Shapeshifter System
9 Village Dinner - Chapter 9
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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9 Village Dinner - Chapter 9

So he didn't attack and began to watch calmly and quietly for several hours.

He noticed something different at the time. What he saw made him laugh at himself.

People dressed in peasant clothes who were standing in the back looked around a few times and started to take off their clothes and put on different clothes. These outfits were yellow with the inscription Shapeshifters the Golden Warrior on them.

Martin had given up on the caravan after that.

"As it turns out, although the people here live in the worse then bronze ages, they are not stupid at all."

Martin was returning to the village. The best hunting ground for himself was the Fire Bull Village, the people live in the village is the most likely normal human.

Martin was quickly returning the village. The caravan experience gave him a new understanding.

It made him realize the people here are not that dumber like they looked like.

"They dressed real powerless like rich. The real strong men dressed in peasant clothes in the back.»

The first time Martin felt it, It was the rection of soldiers in the middle

As the so-called Shape-Shifting Soldiers in the middle began to worry and betrothed, the real warriors who looked like peasants standing in the back were quite a comfort. Even though Martin realized that at the time, he didn't think much of it.

He understood the situation by examining it.

If he had made the wrong move and attacked at the time. He'd probably kill no more than one person through a sneak attack. A few seconds later, he would most likely be killed by the warriors which going to transform into their creatures after seeing him.

Martin didn't know exactly what the ranking was like right now. He was allowing the Paradigna System to track creatures against the power system it had given it.

It didn't mean that in the world he lives in now, people named each other by classes in the Paradigna System. Martin had not yet heard of how people classify themselves in the world he is now in from the Paradigna System.

Within an average of a few hours, Martin was back in the village. Before entering the village, he first transformed into a human.

After he became human, he thought of his clothes. But surprisingly, nothing happened to his clothes. The transformation wasn't happening like what he thought. The human form was not affected in any way because transform happening magically.

Martin wrote it to the edge of his mind and got into his house. He constantly revived his experiences with the caravan and began to understand as much experience as possible from the events that took place. Today was his second day in the world. It was too soon for a lot of other things.

But that doesn't mean he was going to sit around doing nothing.


There were three people inside a very large and beautifully arranged wood house.

There were red carpets on the floor and a wide variety of meat and vegetable dishes on the table. Around the table, three-man sat. These men were the most powerful in their village.

The person sitting in the first row was named Garlin. Known as the village's most powerful shapeshifter, Garlin was also the one named after the village's transformation creature.

The Garlin's transformation was the Fire Bull.

The man sitting next to the Garlin was a very old man. This man, who was generally rich in commerce, used his money to take many young girls from the village as his wives. He made kids out of these young girls all the time.

His goal was to acquire children who had a creature of transformation. If a child didn't have a transforming creature, he'd kill him right away. This man's name was known as Taint. Not many people knew his real name.

The other two teenagers who beat the weak kid that Martin had killed before were the children of this man.
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Malnik and Alminka were the only children of the old man who could transform. He killed all the others with his own hands.

Malnik can transform into the big black goat. Alminka could turn into a green poisoned frog.

This frog was at least three feet tall.

The guy sitting in the last row looked like a bear. The muscles the man had looked like he was tearing up the fabric suit he was wearing. This guy's name was Blem. This was the father of the boy who had become a black wolf that Martin had seen.

There was only one reason why the three most powerful people in the village gathered in the same place. That's why it was so simple.

The old man Taint spoke to Malnik and Alminka about the murder of the weak boy. But Malnik and Alminka said they didn't do that.

When Taint found out, he shared it with Blem and Garlin. After Taint told the story, Blem and Garlin became aware that someone in the village had prepared a plan against them.

That's why they came together to discuss it at the dinner table where they are now.

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