their ability to smell was incomparable to humans. That's why he believed his son's words without any doubt.

There was someone around here who came to kill this family. But when he or she noticed his son and himself, he or she hid himself / herself.

Blem felt that it was starting to get confusing. It didn't make him very happy.

But right now, it was too dangerous to stand next to the house in a dark way. They didn't know when or where to attack can came.

Blem looked at his son and started talking.

"Transform, let's take a little more tour. And then we're going to leave. Although the person who wants to hunt this family is our enemy. We don't need the kill him if he not going to attack us.

The boy was directly following what his father said. That's why he transformed straight back to the wolf. As soon as he transformed the Weak Black Wolf, he started to look at the house.

He smelled a lot of blood. The smell of blood came directly from the house.

the young boy who transformed into wolf suddenly started going into the house

Seeing his son start running towards the house quickly, Blem grabbed his ax from his back and ran right behind him.

Blem wasn't an inexperienced person. When he wasn't a blacksmith, he fought creatures from time to time. Although there was a little bit of fear in himself, they had to find and bring down this killer for the village to move forward.

Within 10 seconds, the boy, who transformed into the weak black wolf broke the door of the house and walked in. and he was seriously surprised by what he saw inside.

The mother and father of the weak boy who was killed were covered in blood. All limbs of the father and mother cut off. Although he had a creature of transformation, such an image was still too much for him to look at it.


At that time, the boy who had become a wolf felt a big pain around his neck. He jumped back because of the pain. Large round holes were opened from his wolf neck. At the same time, blood began to flow through these holes very quickly.

He knew he'd die if it went like this. He had to do something. That's when Blem came and noticed his son's holes in the wolf body.

There was a significant level of blood coming out of the holes. The strangest thing is that neither the boy who had turned into a wolf nor Blem had seen where the attack came from.

This whole thing was more surprising to them.

Blem came up to his son and pulled a cloth out of his bag after he knelt. He's starting to wrap the injury.

«Calm down, treatment-»

Blem started talking to calm his son, and his head was out of his body.

Within seconds, he was on the ground with the blood. Blem died there.
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The boy who had become a wolf was already quite powerless due to blood loss.

The boy was killed by the Martin with one simple attack.

Martin started running straight to his own house with a big smile on his face.

After he got home in five minutes, he took human form and started thinking after he sat in his chair.

"I entered the ground because of my feeling. After the feeling was gone, I quickly entered the house and killed the mother and dad. At the same time, I spread the smell of blood so it would serve as a trap.

Martin took a deep breath and started thinking again.

"After the smell of blood began to spread, the boy who had turned into a wolf, exactly as I had planned, rushed inwards and broke down the door directly. He gave me an opening to attack him because he went in without any plans. and I could kill him if I had to. But I knew he wasn't alone. So I just wounded him and watched him what he was going do to and if he was going to try to find the man who was with him.

Martin then followed the wolf to reach Blem. And after he reached Blem, all he had to do was kill the Blem. The wolf was too weak to respond to himself. It didn't take him long to destroy it, too.

Martin was relieved after doing all this. He had survived another great danger in the village. He also scored a lot of points. He checked his condition to see how much he made.

- Normal Human X2 Killed - + 200 Paradigna Points

- Strong Human X1 Killed - + 150 Paradigna Points

- W1 - Shapeshifter Killed - + 1000 Points

«Paradigna Active»


«Martin Bloodfire»

«Soul Power = 1.2»

«HP = 100% »

«Shapeshifting» = « Demon Claw Minion»

«Status Points = 2 (These points Improve If the user kills in the form of creature)

«Status Points = 1 = 0.1 (User can choose»)

Paradigna Points = 1350

Paradigna Shapeshifting Market» (Online)

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