Shapeshifter System
8 No Food Here - Chapter 8
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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8 No Food Here - Chapter 8

In an average of two or three minutes, Martin managed to see the caravan he was looking for, moving through the green tall trees. As he roamed the forest, he realized that his claws were also very useful in climbing. He used his claws to jump between the trees.and because his claws were strong and long He could stay steady on trees

This significantly increased his speed.

Martin began to follow the caravan and began to speak to himself by examining the situation first. He believed if he talked with himself he made better plans.

"There are exactly three carriages. The average number of men is about 10.»

Martin did a little count. As he noticed, three of the men wore different kinds of clothes. These clothes were pretty simple. They had simple blue long robes. On his shoulders was a blue-feathered monkey sign.

Martin didn't know what it was at the time.

After a general review, he began to plan what his attack would be like.

"I have to draw their attention to a different place. That way I'll create a weirdness in the environment. Let's take advantage of it and round up the people who have left the crowd.»

Martin's purpose was simple. The people he wanted to hunt weren't people who could turn monsters (shapeshifters). His purpose was to kill humans which too weak to protect themselves.

When he examined the caravan, he could see people like peasants whose clothes were quite shabby, walking from behind and scattered around.

Given a little bit, if these people could transform. They'd be considered strong, so they'd be in good financial condition. All of this was a sign that the villagers wearing old clothes were excluded by other people.

This behavior wasn't very strange. Martin saw in his old world that people were socially classified as money and non-existent. That's why he had no problem with it.

He kept watching it for a few more minutes. It was a bit of a bad time to hide because of the sunlight. But he wouldn't watch this whole day wait for the night.

After a few more seconds of thought, he made up his mind.

"With my claws, I'm going to start cutting down the trees around. This will get their attention. That's how I'll be able to establish psychological pressure.»

When Martin came up with the idea, he was a little afraid to apply it. He trusted himself. But heh didnt want to be overly confident, he didn't want to face a strong man or woman and killed by him or her.

He saw a lot of creatures at the Paradigna Market most of them had detect the environment abilities. If he makes too much of a scene. One of the people in the caravan could turn into this kind of creature. After that, it would be easy for them to find himself.

Martin cut the tree 30 meters away from the caravan with his claws, which was advancing at the time. The tree was at least 60 meters long, but not too thick.

The tree's trunk was cut off and it fell pretty quickly. The sound of the tree after it fell made the people in the caravan nervous.

Meanwhile, a middle-aged blond-haired man who was leading the front started to watch with careful eyes. He immediately looked to his right side and started talking to a young man.
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"Hey, if I remember correctly, there were no wild creatures around here. So why did this tree suddenly fall?»

A few seconds later, another tree fell. Although the shapeshifters in the group were confident, they were frightened not to know why these events happened.

The most experienced person in the group was a middle-aged blond-haired man. In old times, he led shapeshifters groups in wilderness. So it didn't take him long to realize that these moves were made by a wise enemy.

Soon he began to round up all the soldiers around the carriages.

Martin could secretly see what the shaepshifters soldiers were doing. As a result of his actions, he saw many people get close to horse-and-carts. It helped him with one thing.

"There are no most likely valuable things in this caravan.there are valuable people in this caravan !»

Martin was beginning to think that the caravan opposite him was not a normal trade caravan. As he understood, in such a situation, soldiers generally looked around carefully. That way they'd know where the attack would come from.

But what he saw now was the opposite. Anyone who looked like a soldier, wearing nice clothes, began to get close to the caravan. That's when the blond middle-aged man started yelling.

«We are men of the Shapeshifters of the Golden Warrior and there are people here from the Blue King Monkey. Whoever you are, you don't want to mess with us, go your own way!»

The blonde middle-aged man told him to move back to the carriage after he yelled. But his eyes were still scanning around him all the time.

An ex-serial killer like Martin wasn't the kind of guy who would miss these things. For this reason, he continued to watch slowly.

He noticed something strange at the time. There was a group of people behind the caravan. These people were all dressed in peasant clothes. they clearly looked like bunch of weaklings.

Martin can jump into this group and can kill them in five seconds. But he didn't think things would be as good as they looked.

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