Shapeshifter System
7 Divide And Conquer - Chapter 7
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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7 Divide And Conquer - Chapter 7

Martin started shaking after buying the creature at the Paradigna Market. A few seconds later, that feeling was gone. At that time, The system automatically showed his status to himself.

«Forced Status»
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«Paradigna Active»


«Martin Bloodfire»

«Soul Power = 1.1»

«HP = 100% »

«Shapeshifting» = « Demon Claw Minion «

Paradigna Points = 0

Paradigna Shapeshifting Market» (Online)

Martin noticed that he was starting to get a little headache. But he thought it was common. A few seconds later, Paradigna began to inform him.

In just ten minutes, Martin had a lot of information again. He had learned how to transform into a creature, see the creature's appearance, and increase his mental strength (Soul Power) in general. with this information. He has a better chance to live in this weird world.

Martin began to repeat what the system told him.

"For transforming the creature I just have to think about it. If I want to increase my soul power, I have to kill different creatures and people. But my soul power only will increase if I kill when I am in the shapeshifter form (Creature Form)"

When Martin found out, he wondered why. He stopped thinking about it for a while, but he couldn't find it, so there were more important things than that. Martin can now see how the creature he bought from he Pradigna Market looked like just with a thought.

Demon Claw Minion was a creature with long legs compared to his body. He had a lot of muscle in his legs, and he looked strong. His head was the size of a 10-year-old child head and he looked human. Of course, the skin color was a mixture of black and brown.

Martin's favorite places were where this creature was named after it. His claws were one-third the length of his height. They had a pretty sharp shape. This creature had five claws instead of five fingers.

In general, Martin was pleased with the creature's appearance. He didn't look so strange, nor did he look like a complete human being. He was a brown, 160 cm creature with legs and arms muscular to his body.

After doing the general review, he thought of turning into a creature. A few seconds later, he realized that his body had completely changed. It was as if his whole body had changed in the blink of an eye.

That was weird. Martin thought this transformation would be painful. But as far as he understands, it wasn't what it seemed. The opposite happened differently, painless and very fast.

Martin approached the door and tried to open the door with his long claws. He forced it to open the door a little bit. He had this strange power and energy all over his body, and he'd never felt this way before in his life.

After he walked out the door, he started running with all his strength directly to the spot where the forest was.

Martin didn't know how fast he was, so he lost his balance and crashed into a tree in just two to three seconds after he started running.

Martin wasn't doing it like a fool. He was trying to figure out how much power and speed he had. He needed to know his limitations. If he didn't know, he will try to fight against a person which is more stronger than him and lose his life.

Martin began to move into the woods. After walking through the forest for a few more minutes, he came up to a tree and launched a simple attack on the tree with his long black claw. His claws cut off half the tree. The other half was stuck.

Martin couldn't stop laughing when he saw this. That was a really good thing. He knew that if he used all his power, he could cut this three-meter-wide tree in front of him in half.

He wandered through the woods for a few minutes. While you were ready, he was looking for a creature or a human who could kill around. Now he had a really powerful weapon against people. After wandering through the woods for only 2 3 minutes, he started to hear human voices coming from around.

These voices weren't scarce. It was pretty much there. These sounds were also accompanied by the hoof and horseshoes of horses.

"These must be one of the caravans mentioned by the villagers"

Martin is starting to think deeply. He had more or less knowledge of these things. All he did, except mostly killing people, was read books. He didn't have any sexual desire. That's why he had a lot of free time when he wasn't.

As far as he understands, caravans like this wouldn't go around without people protecting themselves. But that didn't mean Martin couldn't attack them. All he had to do was use one of the old tactics.

He whispered the name of this tactic to himself and began to move towards the caravan.

«Divide and Conquer !»


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