Shapeshifter System
10 The Trap At Hunting Ground - Chapter 10
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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10 The Trap At Hunting Ground - Chapter 10

The first person to speak was Garlin, who was also the head of the village.

"You all know the details of today's incident. I'm not going to talk for long. What are your thoughts ?»

After Garlin talked, he started looking at two men in the face. The person who had the most knowledge of the subject was an old man named Taint. His children were the closest to this incident.

It was also Taint who responded to Garlin first.

"There is not much information to be told and available. The weak boy wasn't killed by a creature, at least by a creature we know of. The marks on his head and neck show he was killed by an ax»


Meanwhile, a blacksmith named Blem began to speak.

"I can confirm that the weapon of killing is one of the short axes used in our village. The size of the wound and the damage it causes are on the same level as the axes we use»

After Blem and Taint said their thoughts, Garlin only approved with his head and began to speak his mind.

"Under normal circumstances, the death of a young man does not harm us in many ways. But for some reason, we don't fully understand, why the person who did this murder, wanted to blame Taint sons for this murder. This detail makes the case suspicious.»

After Garlin's words, Blem and Taint made a thoughtful face. They had a lot on their minds.


Martin sat in his bed for a while and began to evaluate the characteristics of the transformation creature in himself.

"There is not much to say for it is power. But thanks to the body he has, he can move quickly and agilely. I have a transforming creature that would have more sudden attacks than going into direct battles.

After Martin used his shapeshifting creature for a while in the woods, it was his first impression. And the reason for that was simple.

The creature's body was quite soft, so its defense was almost on the same level as a human being. This meant that the Claw Demon Minion was more of a creature intended to kill an opponent with sudden attacks than a confrontation.

Martin was certain about that for now. After an average of two or three hours, it was going to get dark. Martin wanted to shapeshift into Claw Demon Minion again and travel in the village in secret. He wanted to break into one of the normal villagers' houses and kill them and earn some more points.

As the Paradigna System told himself, there were two ways for the creature to evolve and develop.

The first road was the most classic. Martin was going to hunt in creature form. As he hunted, both Martin and the creature would begin to grow stronger. Of course, he didn't know how strong he was going to be and how much he had to kill.

The other way was even simpler. If Martin Could collect Paradigna Points, he could add 0.1 points to any part of his creature for 1,000 points.

In short, if STR = 0.1 , Martin use 1000 Paradigna Points for make the STR = 0.2

The required Paradigna Points were a little expensive. But it was understandable He can earn 1.000 Paradigna Points for just killing 10 normal people. There are tons of normal people around, and they didn't have a chance to stand up to him.


Martin started waiting after he made his plans. After waiting for an average of 3 hours, he noticed that the weather completely turned dark. The only sources of light around it were the long-burning poles of the village, far from each other.

These poles only allowed the person to know where he was. They didn't have used to provide sight

When Martin realized these things, he turned into a creature first. Then he took a deep breath and started to wander around.

The place he wanted to go was pretty simple. The family of the weak boy he killed was the target he wanted to go to. Through his research, he learned more or less where they lived.

The biggest goal of wanting to kill these two people was actually to move the villagers against the village president.

The man who was the head of the village tolerated the murder of the boy today. And right after that, he told normal people they didn't matter. If he kills the family of the boy who was killed now, everyone would think it was done by the head of the village.

It was a simple technique.

Within an average of 15 minutes, he had reached the home of the young man's family. There was a yellow light inside the house. It showed that the people inside this house were still not sleeping. Martin was lucky.

Some windows could see the inside of the house. He snuck close to one of these windows before he entered the house. He was careful not to make a sound from the animals around him. And he was constantly checking his back and his surroundings with his eyes. It means being seen. That would mean leaving the village.

That's why he couldn't make mistakes.

He approached the window and started looking inside the house. and the man and the man were sitting on two seats, and they were simply watching the fire. It seemed strange to him. That's not what he expected.

It wasn't the first time Martin was going to kill a house. In general, he had a mind that knew what their goals would do in everyday life.

It made him suspicious when the people in front of him stopped doing nothing and just staring at the fire. For this reason, he quickly and calmly buried himself in the ground without doing anything. He didn't bury it very deeply. He just buried it long enough to hide.
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The reason he did it was because he destroyed his existence. He was going to show up if there was anyone around.

And without having to wait long, a black wolf and a very muscular man appeared.

The muscular man had a brawl patch in his hand. The Black Wolf was the transforming creature of the child he had seen before.

This man was naturally The Blacksmith Blem.

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